This is a canonical private roleplay, between Joshua the Hedgehog, and The Bismarck. As such, no other user is able to participate in this roleplay (Hench it being private. o3o).

The Rules

We already know the rules, so there's no point in listing them. XD

The Roleplay

Prologue (Started from the Public Roleplay):

3 Ruptures appear over the skies of the desert. Within minutes, 3 large Futuristic Vessels came out of them. Once the vessels had fully exited the ruptures, said ruptures disappeared. Upon further inspection, these 3 Vessels were Reaper X3Y Airships, belonging to the Jkirk Federations. Why did they come here? To establish a foothold within the desert, and establish operations within it, to expand Jkirk's Territory, and to claim new resources for the Faction. Within one of these Reaper X3Y Airships, came the "Jkirkian Overlord" himself: Adex Zarvok Burn, of which his son, Joshua Sentrium Burns, was accompanying him as well... It was only a matter of time before Jkirk would begin construction of a Military Stronghold, and spread their influence within this desert...

-As they enter the area, the area was filled with plattos and rocky area. A small river lined the middle as wholes dotted some of the side lines, as well as a large crack deep within the top of one of the plattos as a shine comes from the top. Blow in the distance has what to appear to be a large sandstorm, as it seemed a bit severe.-

Two Genesis Transports exit the left hangar of one Reaper X3Y Airship, despite there being a sandstorm in the distance. Once reaching the surface, two Cetraix Mobile Atom Construction Vehicles, along with 20 Mobian Baxter Soldiers (species is varied), are deployed from each transport. Immediately, the Infantry begin to form a defensive perimeter, as the Construction Vehicles began building Structures, two were making separate S31Y Infantry Factories, while the other two began constructing separate B980/B980-2 Defensive Turrets/AAA Turrets. The Reapers on the other hand, just hovered over the construction site, guarding it from any potential hostile.

-In the distance a strange hidden figure with an odd looking mask looks through binoculers as he watches them. He then opens up an old looking box as he whines the machine within causing some sort of singal in the area.-

As the Stronghold is being constructed, although not immediately, the Reapers had picked up the Signal relatively quick. As the crew were trying to figure out what the hell is broadcasting it, the S31Y Infantry Factories were finished with construction, and the Cetraixs that were building them moved onto building two more. The Turrets were still being constructed however, but about 3 B980 and 1 B980-2 were finished.

-The signal stops as another one is followed after it, though this one seemed to be coming from the river between the platos. As the signal continues movement within the sands near the river begun to move slightly as if some. A long dust trail lingered in the area, giving it a bit of a smoke screen affect. Minutes pass as the signal stops and within the crack a little glimmering light appears as it goes off an on.-

As the Infantry Production Factories and the Defensive Turrets will being constructed, the crew were still attempting to what was broadcasting these signals, and what the signals are trying to describe. Upon the Defensive Perimeter formed by the Mobian Baxter Troopers, 2 of the Troops decided to investigate on what that glimmering light in the distance was.

-The signal suddenly drops as it became the silence came a loud screech came through the signal as if someone scratched a blackboard. Within seconds the screech stopped and the signal resumed. The glimmer also resumed and it seemed to be showing into the skies. Meanwhile within the sands of the desert a group of clothed anthro like beings pushed and object into of the caves. The objected had a long tube with armored plating covering the sides.-

The personnel that were observing the signals, were shocked that the screech had occurred before them, and once it stopped, they took steps to make sure such a thing won't surprise them again, but nevertheless, they continued to observe the signals. The investigating Mobian Baxter Troopers had not reached the caves yet, but were getting close. The Infantry Production Structures were finished, and the Cetraix's that were building them went on to construct two T41C Land Vehicle Factories, while more turrets were finished and being constructed, it seems at this rate, the Stronghold can be considered to be heavily defended, which might demoralize those trying to raid it.

-Meanwhile deep within the cracks a large mechanical beast lies beneath as its barrels starts aiming up from sensing all the movements from above. The group pushing the object moves to the edge and waits, but a vehicle moves past them. It holds a large 150m cannon as it exits the cave and can be clearly seen. The vehicle seemed to be traked and low profiled as it exited the caves and aims near the group and holds, its barrel looking towards them.-

The two Mobian Baxter Troopers are startled by the tracked vehicle that is aiming it's cannon at them. Knowing that they are probably not going to survive a direct engagement, they lay down their weapons. The construction of the Stronghold is still proceeding on schedule, and the crew are still observing the signals.

-Seeing this two hatches open up as two anthro looking beings exit the tracked vehicle. Both holding old fashion rifles as they wore greenish uniforms. Another sits ontop with what appears a shielded machine gun. "Identify yourself", one of them said as they aimed, keeping their distance.-

The one in the left, a Mobian Turtle, replied. "P-Private Serten of the Jkirk Federations, the one on the right is Corporal Daxter..." The corporal, a Mobian Bat, had spoken. "Are you guys the local militia here, or something else?"

-The figure on the left walked over and kicked the layed down weapon's to the side as he stepped back, while the figure on the right speaks. "Militia...ha..", looking to the other on the left. "I am Private Miller part of the 2nd Armored Company...come with us slowly and no one will be harmed. Leave your weapons there", the one on the right said.-

The two Troopers, seeing almost no way out of this, had followed their directons.

Chapter One: Continuation

-The two infantry guided them towards the opening of the cave as they watch their captured, the tank meanwhiles pulls up and backs up after them as its crew watch their surroundings. The cave seemed to be well maintained as if someone was living in it. As they guided them in, an armored transport tracked vehicle sits their waiting as a person sits on its MG.-

They looked at the transport. The corporal has asked "What kind of vehicle is that?"

- "Its an armored Sd.Kfz 250 Halftrack Vehicle, very old but still runs. We have to use what we can find nowdays", the private said as he goes to the back. "Follow him and enter, if you try anything funny we are watching the other one said as he watches.-

The Infantry does so as instructed.

- As they entered the private follows behind as the other one entered behind as he closes he latching door. The driver thus begun the engine as a large clank is heard as it was followed up by a jerk. "The driver is a bit tipsy at the moment boys..", the gunner said in a female tone. The halftrack then begun to back up into the the cave. "So who are you two working for?" the private asked them.-

"...The Jkirk Federations?"

-"I..I don't know who ir what that is", the young private said as he looks to the other one. The other soldier looked a bit older as he scored a bit of a grey beard. "Is that apart of the Freedom Fighters?", he says a bit grunting like as he glares a bit to them.-

"No, we are not a division from these so called Freedom Fighters."

-"Good, so I don't have to blow your brains out", he said bluntly as he looks away. A loud thud is hear as the vehicle jerks. "Watch where your going you danm fool", the female said as it continues on for the few minutes. "What is this Jkirk Federations?", the youngster asked.-

"Basically, an Interstellar Republic Monarch Autocracy. Don't worry, we're not bad."

-"The last one that said we're not bad ended up.." a sudden jerk stops him in mid sentence. "Ok we're here", said the driver as the younger soldier goes and opens the back as the sight of 4 heavily armed troops with a mid size old gentle man standing between them. He looked as if he would keel over as his right shoulder held three rows of medals. On his side was a cane as well as a long pistol, "so state your purpse in these lands."-

The private spoke "Our purpose? ..Ahh, I know we're being held against our will here, but is an armored transport the best place to discuss this?"

-The old man continues as he glares, "yes..any further will threaten my people's safety."-

"..Okay then. Mainly our purpose here is to spread our territories and influence here. We didn't know however that, ah.. you guys, would be here." The corporal said.

- Looking at him cautiously, "yes we are always seem to be forgotten here. We hide here under the protection of this planet enviornment with many areas around." He looks to the others as they go and search the 2, "you will be searched for anything else...then you will be turned around and given the option to head back. This is for the safety of my people...also to your commander feel free to let him know that we are in the area.." He then turns around as he uses his cave to enter into the dark area of the cave.-

The corporal and private looked at each other in surprise as they agreed to be searched, they were surprised that they are being let go.

-One them looks into the corpal's pockets, "got anything in there?", he says to him.-

There seemed to be no pockets, but rather they were wearing Armor to protect themselves. However, they are able to take the pieces of armor off, given if they had the experience.

-Realizing that they were't pockets but armor, the group begun striping the armor off of them. Another came over with tunics as she goes and places it on them as the others stripped the armor. "This is to sure that none of our guys above use you as moving targets..I suggest keeping these on", she said as she and the others walk away from them with the protective armor.-

The corporal and private looked at each other, wondering what the hell just happened.

-The group begun to gather around the old man as they entered into the darkness, the vehicles begun to move back as well. The remaining vehicle was the one that was encountered earlier as it backs up into the cave and sits. When it stops a large slam can be heard, as well as a locking system.-

"..Are we being held in some sort of Safe?" The private thought.

-A bright light can be seen on the opposite  side of the cave where the vehicle sits, a breeze swoops in as it chills and cools down the cave.-

The two think the cave might be Air conditioned.

-One of the tank crew exits the hatch to see if the two left, but relaizes that they were still there. "You know the exit is that way", he says pointing to the light.-

"We weren't aware that we were able to leave." The corporal responded.

-He appeares to be chewing something as he looks at the corporal, "well you two aren't dead yet..and usually the general would shoot outsiders if he thought they were a threat." He blows a small bubble, " so I guess you two were the lucky ones and let you two go, I would take that and head out of here."-

The corporal and private looked at each other, and immediately headed out in the given direction.

-The light gets closer and closer until the breeze from the outside heat can be felt. The entrance led to a rocky side as a stair like structure went up towards the plato. The stairways section seemed a bit old, but well kept.-

They paid little attention to the details, only as long as they got out of there, and report back to their superiors.

-Meanwhile after the capture, the female and the drunk drive report back to their higher command. After reporting the event, both were able to join up with two others at a near small cafe. The cafe was small, built into the side of the tunnel as there was little or no room. The small group chat about as they discuss about how they been.-

The two Troopers successfully exit the cave, and they begin heading back to the Jkirkian Stronghold.

-Meanwhile a small group of engineers examins the armor plating as they become filled with ideas and designs as they begun studing the piece.-

-As the small group chatted the old man with the cane walks up to them as he is escorted by 2 figures wearing blue outfits with gold slashes. He looks to the female and hands her a sealed letter, "things have come daughter, after those two strangers came here I know it not too long. As well as my age...I need you to do one more thing for me." The female nod as she is a bit in shock as the old man continues, "we have lived for years..and I think it is time that we to..resurface once again." The old man coughed as he pats her head and hugs her, "I shall go now..maybe these three idiots would like to go with you", he says with a bit of a cocky attitude as he walks away with the two escorts.

"Man..your father knows how to explain a mission does he?", the large one of them said in a deep tone. "No..this isn't a mission for the forces..he seemed to..emotional for it", the female said with concern as she examins the sealed letter. "Well you can count me in, in fac count us all in", the large figure says as the others nod. "The female smiles to the reaction, "well then boys we should get geared up an meet here then, to the surface we go!" They begun to cheer as the raise their glasses to each other as they lighten the mood.-

Over at the Jkirkian Stronghold, which is now known as Fort Verden, it seems the entirety of the Fort has been completed with it's construction, now having 2-story Walls surrounding it, as B980 and B980-2 Defensive Turrets surround the outer walls. Meanwhile, vast production structures, Shield Generators, and a entire Command Center included it's interior, as armaments, Robotic Infantry, and Vehicles began their production in this very stronghold.

The two soldiers walked up to the entrance of the fort, of where they were met with two guards, both being Militant Soldiers.

"Halt. This area is under military control. State your business." One of the militants said.

"We're both members of the Jkirkian Members, callsigns: Private Serten, and Corporal Daxter. We have came back to bring some information to the faction leader." The corporal responded.

"..Very well then. Give him your intel... and... uh.. where's your armor?" The second militant questioned.

"It's been taken. Though, we are lucky to even come back here." The private explained.

"I see.... Might wanna get your armor back once your done with debriefing." The militant responded.

They both nodded, and they enter the Fort, as the gates opened, and then closed behind them.

-After the cheering the group guzzle down their last drinks as they got up and went their ways to gather their gear. The young one, a male skunk goes to his little shelter along the tunnels as he pulls the cover of an older wooden rifle. The rifle had a long scope on it with nobs on it, as well as a decent sized clip with a nob on the back of it. "Shared from my father..', he says as he examines an gathers the rest of the equipment.

The large fellow goes into a shop with an older fellow, both appear to have bear appearces as some of their fur was burnt off. One opens a large wooden create as he pulls out a heavy machine gun with two drum clips attached, "oh baby you missed me" he says as he hoisted it onto his shoulder. The older one grabbed some ammo boxes, as well as some large bundles of stick gernades stuck to each other. He then gathers the rest of the equipement, "brother stop messing with your gun there and help me out.."

The female, decently sized wolf goes to the main room of the tunnels. It was a bit of a walk, but gave her time to read the letter. There she finds out why her father was worried as she folded it and headed to where he is. Once there she noticed no guards where there and the door was open, "hello...father..?", she says pulling out a large luger as she enters. Once there she sees her father drinking an old wine as he reads papers, "you know these were found in the desert where that structure on the surface is now being built. Its very interesting, because it reminds me of the old times", he says to her. "Yes father, our past is very interesting in the books...but do you really think it would be wise of returning to the surface?", she asked him as she pulled over a seat and sits. He nods as he places his luger onto the table, "Our time down here is over Alisa, we have hid away for years...our resources are almost gone..our power source almost men, women, an children are getting sick..", he says placing down the picture. The female begins to speak, but was interrupted by him, "Alisa we need to remake the monarch..we tried for years down here and only saw miseary.." He then gets up as he opens a drawer, "this right here was an executive order from King Nubis and the Concil before the last transmission..we have the right to appoint the next heir to take control of the monarch", he says holding the slip to her. She was a bit shocked, "wait..what..why?" "Because daughter the people have spoken, and with the efforts you did for us we have are the next heir..", he says but realizes that she backs away and runs. "No father! Find someone else!", she says as she runs...but he looks as he knows what to do.

After running for a bit she reaches her home once there she sees the slip in the door's edge, "danm it", she says in confusion as she takes the slip and hides it in her uniform. "Well if none knows..nothing can happen", she says as she gathers her thoughts and enters the little shack and gear up.-

The Corporal and Private enter the Command Center, of which the Faction Leader himself: Adex Zarvok Burns, is within a room that resembles a War Room, there, he is looking at a holographic projection of the current known region. He notices the Corporal and Private enter the room.

"Sir. We need to ." The corporal said.

"I see..." He turned off the holographic projection, as he faces them. "What do you have to report?"

"Sir, we've encountered a local military force within the region. They took us into some sort of Cave, asked us some questions, took our Armor, and then they let us go." The private explained.

"So you two were not harmed?" Adex questioned.

"No. We have no signs of injuries from our custody." The corporal replied.

"Hm.... Do you know of their name?" Adex asked.

"From what I recall, one of them claimed to be from a 2nd Armored Company, from what faction though, I don't think they told us." The private said.

"Interesting. They are organized into divisions... Have an escort of 2 RI-CU7 Terminators, 2 Militant Soldiers, and 1 RI-MF4 Terminator readied up, and deployed when I'm ready to leave." Adex ordered.

"Wait, what? Leave? Where are you going?" The corporal asked.

"I'm going to see this faction for myself. Who knows, maybe we might establish some sort of treaty... that reminds me, where was their last known location?" Adex asked.

"They were last seen at [Says the Cave's position]." The private replied.

"I see... I've be there within a few minutes. Make sure my orders are carried out... and make sure you get some new armor." Adex said.

The two nod, and they exit the War Room.

A few minutes later, Adex was awaiting at the entrance, for his escort to arrive. Once the desired units had arrived, they set off to find the cave.

-The group gathers up near the entrance of the cave as the tank destroyer was still there, the crew sat ontop as they played some sort of card game as they watched the entrance. As they begun to get to the entrance they were halted by one of the crew members, "halt were you think you guys are going!?", he says. The female goes up and hands the letter, "its under executive orders", she states as she walks away with the group as the crew looks at them. There they came outside into the brightlight, "danm its brighter out here", the younger bear figure said as he covers his eyes. The female takes in a deep breath, "its bright and hot, but got to love the fresh air", she says as she gides them down to the rive in the lower valley.

The tank destroyer crew watches as on took out binoculers to watch the area. Others stand by in guard positions along the cliffs as they watch the area. One radios in from the oppoiste side reporting that their remaining tank battalion retreated from flank with no loss or damage. Hearing this he grabbed his cane as he goes to his two guards, "come I need to see this..and need to know who in their mind to give an order like that!", he says in a bit of an angered tone.-

Adex and his escort are probably within visual range, as they drew closer to the cave.

- A soldier in desert camo lied on a cliff edge as he radio's to the tank crew, he uses an unknown language as the tank crew threw up their cards as they got up and thrown out their equipment. Then one went and closed all the hatches of the tanks as they begun to jump off and put on their gear. Attaching all the latches they armed the weapons as they strapped it along their shoulders as they waited. The rest in the cliffs watch from distance as they followed. 

Two holes glimmered as the escort when by.-

Adex and the Escort arrived at the cave.

-The men looked in surprise as they weren't shot at as they look. "Uh...what do we do", asked the private to the others as they watched. In the distance an anti-tank group watched with a 40cm gun as they examine the situation. "Hold, do not engage unless provoked", they commander said as he watches.-

Adex looked around his surroundings. "Hmm... Interesting..." He then looked at the private and co. "Greetings."

-One of the crew member walk up as places on a cap. He wore a interesting camo as the pattern seemed to fit in a area of debrie and wreckage, he had some symbols on his shoulder tabs and wore a grey colored cap with a medal in the middle of it. "Greetings to you as well, I prosume you are in command this?", he says politely to the stranger as he observes.-

"I am indeed the commanding officer of my entire Faction, yes. Would you be the commanding officer?"

-"Yes I am one of the remaining commanding officer, I am Lieutenant Rockwell. Though I am not in control of the lands our nearby units.", he says in a straight tone as he looks to him. "What is your purpose in these areas?", he says looking.-

"Our purpose here is to spread our influence and territories into this area. Though, now upon interaction with your faction, our goals might change." They would see some Robotic Infantry, and Armored Infantry Suits, that would be his escort.

-The lieutenant stares a bit at the robotic technology as he seemed to a bit startled by it, "tell your men including your bots there to stand down", he says as his nerves tense a it as he places his hand onto the handle of his pistol..but doesn't draw. Two men in blue with golden sashes come walking out of the cave, the old man followed be hind with a cane as he observed.-

"Alright then." He gestured his troops to stand down, and they do so as ordered. "I assume you have fears of Robots?"

- "You can say that, we tend not to have a bad..history with things like them..", he was suddenly interrupted by and older voice. "Thats enough Rockwell, you did your part and nothing more", the old man said as he came walking up with his cane. "Its not the best time for history or past grudges to get the best of you.", the old man says as he looks to Adex. "It is a warm day today isn't it?", he asked him.-

"Well, we are in a desert, so yeah it's pretty warm... Who would you be?"

- "Indeed it is, I am more use to cooler and mild climate areas. Anyways I am General Francis, last surviving general and main operator of these forces within this area as well as our civilians", said Francis.-

"It is nice to meet you, General. I am Adex Zarvok Burns, the Faction Leader of the Jkirk Federations."

- "Indeed it is nice to meet you as well, I am guessing your the ones that our building on these lands?", he asked wondering.-

"My faction has indeed constructed a Military Stronghold, yes."

-"I see, well come with me Adex we should talk in my office...but I want my escort to follow your men. Just to ensure that they wouldn't harm.", the old man he says glancing at the lieutenant.-

"Alright, that is fine." He gestured his troops to remain close to Francis's resort. "Shall we be off?"

- The lieutenant looks at him with as he says, "hopefully you know what you are doing..general.." He then goes back with the other crew as the looked at him. Francis shrugs it off as he starts off to the cave, "follow me".-

Adex nodded, and he followed Francis into the cave. The escort followed when Francis's escorted followed.

-They enter the cave system as they passed a section where thick layers of steel can be seen an inch out of the side of the walls. Francis continues to guide the group along a decent sized tunnel as some soldiers can be seen in various uniforms, some looked as if they have saw combat as scars and bandages can be seen. Some of the uniforms appeared to be torn or worn out as a group of 5 passed them. 

Continuing down the path for a few they stumble onto a cavern that was turned into a makeshift command center, members of different species sat at the main table as they wore skinny headsets as they moved tinny pieces along a board. "Here we are", Francis said as he guides them to another section with a steel door. He then opens the door as it revealed a decently made office, "here we will discuss.."-

Adex looked in the room. "I see.... I assume our escorts will wait outside?"

Chapter Two: Discussions and Entitlement

- He nods as he enter, "yes they will wait there for the time being. And don't worry the room is blast proof, it is made out of the material of a space worthy flag ship." He goes and pulls up a old chair and places it in front of the table, then goes and relaxes on another chair.-

Adex enters the room, and sits on the old chair.

- "So tell me commander, what is your purpose here on these lands? Are they not hospitable to live on?", the general asked curiously as he shuffles papers around.-

"This desert indeed is rather difficult to live on... But my Faction's citizens have proven themselves to live in such harsh conditions... and as such, we wish to expand our Territories into this Desert. However, we didn't know your faction had been living here, hidden." Adex replied.

- "Ah yes adapting to harsh environements can be difficult, but it has its rewards. My people have been through alot to even make it this far..", he says leaning back. "Yes our faction an civilzation has been hidding here out of sight from everyone on this planet to ensure our safety", he says to him. "Now what is your thoughts on the idea you have knowing another group is living where you want to establish a settlement?", he askes him as he observes.-

"Upon seeing there is already a settling nation in these lands, I feel like my faction is unknowingly invading such lands, and it was previously thought these lands were mysteriously unclaimed.. But perhaps by cooperating with your nation, we could share this land, so both may prosper."

- "Hm..", the old man thinks as he gets up and grabs a pipe from a drawer. "As a dying oldman commander, a cooperation sounds in order to provide safety an benfits for both of our nations. Now if we are to share these lands and give you the rights to construction here, what do you offer us?", he states as he begins to light it .- 

"Hm... if your faction is having difficulties in it's Economy, Technology, and Expansion, our faction could help you out." 

- Francis begins to smoke into the pipe a bit, "we are in need of supplies and underground can be..hard when trying to rebuild. As well as technology, from my reports you seem to be more superior to use. But we do have some technology we can trade to you an your faction as well that can benift these harsh conditions." He walks a few feet from his chair and smokes again, "I can offer intelegance as well commander."-

"Hm.. I see. If this were to go through, then both of our factions would definitely prosper in the times ahead."

-He nods, "Indeed, this will bring prosper to all of us. If only if I had my daughter here to learn these type of conversation." He laughs a bit as he goes to the nearby bookcase and looks as he smokes, "any enemies that we should worry about on your side?"

"On my side? Hm... we recently dealt with a Inquisitor Clan, who according to our Faction reports, had multiple WMDs on them. However, our military's strength had easily prevailed, leaving us with, surprisingly, no losses. Currently however, we are dealing with two Intergalactic Factions, one known as the Keter Var Empire, and another known as the Myraid of Regeleim. You don't have to worry about either factions however, as the situation is being dealt with." He assured.

- "I see", he picks up an old book as he blows off the dust. "That is good thing those two wouldn't be bothering us, but I fear another one of our civilizations encounters are back.", he tosses the book onto the desk as he puffs out a smoke ring. "You remember just now when one of my men was tensed by your bots commander?", he says glancing over.-

"I assumed he was afraid of Robots... but now I take it something had happened involving Robots?"

- He nods as he goes and sits back down, "indeed, my people have been in 3 wars with a robotic race..we called them the Dark Forces due to their alloy plating." He opens the books as it reveals some hand made sketches and notes, as well as sketched battle scenes and small stories. "Unlike your bots these were led by Commander Walter and were trained on one wipe out our race. They felt no emotion, had no control, but they looked like us", he says as he shows a picture within the book of a shot up cybernetic being. Leaving the book open to that page, "these are we my people are fearful of your bots and I feel even after their defeat..they are still here.."-

"Hm... I see. When was the last time you and the ones you call Dark Forces, had entered open combat?"

- "Last conflict with them was a few years ago, here in this very desert. Remains of both forces are scattered around underneath these sands, especially the cores of those machines. We came out victorius and after that our world was reclaimed..some of us left to go back as some of us stayed fearing that it was a trick. Well years later we stopped getting transmissions from them, I guess that was another conflict we will never know", he leans back as he looks at him. -

"If that indeed was a conflict, of which I assume that if the ones who came back to the world had emerged Victorious in said conflict, i'd reckon you would still be getting those transmissions a bit later after they stopped... But they haven't been sending them for years, I take it?"

- He shakes his head, "last message we gotten was lost in the archives, before we could decode it..we were forced to evactuate the faciity. After that we recieved no more messages from them."-

"Hm.. perhaps maybe I can investigate into this matter, see whats causing them to no longer send messages." He offered.

- "I will have to take you up on that offer and while you do that I will sign a treaty that will help both of our causes", he says writing down a set of numbers on an older map of the desert. "These are the coordinates of that last known location of the archieves. Oh and one more thing commander, my daughter is up on the surface. If you wouldn't mind taking her with you, she can use the training for when I pass?", he says looking at him as he hands the map.-

Adex receives the map. "Define training...'

- "She needs to to be near others besides her own. Ever since the evacuation she avoid surface dwellers in fear of many things, if she is to take my place she must learn to trust other races. ", he says to him. As he does a knock is heard from the door as it is opened by a guard, there stood the lutienant with a small file. "General a word about the report Northren Front", he says with a mild tone. Francis nods, "Alright let me here them, me an Adex were finishing up."-

"I see... do you know where she is on the surface?" He asked.

- "She went to the mouth of the river from here, just follow it and you will probably catch her there", says Francis.-

"Thank you..." Just as he was about to leave, he turned to him. "Before I embark on my journey, is there anyone else you'd like to send with me?" He asked

- The general shakes his head, "no need, shes got a few with her." He goes to a draw as he pulls out a ink pen an paurchment as he signals the Lutienant to come in. As he does the strange male formally walks in as he quickly glances at Adex, his eyes seemed a bit transparent as they quickly zoomed in an out. Saluating, "General a report of the Armed Battalion", he says handing the papers.-

"Alright then. I'll be back with the knowledge of the planet's outcome.... hopefully." He said, as he left the room. As he left, he gestured for his Escort to follow him. Within minutes, they exit the cave, and go to search for his daughter.

- The General escorts closes the door behind as they left and locks it, standing beside it. Meanwhile further up the river the group of four carrying gear and weapons walked along side the river as they used the shade for protection against the heat. "So Alisa what are we doing out here anyways?", the older male says to her. "My father gave me this small drawn map with coordinates, I have no clue what is out there..but he sure wants me to find it", she say to him in a calm voice as they walked.-

Chapter Three: New Evidence 

As Adex and his Escort had found the River, and walked up it in an attempt to find Alisa (assuming it's her name o3o). As they walked, they watch their surroundings and such, to make sure they wouldn't be ambushed.

-The surroundings seemed claim as nothing was there, but too quiet it seemed. (Yes) -

- The group stops in the near by shade as some dropped their equipment as they brought out tins canteens. "We'll rest here for a bit, then continue on..", Alisa says to the group. -

Adex and his escort kept getting closer to the group. Their formation might state that they are rather Defensive, rather than Offensive.

- As they drank the younger one glances over to see in the distance a small group in formation, "psst guys", he says pointing behind him. The rest look as though they were shocked, "what do we do?", the older one says. Alisa thinks, "get behind the rocks..don't be seen.." The rest looked at her as if they were confused, but followed her orders as the dropped everything and hid behind some of the nearby rocks. as they hid, the young one drops his rifle as a small cloud of sand can be seen as it hits the ground.-

Adex nor his Escort were near enough to see the young one drop the rifle or the sand cloud. However, if they were to find the rifle, they would get the false impression that a bad thing has happened.

-The young one scaredd a bit peered over as the female shakes her head an mutter "no", but he ignores her as he runs out to get the rifle. But doing so he trips between two rocks and sprains his ankle. "Ouch!", a loud yelp is heard as the kid face plants into the sands as the younger bear faceplams.-

(Young one, you had one job. One job! XD)

Adex and his Escort had heard the young one's yelp. In response, Adex & Escort double-timed it over to where they heard his yelp.

-"Where screwed..", the younger bear says as he holds his hand on his face as he slides down his hand. A bit annoyed the female gets up and runs over to the down young one. "You have to start listening to me Jacob or we will get...", she stops as she hears some as she doesn't move.-

Adex and his Escort finally reaches them. [Has no idea on what to do here, lel]

-Alisa stands still as she tenses, "Jacob don't move...whoes behind me?", she says not knowing if anyone is actually back there. [Imagination my friend:3 ]

("BOO!") "Greetings." Adex finally spoke.

(That would have been great lol) - Hearing that she glances over to see the figure, "who are you and why are you following?", she says to him.

"Not to worry. We are looking for the daughter of General Francis (I am now just realizing Francis never told him her name, or described her appearance. XD), I suppose you haven't see her anywhere?" Adex asked.

-Think for a second, the female wolf with dark grey skin seemed to be in her late teens looks over her shoulder. Her outfit seemed to be that of a desert trooper with worn out leather straps, a fancy looking lugar in its holistor, and pouches with a dagger attached to one. "Maybe..why are you looking for her?", she says as she withholds her true self.-

"Hm... actually now that I think about it, she seems to be the only qualification to be her..." He thought, he then said to her "The general asked for a bit of a favor." He replied.

-"Ah a favor, he always asks for favors...I mean what type of favor did he asked you if I might ask?",  she says to bring the young one's arm around her shoulder. "Shit..hopefully he didn't catch on..", she thinks as she glances.-

"He asked a favor that involves a type of training. What type, though, I won't tell until I'm certain..." Adex replied. The escort looks at the others that accompanied her.

- "Danm it dad...whoops", she says as she sighed, "why did I just say that...Hans and George!" As she stated their names the two bear stepped out as one held a light machine gun to the waste as the other one had a standard rifle.-

"Dad?..." Adex said "Hm.. It seems my suspicions have proven to be correct." He thought, as he looked over to Hans and George, and saw what weapons they had equipped, he appears to have an interest in the weapons.

- Glancing to him, " father does this all the time. Explain to me what favor he asked of you to come and find me." As she states it she began walking the young one to the other two as she hands him to the older bear.-

"He asked me to help you trust other races." Adex said, honestly.

- "Why do you always do this to me father..", she thinks as she uses a hand gesture towards the younger bear. As she does he lowered his light machine gun as he slings it over his shoulder and walks, "come, brother, we have to gather the equipment." The older one nods as he brings the young one onto his shoulder as he follows.

Seeing this Alisa sighs, "so my father gave you that favor, to help me trust other let's start off by knowing your name."-

"My name is Adex cords Burns." Adex replied.

- "Adex Zarvok name is Alisa..Alisa Lipsion", she says in a straight tone as she looks to him. "I am guessing you already know what we are out here for?", she askes him.-

"This is an assumption, but I guess it's to find the last known location of some archives."

- "The archives?.., well that is different than ours..we were just given these coords", she thinks for a moment until she found out what her father did. "That sneaky old man, he knew what the cords were..", she says out loud. "Look if you want to help me to trust other races then do what you got to do, but my men must live if you want to gain my trust", she states to Adex. -

"..I will do the best as a I can, as a Leader, to prevent causalities from being inflicted on our side." He stated.

- She nods to him as she looks over, "the trip should be a days walk to the east, we continue through the day and rest by night we should be able to get there by morning." She begins walking towards the others as she grabs up her supplies.-

"Hm.. I see... do you wish to seek a faster alternative, or should this be the best action?" Adex asked.

-She stops to his statement, "faster alternative..?" Looking back to him, "what is this faster alternative you have in mind?"-

"Perhaps maybe I can have a transport take us to the coordinates, saving us a lot of time... as long as the weather stays calm (Weather is calm, right?)" Adex responded

-She looks to the others a whistled, then turns back to Adex, "if it gets us closer to our objective..we're in." The others started to come together as the older one carried the young sniper.-

"Alright then. I'll order a Genesis Transport to take us there as far as possible." He said, as he slid down on what seemed to be like a form of Sunglasses, to him though, it was a BFT-HUD, of which Adex was using to call in a Genesis Transport. They might looked a bit confused.

- She watches as she rolled here eyes, "a pair of sunglasses..?". The others behind her seem confused about the situation as they observed. -

"These sunglasses are actually a advanced HUD system that allows it's user to, view a battlefront, commandeer armed forces, and communicate with friendly forces, which is precisely how i'm calling a Transport." He said, trying to solve their confusion.

- "I have gadgets with you..sounds useful", she says as her men got closer to her. One sits the machine gun next to him as he stares. His bear statue looks down as he stares." -

"Mhm." He said as he slid the BFT-HUD back up to his forehead. "They should be here within a couple of minutes or so." He added.

- She sighs, "very advance is your civilization if you don't mind me asking?" -

"How advanced? Well, ah... well, we have ships capable of Intergalactic Travel, Robotic Troopers and Vehicles, Advanced Infantry Units, Atom-Construction Technology, Powerful WMDs and... well, I can go on and on, but that's probably gonna take me a little bit." Adex said.

- She blinks to what he said, "ah..well our race was sort of advance..we started with clean energy as well as airships..but that went downhill..". -

"You started technological developments as well? Interesting... why did it proceed to fail?" He asked.

- Folding her arms, "I was a little girl during that time..but my father always told me that it all failed because of the genocide among our people. Our facilities, hydro-plants, hell even the farmlands were devastated by the attacks. We tried our best to rescue the lands..but then they started to push us out with deadly chemical gasses..", she explains to him. -

"..I see.. and, who do you refer to as 'them'?" He replied. "...Perhaps those Robotic Troopers the General referred to earlier?" He thought.

- She shrugs, "I have no clue, I was too young when it all happen..". -

"Hm.. and are they-" He said, until he was interrupted by the sound of a VTOL.

In the not so distance, a VTOL Transport can be seen approaching them, it is in Jkirkian Colors.

- Hearing the noise she looks, "guessing that is yours?" -

Adex looked on over to where the VTOL was. "That would be the Genesis Transport, yes." He said in response.

The transport was literally almost there, just a couple of miles and then it'll be there.

- She sighs, "get your gear together boys..", she says to her men as they stood ready. The younger bear looked over to make sure he has gotten everything. -

The transport arrives at their location. It begins lowering down it's floor so that they can get on.

"Hm.." Adex said.

- Alisa and the others waited, they seemed a bit shocked about the amount of technology. "Quite the interesting type of machinery you have here ", the older bear said to Adex. -

"Hm? Ah, thank you. My faction has worked tirelessly to acquire these technologies." He said, as the floor is now on the ground, allowing for them to step on it and enter. "Alright, who's first?" He asked.

- She looks at him and then to her men, "I'll go first, to ensure the safety of my men", she states to him. Looking at the insides, Alisa walks in and stands at the entrance.- 

Adex hopped on next. He looked on over to the others as his escort stepped on. "Don't be shy now, I can assure you that this is perfectly safe." He said. "...Unless we come under fire.." He thought. 

- The others looked at Alisa as she nods, "it is all good boys, come on in." As she stated the group ventures into the VTOL, upon entering it they group drop their gear and relaxed. The young sniper is placed down as he goes for his bag. -

"Alright, everyone accounted for?" One of the Militant Soldiers said.

- Alisa looks at him as she goes and helps him out, "yes everyone is accounted for", she says to them as she pulls out a medium-sized medical kit. "You always come prepared..", she says to him as she begins to attend to his ankle. -

Adex nodded, as the floor began ascending upwards into the VTOL. When they were within the VTOL, it's pilots requested for the coordinates needed to get to their destination.

-Alisa hands Adex a piece of paper with the coordinates, "here, this is the destination..if you don't already know.", she says to him.-

Adex took the piece of paper, and memorized it. After a bit, he hands the paper back to Alisa, as he told the pilots the coordinates. Upon hearing the coordinates, the VTOL began heading to the Coordinates, as the pilots operated it.

-Alisa takes back the piece of paper and folds it as she places it in one of her pockets. Then she goes and sits down as she waits for them to arrive. "So how long will it take?", she ask. -

"A few minutes or so, give or take.." He said. The members of the escort either sat down or still stood, as Adex was still standing up.

- "I see, that would be faster than walking I guess", she says as he was interrupted by one of the bears. "A few minutes definitely beats a couple of days Alisa", the younger one says. -

Adex nodded in response to the Bear's comment. "I reckon if there is any potential hostile, then we best be prepared." He said, as he slid his BFT-HUD to his eyes.

- Alisa nods, "yes that would be likely, and in this desert, it would be deadly if we were to encounter a trap.."

Meanwhile, in the distance of the location, a small metallic creature moves around as it hides within the rubble.-

Adex was still using his BFT-HUD It was unknown what he was doing with it, but it's possible he might bring in additional forces.

- Alisa waits as she hears the older bear whistle glares over a bit as she sees him taking out a small tube like product out of a square pouch. "Put it back..this is not the perfect time for that..", she says to him as she glares. A bit stunned he quickly puts it back into the pouch and closes it.-

Adex then put his BFT-HUD back on his forehead. "Well, that should do it." He thought, as he waited for them to arrive at their destination.

- Alisa glances to Adex, "are we there yet?"

("No." "Are we there yet?" "No." "Are we there yet?" "No." "Are we there yet?" "NO." "Are we there yet?" "NO." "Are we there yet?" "NO." "Are we there yet?" "NO!" "Hey Adex." "WHAT?!" "Are we there yet?" "Yes...")

"Almost there, just a little longer." He replied.

- Alisa crosses her arms as she starts to look around a bit inside. -

The VTOL's inside looked very spacey, as it can carry a lot of troops and supplies to any given area.

The VTOL then came to an halt. "Welp. We must be here." Adex said.

- Alisa and her men felt the halt as they continue to look. "That was pretty quick, guess we take a look?", she says to him as she walks to the door. -

"It usually stops pretty quick, I can assure you." He says, as the floor started descending.

- Looking at the floor she signals her men to come up as they begun to get their stuff. -

As the floor descended, they are now able to see the area they are in.

- A sounds wind picks up as sand begun to dispart, revealing what appears to be a concrete area on the ground. The surrounding appeared to be 5 large worn down buildings with what appears to be some battle damages. In the distance there appear to be smaller sized buildings as well as half-domed shaped structures to the right. Piles of rubble and mechanical parts scatter the landscape, as well as some blown out vehicles including a tank-like a vehicle with no turret.-

Adex looked around the area. "Huh. I'm going to guess a battle took place here, judging from the damages.." He said, as he looked at the Tank-like Vehicle with no Turret. "...Hmm...."

- Alisa walks up next to him and looks around, "yes it does look like there was a battle here.." She steps out as her men followed, "also these buildings appear to be old as well..". -

- Within the wreckage of the tank-like vehicle, something small moves under the torn netting as a metallic shine can be seen. Then a loud bang is heard after it disappears within the vehicle.-

"?!" Adex and the Escort was surprised by the loud bang. "What was that?" Adex said.

Within the sky above them, a Rupture Appears, as a UFO-like Aerostat begins to exit said Rupture.

- Alisa hearing the bang as well looks around as she signals the others to hold, "I don't know...but it sounded close..could be a piece of falling debris?" Looking over the area she looks to the closes building, "say Adex you think we should stick together when venturing here?"-

"..That would be the best option, yes." He said, as the UFO Aerostat fully exits the Rupture, and is fully within view, while also gesturing for his Escort to stay close. "..By the way, do you know what Vehicle that is? It has sparked my interest." He said, pointing to the ruined tank.

- Quickly before Alisa could answer his question, the old bear answered "That there looks like a Panther Medium..but can't tell for sure due to its missing turret."

The younger bear looks up and sees the UFO and becomes a bit stunned, "Uh.."-

"A Panther Medium? Hm... I bet my Atom Construction Vehicles can reconstruct th- Huh?" He said, as he took a look at the young bear.

- "A wha?", the old bear says as the younger one looks around for a tall object as watches the strange flying UFO. -

Adex looked at the old bear. "An Atom Construction Vehicle. The vehicles I have mentioned are able to construct, or deconstruct Structures, at a very fast rate... which explains how we got a Stronghold in the Desert so very fast....." He said, as he took a look at the Younger Bear. "..Uh.. what are you looking at?" He asked.

- "That thing up there", the younger bear says as he points at the UFO. -

Adex looked at the UFO, as the bear pointed to it. "..Oh, not to worry! That is a personal aerostat of mine, it serves as a unique purpose for myself." He said.

- "Oh its a personal aerostat..what is that..?" the young bear ask as Alisa goes toward one of the industrial looking buildings. -

"An Aerostat? Its kind of like another name for an Airship." He said to the young hear, before noticing Alisa going towards the building. "Hm?"

- The young bear thinks before glancing over to Adex, then to Alisa, "Alisa what are you doing?!"  She ignores and goes to a part where two large doors sat, one was cracked open as she goes to open it. -

Adex walked on over to her as she went to open it. "An industrial building? Interesting." He thought.

- The remainer of her group came up from behind as they drew their weapons to watch their backs. A crack is heared as the heavy doors open and inside reveals a semi dark room with light going threw some of the windows and holes. Inside the industrial building held two rows of no-damaged heavy and light tanks and in the middle had a line of civilian vehicles that seemed to be ready to ship out. "What..these are our designs, but why here..?", Alisa thinks.

Adex had a look inside the building, as his Escort followed. "Are those Tanks?" He asked.

- Alisa nods, "yes they are and they appear they haven't been disturbed ever since this place was abandon. Opening the door more she walks in as dust and sand was kicked up. Mechanical parts and tools where scattered around as well as a trail of papers that lead to the other end. -

"Hm.. that's kind of weird." He said, as he walked in as well, along with his escort.

- "We'll stay out her Alisa, just incase of anything", the older bear shouts to her as they begun to set up behind rubble and debries. Alisa looks back to Adex, "yes it is looks like they just dropped what they were doing", she says as she kneels down and picks up a torn piece of paper. She observes it and see in a weird language what appears to be a important document with a seal, "hay Adex I found something." -

Adex gestured over to his Escort to stay put with Alisa's group, as he looked over to her. "Hm?"

- Looking over she gets up, "this is in our language..its old but I can make out some of the words. And from what I can tell, this document was civilian or probably historical records." She goes to show him as she glances down to the other side. -

"I see.." He said, looking at the document.

- "Yes, but with that there document and the evidence of action within this building..I think somethings is here", she says looking down the other end as she pulls a decent sized pistol out. "Maybe this is the entrance to the archives..?", she says to him. -

"Perhaps.. I assume the archives are guarded." He said, looking at her pistol.

- "I don't know..but I don't want to walk in without some certain security", she says as she looks to him. -

"Mhm.." He said, as he equipped on what seemed to be a form of SMG.

- She glances to the SMG as she looks at it and then starts moving towards the other side. The tanks all looked very similar to each other, feature stocked gear and primer with no paint. One though looked out of the ordinary as she stopped in front of a large dark black & grey tank, wires and tubes went around the tank and into certain parts as two red headlights sat onto the fenders. The gun seemed a bit deformed as two cylinder shaped objects held onto the side of the barrel. "What is that..", she says out loud. -

Adex looked at the tank. "Hm... looks like a form of Tank... is it not one of you'res, I take it?" He said.

- She shakes her head, "not that I have ever just feels too strange.." Looking over her shoulder she spots a door leading to a stairway that heads to the lower levels. "But I think I found our entrance..", she says backing up as she walks backwards away from the tank. -

Adex also spotted the Door. "Ah, I see.." He said, as he approached the door.

- As the approached the door something odd happens as the stairwell's and entrance's lights automatically comes on. See this in a bit of a stunned manner Alisa peers around the corner as she looks down, "want to go first Adex..?" -

Adex wasn't surprised as the lights went on, but rather he got curious to why these lights are still active. "Yeah, sure." He said, as he entered into the stairway.

- Alisa follows him afterward as she looks down. As they exit the main room the weird looking tanks line begun to shine for a second, but the immediately shut off afterward.

When they reach the bottom a closed door lies in their path with a small window in, a padlock sits next to the door as a red line shines on the side of it. -

Adex took a look at the padlock. "..Huh....Well, no one said this would be easy." He said.

- "Yeah..and with no key it wouldn't be easy", says Alisa as she looks through the window. "Its a mess in there though..and I think a skeleton as well..", she says as she looks in her pouches. "We need to get this door opened..", he says to him. -

"Mhm... perhaps we could possibly shoot it off?" He suggested.

- She looks at him and grins as she attempts to shoot it, but as the round hits the pad lock it implants itself into the metal with out damage. "Huh...", she says looking at her pistol. Looking to Adex, "well I forgot my heated want to give it a try?" She goes to look in her pouches after she states to him. -

(I just realized, Adex has a Shotgun, not a SMG. XD)

"Couldn't hurt." He said, aiming the SMG-like weapon at the lock... that's when she realized that it's not actually an SMG, it's a Plasma Shotgun, as he fired at the lock with a widespread shot of Plasma.

  • The plasma splatters all over the padlock as it begins to melt away and door begins to open.*

-She looks at it, "huh, so you melted the lock away..interesting." Lifting her leg she kicks the door open as a rush of cool air can be felt from the room. She peers into the room as she notices that the room had a set of computers in the middle with bookcases along the sides in rows.-

Adex felt the rush of cool air, as he also peered into the room. "Computers?" He said.

Chapter 4: An Ungodly Surprise!

-The computers seems to be old as dust covered most of them, one though was still active as a bar was flashing in the middle of it.-

-Alisa nods, "yes and it looks like that person was defending what was here until.." She looks to the skeleton that was leaning against one of the bookcases as he wore dark blue infantry clothing with a rifle on his lap. -

Adex looked at the skeleton. "Hm.. the documents must've been very important." He said.

- "Agree..well I guess we shall take a look?", she says as she goes to the books. "Maybe you should go and take a look at that active computer since your tech seems to be more superior", she says in a bit of a funny sarcastic tone as she looks around.-

"Alrighty then." He said, cracking a smile at the tone. He approached of the able computer, looking at it's screen.

- The computer screen seems to have a green login in the bar with an already typed password, above the bar had in digital green letters "Cybernetic Research and Development Data Base 1/412 files.

- Walking over with a large binder like-book, Alisa goes towards him and the computer. "Huh these are town plans..they got water systems..road networks...and area layouts or plans for area layouts..", she says to him as she skims through. -

"I see.." He said, as he also went through the various details of the computer's contents.

- Most of the details are those of medical advancements with the Cybernetic technology called "Cybernetic Reconstruction Process", but there are a few files that have been automatically blocked when viewing them. Though 3 folders begun to appear on the bottom as the linked together with the names, "BAF", "BRAF", "BRN", and Royal Guard.-

- Alisa walking back to get another book see notices more bodies at the very end and a lot of bullet holes in the ground that seemed have come from above. "What the..?", she says loudly. -

"Hm?" Adex looked back at Alisa.

- Alisa starts walking back slowly as she steps back, "fresh bodies..!" She turns to Adex and realizes a large mechanical beast on the top wall near Adex. "Adex...behind you...", she says aiming her gun at it. -"?

"?" He looked behind him, and saw the beast. ".....Oh... boy." He said, aiming his Shotgun at it.

- The mechanical beast lets off a burst of steam as its slick black body can be seen as multiple red eyes open up. A radio like a wave link can be heard as the beast begins to move downwards towards them. Some of its parts seemed to be replaced though with scrap metal. -

Having the impression that the beast was going to attack him, Adex fired his Plasma Shotgun at it, while backing up a bit.

- Alisa blinds fires at the machine, but due to recoil she misses the crucial parts as he arounds implants themselves into its rear armor plating.-

- The beast moves forward with speed as it legs shown of exposed gears and mechanical parts. Two large Gatling Gun like contraptions pop up from its frontal armor plate as it aims at the two. But as its aim the front legs were hit by the plasma as the beast goes down from the front, though as it goes down it miss fires and shoots a line of high caliber rounds into the ground. -

"!!" Being alerted of the Gatling Guns, Adex fired another Plasma shot at the Spider. After which, he observed the room, to find any available cover.

- The plasma shot over the Gatling Gun Mantles as it hits the back plate, but a large light begins to show as the machine begins to freak. -

- Alisa looks at the light as she realizes what is going on as she goes to Adex as she pushes both of them behind the computer terminals. "Get down!", she says loudly as she pushes them down. -

Adex is pushed down. "?!"

- The mechanical beast hits the wall as it backs up, though a light envelopes it as a loud explosion is heard as the room shakes a bit. The lights flickered off and on, but turned back on as the emergency generators kicked in.-

- Moving away from Adex she gets up slowly as she looks around to see the mangled machine wreck of the beast. "I guess you hit it's missile racks or something important..", she says to him. -

Adex also got up, as he looked at the ruined machine. "Huh.. I see.... Guess we got to be more aware of our surroundings.." He said, looking at the computer.

-The computer seems to be destroyed as metal shards were 'embedded' into the screen-

- Alisa looks at the screen as she walks up to it, "well at least there is other computers to try?" -

Adex looked at the computer, a bit irritated, and then heard Alisa. "I guess we can try the other computers." He said.

- She goes over to the nearest one and flips the switch as a login screen appeared, but with no password. " password", she says to him. -

"Darn.." He said. "...Actually..." He looks at the skeleton.

- She looks to him, "hm?" -

"You think there might be a hint on that Skeleton?" He asked.

- She shrugs, "it doesn't hurt to take a look", she says as she goes to the skeleton and looks around. "Sorry..", she says to the bones as she takes his jacket off. Moving it off slowly she hands it to Adex, "look in here." -

Adex nodded, as he searches the jacket for anything that might help them to crack the password.

-As he reaches around into the pocket, a slight feel of plastic can be felt as if it was in the shape of card-

Adex felt the plastic, and immediately took it out of the pocket, examining it.

-Upon taking out the plastic it appeared to be an old key card with an unknown language written on it and the picture of what appeared to be a bird-like being.-

-Alisa moves along the pant pockets as she looks around for any objects that could help, but only found shredded up papers and holds food packets. "Find anything?", she asks him.-

"I found this Plastic card. Appears to be in your native language, along with a photo." He said, showing her the Keycard.

-Alisa looks over as she drops the food packets as she goes to look at the card. Kneeling down she read to herself in the language as she looks at the image, "huh this is very old language..mostly used for people higher in our commands. My father taught me some of the wording of our ancient language." She continues as she looks up at Adex, "Our skeleton friend here was the commanding officer for the unit that was here. And this key can get into almost all the documents within the computer database or archive rooms." -

"I see." He said, looking at the skeleton. "I wonder what happened to his unit.."

-Alisa shrugs, "I have no clue..but whatever happened it must have been one hell of a fight." Getting up she goes to one of the working computers as she turns it on. "This one seems to be in working order", she says to him as she dusted off the main tower. -

He looked at the computer. "That's good. Hopefully we find what we're looking for." He said.

-Alisa nods as she feels around and finds a slot for a key card, "right here.I think this is where it goes."-

"Alright then, let's insert it." He said.

-As the key card is inserted the green screen appears once again as it quickly enters and exits out of the login page. Within seconds the similar files showed up again, but the locked files became open to view. Two other files appeared, one shown "USS Lexington Communications" and the other shows a picture of two figures with a chain link underneath.-

Adex looked at the suddenly unlocked files. "..Strange. It appears the keycard had unlocked the previously locked files." He said.

-Alisa looks to him, "and what are they?"-

He points to the two files. "These two." He said.

-She looks at them as she was a bit confused, "these two..wait my father told me stories when I was younger that there was a great ship that carried people off my home world. But it was lost after some of us left off this world.." Looking at these she stares at the other files, "I know we have to collect them...but I think we should open one to see what they are."-

"Agreed." He said. "Which one should we open?" He asked.

-"Hmm..well the communication one looks important, but I don't know if it will work or if anyone would answer...", she says as she stares. While staring she thinks, "you know let go ahead and do that one." -

"Alright." He said, proceeding to open the communication file.

Chapter 5: Communications!?

-As the communication file is open a loud beep is heard from the computer as a picture of the station sends a digital line to what appears to be a satellite orbiting the planet. Within seconds the screen blinked as it showed the digital line heading to what appears to be a large airship as it blinks "communication modules online/linking successful".-

"...Is this a recording, or did we just successfully hailed a communication link?" Adex asked.

-Alisa looks at the screen confused, "I..I don't know."-

-Seconds after three small beeps is heard as if a line was being directed, then out of the blue a male voice is heard from the other end. "This is the USS Lexington Public Safety & Emergency Service Communications, how may I help you today", the male voice says as he doesn't know who or where they are.-

"...Um.. Hello?" Adex says to the screen, having no idea if this is a recording or not.

- Not knowing he would hear anything besides a prank, the communicator has become weird out as he hears the other end. "Hello...? Who is this? How may assist you today and which deck are you located on?", he says think that it came from the ship.-

"..Well, now we know it's a direct communication to something.." He thought to himself. "I am Adex Zarvok Burns, the Faction Leader of the Jkirk Federations.. and, ah.. we're not on any deck." He replies back.

- Taking a sip of water as the operator listens, he spits up a bit as he hears him. "Uh can you repeat that again, I swear I heard you are not on a deck?", he says to him. -

"No, I am not on your Aerostat. I am contacting you via a terminal within a undisclosed location.. honestly I didn't even think that would happen.." Adex said to the operator.

-A bit bewildered, "alright who is pulling this prank on me?" But realizing what he said he was a bit confused, "uh..your not joking are you?"-

"I am not joking.. Did you not hear the part that I was a leader of a Faction?" He asked.

-The operator thinks for a second as the sound of papers can be heard, "uh.alright, Mr.Burns..can you give me any land features or structures nearby by any chance to identify the claims."-

"Alright. Primarily we are in a desert, and [begins to describe the structure they are in currently]" He answers.

-"Alright one second...", he looks over to his partner as he looks at the description. A few minutes pass as the operator comes back with a large book and a puzzling question, "and what planet would this be on..because the description you gave me was the..." The sound of papers turning can be heard as he looks, "..was the only colonization we had..but it was abandoned for many years..."-

"The planet's name is Mobius... Wait.. did you just say this description fits an abandoned colony?" He said, as he looked at Alisa.

-She shrugs, "wait a colony..?" The operator continues, "yes the colony was abandon over a decade ago due to...complications including a devastating attack that..well if you're there you may have seen. There are several parts of the colony and from the looks you are in the government and military instillations...." -

"I see.. well judging from how surprised I am right now, that Colony of yours may still be active." Adex said to the operator.

- "Well I I would be to...I know each of our stations has a hydro-plant underneath the area that should power for about...20 years if not maintained", he says to him. Thinking a bit the operator closes the book, "I will secure a line to our captain if you wish?" -

"That will be appreciated, thank you." Adex said.

-The line cuts as dots and beeps can be heard from the computer-

-"This has just gotten a bit strange Adex...", she says to him in a almost sort of a concern tone. -

"Indeed.. if it is true that they are claiming to be those who settled your colony, then your citizens no longer have to live underground." He said, as he waited to be hailed to the Captain.

-A loud beep is heard as a deep male voice came from the line, "Hello this is the captain of the Lexington and who is this that I am speaking to?" -

"Greetings, Captain. This is the Faction Leader of the Jkirk Federations." He said to the Captain.

-"Ah a leader of a faction, well this is interesting to hear. Especially from the current situation your in from your description. So mind telling me the details you want know or request?", he says to him -

"Mhm.. it has come from my attention that upon investigating the ruins I seem to be in, this very terminal that I speaking to you with was somehow still operational. I intended to investigate these ruins to find coordinates of a specific planet.. instead, I might have found something better." He said to the captain.

-The captain sighs as he sets his line to secure as he begins to speak. "To those with you keep this to yourselves. And explain to me what you might have find?"-

"Hm.. before I answer that question, I wish to ask you a question if it is alright with you." Adex said to the Captain.

-"And this quest would be?", he asks curiously.-

"Are you familiar with the faction named the Dark Forces? And if so, how are you affiliated with them?" He asks.

-The captain became slienet for a second untill he begins to speak, "yes..yes I have heard of them. They are the ones that caused us to be living on this blasted ship...why do you ask?"-

"Oh, I see.. then I guess you are who I thought you were... Anyways I asked because I wanted to be sure that I was talking to the right Faction. Now that I have confirmed that I am speaking to the right faction, I guess I can notify you of your not-so abandoned colony." Adex said to him.

-"Not-so abandon colony? What do you mean, that station was abandoned at least a decade ago", he says to him.-

"Well, yeah. The station itself is abandoned.. but I think your colony had relocated after an incident occurred here.. and to prove it, I think I may have someone speak with you." He said, looking at Alisa.

- Alisa seeing this walks over to the computer, "he is speaking the the daughter of General Francis we have relocated back into the caves of the desert here.." Looking back to Adex then to the screen, "we are in need of support an reason, most of the race wouldn't exit the caves in fear of multiple things."

Hearing this the captain remains in silence as he thinks, "...General Francis is still alive..that means the family crest still stands..please but Adex back on for me will you?" -

"I'm still here, Captain." Adex said in response.

- "Good, now listen the station you are at has three docking bays underground. I don't know if they are functional, but we can attempt landing on the planet. Each are operated by control panels deep below.", he says clearing his throat. "Now with that said, the female you have accompanied is very important", he says but was interrupted be a loud explosion within the factory.-

Adex heard the explosion within the facility, and was surprised when he heard it. "..That can't be a good sign." He said.

-Within seconds of the blast, yelling can be heard as the sound of machine-gun fire can be heard from the rooms above, followed by another loud explosion. This one, however, knocked out the stairway as smoke and dust seeped through the door.-

- Alisa turning quickly as after all this as she looks at the door, "oh shit..yeah I think you are right Adex."-

Adex looked at the door. "..Captain, we're gonna have to call you back.." He said to the terminal.

-"Very well, just remember the landing..", before he can finish the remaining power within the room cuts out as loud tracks can be heard moving along the surface.

Alisa looking at the door as she hears the sound, "we got to find another way out of here, maybe theres another entry way or something?"-

"That is plausible. If there is no other entrance, then i'm afraid we might have to face.. whatever is up there." He replied to her.

-She nods and begins to look around, "shit..I forgot my light back at you have one available Adex?"-

"Unfortunately, no. My BFT-HUD doesn't come equipped with Night Vision.." He said.

-She thinks for a minute as she just sees darkness ahead, then remembers the body. "Adex you are near the body, check it for a flashlight. Knowing those guys they always kept one on them just incase of issues. I remember my father always telling me to take one..", she says as she feels around the room.-

"Ah, I see. I shall search for it.... now where is it..." He said, as he began to search within the room for the (spooky scary) skeleton.

-The skeletal remains can be seen when up close-

Sooner or later, Adex found the skeleton. "Found it." He said to himself, as he began searching it for a flashlight.

-As he searches the skeleton, it seemed to have multiple pockets as if they were to hold varsity of items. But, within held a heavy flashlight that seemed to be made out of a thin layer of steel. But, within the pocket also had another card key.-

Adex acquired both the Flashlight and Card, as he turned on the Flashlight. "..What's this?" He said to himself, as he shined the flashlight towards the Keycard.

-The flashlight was bright as it shined their surroundings, revealing the orgin of the key card. It appeared that the key card had a figure in what apeares to be in a scientific outfit in the top left, while there was writing stating "Lower Level Access Point".-

"..Alisa, I think we might've found a different entry-point." He said to Alisa.

- "Great, now we can get out of here", she says as she looks around. While looking with the light's aid she spots a double door sat closed in the opposite directions.-

-Meanwhile back at beginning area the sound of large gears can be heard as multiple spots in the sand begin to open up. Within them displayed shaft like tunnels as light dotted the sides.-

Adex also spots the double doors with the flashlight.

-Tugging his arm she begins running to the doors, "come one, we have to go now!"

Adex came along, as he also began running to the doors at normal speed.

Chapter 6: Behind closed doors

-As they run towards the doors, the appearance seems of that of maintence entry ways as random symbols lined the edge. A keycard slot sits against the right as a redlight ilumminates from the slit-

-"This is an odd one to have here, but its the only one we can see", she says as she looks through a small glass.-

"Yep. Hopefully this keycard will get us in." He said, holding the keycard in his hand that he got earlier.

-She looks at it, "then stick it in there..we got no time to stand here."

-Meanwhile, back at the beginning, the sound of jet engines can be heard as four fighters begin to appear from the tunnels. Their tan camouflage covered the tops as the cockpits were tinted to block the sun's rays. Within minutes a loud roar is heard as the four fighters were sent across the sands and into the skies.-

Adex nodded his head in response, and inserted the keycard into the slot.

-As they key card is inserted the light goes green, dust fly up from the entryway as the door slide open to reveal a elevator. The lights from within are dimmed as if it was running on a small powersource that is seperate from the main facility. Blue lines mark the walls as rivets lined parts of the walls of the elevator.-

-"Huh...that was unexpecting...", she says to him as she quickly steps in. "Well it looks like the key you got led us to a way down", Alisa states as she goes to a nearby panel and rubs of the dust quickly.-

"Hm.. I guess we still have many venturing to do." Adex said, as he stepped into the elevator. 

-Alisa nods as she presses a button, "looks like have quiet a bit to go."-

-As the button is pressed, the sliding doors shut close as a sudden jerk is felt. Withinin seconds the elevator begins going downwards as 5 pings is heard every 20 seconds. As the 5th ping is heard the elevator stops and the sliding door opens into complete darkness.-

Adex shined the flashlight into the darkness as he stepped out of the elevator, looking around. "..I suppose there wouldn't be a lightswitch in here..?" Adex said in his thoughts. 

-As the light shinned in the area creates and boxes can be seen, parts of sheet metal can also be seen as they rest against some of the boxes. A bit further a red and green button can be seen attached to a wired remote that seems to be hanging down from one of the pole that seem to be supporting the room.-

-Alisa walks out afterwards as she looks around, "I can see stuff...but I feel this room is quiet big.."-

"Mhm.. also quite an opportunity for a predator to ambush his prey.. we best keep our guard up." Adex said, as we noticed the wired remote that was further down. "..Hm.."

-Looking around she notices the remote as well as she cautiously walks over to grab it. "Huh...a red and green button", she says looking over as she press the green button.-

-As the button is pressed, lgihts begin to turn on reveal a large underground hanger type area with 3 battleship sized sections. Within the sections shown 2 iron skeletal structres and a almost complete airship technology. Along the lower decks lined a small amount of folded fighters and other vehicles, as well as supplies and other necessaries.-

Adex was surprised to see such items within the underground hangar.. actually he was surprised there was a hangar here at all. "..Whoa. That was not expected." He said, looking around.

-Alisa, a bit stunned looks at it as well "uh..yeah that was not expecting at all." Moving closer to railing she looks around as she scans the area and looks up, "the only way I see is going up..maybe there are blast doors that open up to the outside?"-

"Possibly.. wait, if this is a hangar.." Adex said, looking around for exitway that was required for the aircraft to exit.

-Upon looking around two sets of large blast doors can be seen where the roof of the hanger would be. With the appearance of the blast doors, towards the opposite end of the hanger was ladder that lid to what appears to be a emergancy exit.-

Adex saw the Ladder that led to the emergency exit upon looking at the blast doors. "I think I've found a way out." Adex said, gesturing to the ladder. 

-Alisa looks to the ladders and nods, "yes that does look like a way out." Noticing she begins to run to that direection, but trips on a nearby cable as she smack into a nearby contral panel. Upon hit the panel, her face hits a few buttons as the blast doors begin to open up.-

"!" Adex begins to run in her direction, suddenly going at abnormal speeds of 80 MPH, with an accleration speed of 40 MPH (not as fast as most speed-types, but faster than most non-speed types). He would be next to her within a few seconds as he went to help her up. "You alright?" He asked.

- "Yes I should be fine, just going to be a small bump on the head", says Alisa as she rubs her head and sees the sunlight as it pierces the opening of the blast doors.

"Alright then." He said, as he notices the blast doors opening. "..Well, the doors are open now." 

- As the sun's blinding lights shine down, it begins to reveal more within the hanger..but it is suddenly darkened as a large shell hit a nearby vehicle.-

"..?!" Adex looked at the vehicle that was hit by the large shell, while also looking for what fired the shell, or otherwise what made the shell hit the vehicle.

-A nearby maintence vehicles was directly hit as it burst into flame and shrapnel rains in the nearby area. Though the shell appears to come from the direction of the ladder as a large heavily armored vehicle sat angled ontop. The appearance seemed to be fimiliar to the one that stood out within the factory.-

- "You got to be kidding me!?", Alisa says looking up.-

"Oh boy.. you might want to get to some cover." Adex said, as he made hand signals with his left hand. It wasn't any known signal, but he did it for some reason.

- She nods and starts heading to the left towards a nearby wall, but was suddenly stopped by two heavily armored androids. "What the!?", she says as they grabbed her. "Let me go you cold metal pieces of...", Alisa says, but was interrupted as she looks to see four Androids walk up behind Ade, "Adex, behind you!?", she says quickly.-

Adex looked behind him, as he stopped making the signals, and sees the four androids. "..Oh come on." He said, as he grabs his Plasma Shotgun from it's holster, as he bavks away and takes aim.

- Within the distance near them a voice is heard as a figure on a nearby platform walks up. "Oh looky what we have here, the two new subjects our master has promise that would come down here. Initate protocal 2 and take aim, but don't shoot until I say.", it says as its digital eyes look down on them.-

After a few seconds, Adex fires a single shot of Plasma at one of the androids, of which after he rushes towards the clostest cover he could find, going at the maximum speed of 110 MPH with a acceleration speed of 75 MPH.

-The plasma that was fired hits a nearby android as it's head melted away from the shot. Seeing this the other three begun to open fire at Adex as they followed him with their fire until a nearby "I" Beam blocked their shots. Looking down at this the figure begins to walk away at it laughs, "kill them."-

-Watching him react, Alisa soon follows after as she slips down and quickly pulls out her pistol and shots one othe anroid in the head. Then quickly reacts and sweeps the other to the ground as she take it's rifle and runs to where Adex is.-

"Where did these automatons come from?" He says, as he gets out of cover to fire another shot, before getting back into the same cover.

-The shot bearly hits the thrid automaton as it shrugs over and shoots in his direction as it was followed by a explosion from a tank round.-

- She catches her breath, "I have no clue where they came from..I can tell you that these are much different than what have fought", she says as she quickly reloads. After reloading she quickly took a few round, but missed due to the explosion.-

"Damn it.. hopefully those drones will come soon.." He says, as he fires another shot as he peeked out of the cover, and after firing, he gets back into the cover.

-The third automaton takes the hit as sparks fly out of it's pack panels and eventuallys drops to the ground-

- "Hopefully, we need to take care of that tank", she says to Adex as she fires a few rounds at them.-

"They have a tank?! That's just great." He says, as he puts his Rocket Launcher back into it's holster, and takes out a weapon looking like some sort of Grenade Launcher. 

If anyone were to be near the blast doors, they could hear the sounds of engines... a lot of engines. 

-The Tank takes aim at them as if it was targeting them, but starts turning towards the sound as machine gun rounds can be seen coming from the front of the turret.-

-Watching this Alisa stops firing as she ducks back and hears the engines, "do you hear something Adex?"

Adex grinned at the sound of the engines that sounded like they were getting awfully close. "Yes I do." He said.

-Alisa turns to him as she shoots a automaton that has gotten close, "then what is it?!"

"My drones." Adex said, as he looked up to the blast doors. 

Suddenly, drones began entering in through the blast doors of the hangar, seven entering at a time. Eventually, a full one-hundred headcount of VTOL Drones were within the hangar. 50 of them looked like they had armanments, and they began to poistion themselves in front of Adex and Alisa, as the other 50 had more of a supportive arsenal, as they poistioned themselves as close to Adex and Alisa as they can, 25 each give one and the other defensive shields that would block any melee/ranged weapon. 

-The heavily armored tank moves into position but is bearly along the edge as it begins to fire at the drones. The forward machine gun opens fire as every 11sec the main gun fires in that direction.-

The machine gun fire was blocked by the Drone's Shieldings, preventing damage to their armor. 40 of the armanment drones began to retalliate using 7mm Miniguns, along with Napalm Missile Launchers, 8 with Heavy Railguns, and 2 with Plasma Cannons and Heavy Railguns. The 50 Support Drones continued to provide shields for both Adex and Alisa.

-The heavily armored tank begins to take damage as sparks and flames arose from certain parts and fires two more rounds before the rear burst open as flames arose from the engine compartments.-

-Looking up, Alisa looks at the wreck as she observes the area, "I think your machines got it.."-

"I might've. But it doesn't mean we could be done here." Adex said, as he exited out of the cover they were at to observe the wreckage. Since the both of them were protected by the Support Drone's shields, anything that wanted to plan an ambush would find that they would just be planning a suicide pact.

-Alisa begins to follow Adex as she to exits cover and spots some things as what appears to be sand coming from the ledge of where that tank was located. "You might be....", she realizes as a six leg machine came to as if activated and walked to the opening. "Are you kidding me...I thought we took that thing out!", she says in a bit of a shock tone.-

Adex saw the six legged machine. "I thought we did too.. one second." He says, as the miniguns on the Drones began whirring as all 50 Attack Drones aimed their weapons at the machine.

-The machine gets up to be visible as it appears to be well maintained with only sand and mud covering the heavy armor. As it stands there two 8 missile pods exit out of the top as it shoots all 16 it the drones.-

The 50 Drones retaliate almost immediately, as the 40 fired at the incoming missiles and machine with their 7mm Miniguns, as well as firing Napalm Missiles of their own, with the other 10 drones firing their armaments (8 with Heavy Railguns, 2 with H Railguns + Plasma Cannons) as well.

-Ballistic rounds begin to bounce off the machinery's armor plating, though the energy weapons and plasma hitting the metal alloy begin to sink in. The machine begins to back up as the damaged plating begins to detach revealing another layer as its missiles detonate up close to the drones. Seeing the drone aggressions it retaliates as well as it brings out 2x miniguns near the front legs.-

"..Good lord, how much armor does it have?!" Adex thought to himself, as the drones continued to fire. The drones began to reconfigure their aim, by going for the machine's armaments in an attempt to disable them.

-Alis looking at the battle begins she starts to hear a familiar sound that seems to be getting quite close, "Adex might want to get down!".-

-The machine continues to back up as on missile pod gets blown off, though continuing as 4 loud engines can be heard.-

Adex also heard the noise. "..Oh no." He said, as he quickly got to any cover he could find. The attack drones fell back as they followed Adex, but continued to fire at the machine. 

- The machine unaware starts moving forward but is quickly stopped as large 32mm rounds begin to penetrate the armor and the ground as sand flies everywhere. It moves a bit back but was immediately stopped as 4x 50lbs bombs land behind it and knocked out the back of its damaged legs and destroys the other missile pod. Though the blast caused some damage within the hanger as the machine falls forwards.-

Adex was within cover, so he was unable to see anything.. though the noise the commotion all made pretty much gave him a clear image on what just happened. Any drones that were somehow hit had any damage directed to it's shields, and not armor, so that was a plus.

- The sounds become silent as the machine's mechanics can only be heard and the 4 jets circle the area as they attempt to see the damage. As they observe they realize a fly platform and were confused on whether it was friendly or not, but they do not open fire as the confusion settles in.-

The flying platform was indeed Adex's Drone Platform, of which it was friendly, seeing it's not opening fire at the jets.

Adex took a look out of his cover to take a look at the now wrecked machine. "..Did you call in that airstrike?" He said, looking at Alisa.

-Alisa shakes her head as she looks over to see the four tan jets as the return back home, "no....but those are ours and I think my father is really over protective....", she says sighing.-

"..Huh.. well I ought to thank him for that then. Saved me the potential of replacing a couple of drones." He said, of which as he did, the drones began heading back to the platform, except four Support Drones to keep the shields active for Alisa and Adex.

-"Are you guys alright down there?", says one of their escorts as they looked down.-

- Alisa looking around she gets up as she begins to walk from cover and realizes that her teams were looking down from the hole. "Well we should all be likely, and I thank you and your machines there for the help...maybe your race isn't too bad..", she says giving a small smile as she looks up to the group."-

"Thank you." He said, looking up to the group. He could see his own escort up there as well. "Well. I guess we better report this in." He said, trying to see if they could get up there in anyway.

-Alisa nods as she looks around as well and notices the ladder sections were damaged by the large explosion, "well the ladder isn't an option.." She continues to look and realizes that the section of the engine for the air ship sat on an intact crane as it dangles over its locations. "Huh..hay Adex you think we can get that ship up and run it?"-

Adex looked at the ship. "That? If it's operational, then I don't see why not." He said.

-She nods as she runs to the large vessels as she yells out to her escorts, "we have an idea..just keep an eye out".-

Adex followed her as she went to the aerostat.

-As they get close to the aerostat, the ship appears to be quiet large and in decent shape. A platform near the front held what appears to control the crane and a smaller one seems to lead into the large vessel.-

-Alisa looking around she goes to the controls as she blows away the dust and sand, "Adex I need you to go into the ship to guide me in...I mean you would be faster than me to get to the area.."-

"Alright." He said, as he went inside of the aerostat.

-As he goes to enter the aerostat, the entrance appears to be a suspended bridge to the main hull. From what appears the lights seem to be operational as the turned on as he enters. At the end and within the ship appears to be a maintenance map of the ship as if they were currently working on it before leaving.-'

Adex took a look at the maintenance map so he could get his bearings around the ship. "..Hmm.."

-From what the map is showing, the engineering/engine deck was to the right and down two floors and the control/command center was to the left on the top floor. Other areas, such as, the living quarters, mess hall, cargo bays, hangers for 6 aircraft, and main battery rooms (about 30 of them, 15 on each end.); which were highlighted as if they were done.-

After looking at the map, Adex went to the right and down the two floors as mentioned, going a bit faster as he proceeded.

-After a few minutes, a quickly going down the corridors, and the entrance was passed as it opened up to a large engineering room as four hydro-turbines can be seen as the sit frozen in time. The wires and cables seem in good condition as connectors can be seen near and open hole as light beams down from the outside.-

"Hm.." Adex thought to himself, as he entered the engineering room, walking towards the open hole.

-Upon walking to the hole, a small engineering ladder stood next to him as it leads upwards towards the dangling machinery.-

-"You there yet..we need to get this in!", Alisa yells out to him.-

Adex nodded in response, as he proceeded to climb up the ladder.

-As he climbs the ladder shakes a bit, but remains sturdy all the way to the top as the ship top looks much larger with 15 turrets and four larger thrusters.-

"Huh.. interesting design." He thought to himself, as he reached to the top of the Aerostat.

-Looking up, Alisa sees Adex as she goes and activates to the controls and begins to move the machine. "Tell me if I need to move it up or side to side!", she yells to him.

- The device begins to come down slowly, but it seemed to close to the left side as it comes down.-

"Move it a little over to the right." Adex called down to Alisa.

- Hearing this she moves the stick of the controls to the right as the crane adjust the angle to the right. "Alright it is moved to the right", she says as she bites her lip.-

- With the fast movement, the machinery sways a bit as it goes into the hole.-

"Yes. Keep it steady." He replied to her.

-Alisa keeps hold of the crane as she begins to lower it down as she eyes the movement, "I think I got it."-

-The piece of machinery enters into the ship as it leaves room for accessing the ladder as piece of metal with a handle seals the entry way.-

Seeing this, Adex climbs back down the ladder so he may get back into the engineering room.

- The area seems more stable now as it was enclosed, though upon getting down into the engineering room where cables dangled around. Most were either color coated with numbers 1-5 as if they were guides to connect them. -

- Seeing the piece enter into the ship, Alisa begins to guide to crane on the beams to move away from the ships entry point. Afterwards she starts heading towards the entry side of the ship.-

Adex enters the engineering room once more, and takes notices of the color coated cables. "Alright, let's see here.." He thought to himself, as he begins to connect them to their proper places.

- Upon entering the ship, Alisa looks around and decides to head up to the command center -

-After the cables were connected, a small panel on the piece of machinery begins to light up with a few loading bars. Then goes into multiple steps as the sound of the turbines can be heard as water begins to be pumped into the ship.-

"..Alright, the turbines are active now." He thought to himself, as he decided to head up to the command center as well.

- Minutes pass the two finally make to the command center of the ship as a sign with the word "Bridge" was hanging over the entry 'way.'-

- Alisa catches her breath as she laughs a bit, "well then.."

Adex just stood there, apparently not exhausted yet. "I guess this is the command center then." He said, looking at the sign.

- She nods, "yes the command center..we usually call it the bridge.." Look inside she examines the room as she notices multiple stations, monitors, a round table with glass in the middle, and a small station ontop. "Now we just need to figure out how to power her up..", she says to him. -

Adex was examining the room with her. "Indeed.. perhaps there is a control panel where some of the ship's functions are located." He said.

-Alisa nods as she goes towards the multiple amounts of stations as she examines each one, "maybe you can check the top one Adex."-

Adex nodded in response, and proceeds to check the top one.

-Getting to the top one, the panels seem to surround the front side of a chair. Though in the chair as a limped well-suited figure as he rests against the arm of the chair.-

-Alisa continues to scan around as she goes to one and attempts to access it, "hay Adex I am on..but the screen is saying system is on lock down.-

"Lockdown? That may be a problem." He said calling to her, as he approached the chair with the limb figure.

-The figure seems to be in military clothing as he wears a military cap with with cold leaves on the front of it. A key card hanged around his neck as it showed his picture with numbers.-

"Hm.. wonder what he was doing in here." He thought to himself, trying to take the key card off of his neck to get a better look at it.

- It was pretty easy as the necklace of the keycard slides off of the figure. It was an odd one as it had blue lining and a silver strike on the back of it as it appears to fit into something.-

"..Perhaps this could disable the lockdown." He thought to himself, looking for anything to insert the keycard in.'

-Along the panels, a slot can be seen near the right as a 'red' switch is seen with two options "off and on" as it was angled down to the on position.-

"Hm.." Adex inserted the keycard into the slot, and flipped the red switch to on.

-As the switch was turned into the on the panels on the bridge began to light up as the "lockdown stage" was lifted. A small hologram of the current planet can be seen above the round table as well as small satellites or objects that are orbiting it. -

-Alisa looks around as the panels as they began to be active as she looks for the ones that most dealt with controlling and flying, "well if it was on lockdown now its not...just got to find the control panel and lift her up a you know how to fly?"-

"I know how to fly a Jkirkian aerostat.. not sure about this one though." He said.

On the hologram, a space station could be seen orbiting the planet. Adex immediately recognizes it as a J.O.S.S. Experimental Space Station once he looked at the hologram.

- Alis looks to Adex, than back to the panels as she spots a panel in the middle as she goes to sit at it. Looking around she notices controls for the thrusters, after-burners, power supply, and thrust control. "Alright Adex I found it...might want to grab something..I don't know how this will go..", she says as she begins messing with some of the controls.-

Adex decided to grab onto the hologram projector to prepare himself for.. whatever was going to happen.

- Alisa looking down begins to put power to the bottom thrusters as a blue light begins to appear below the ship, "alright, I think I got it..going to need a little more power.-

-As she give more power the ship begins to jerk and sway as the large vessel breaks away from the dock's supports. The feeling of it moving up can be felt as it slowly ascends from the underground hanger as dust, sand, and loose debris fall off the sides of the ship. The feeling of the sunlight can be felt as it enters the large dome of glass from the front of the bridge as the surroundings came into view.-

Adex waited as the aerostat fully exited the hangar. "..."

-Alisa sits back as she stares out, "well we are out...", looks back as she laughs a bit.

"Huh. Looks like you are capable of flying an aerostat.. that's pretty impressive." He said, looking at her.

- Looking back up, "it was merely pure luck..I mean I was going to be a pilot like my family members, but I choose the harder life. Though I wonder how my landing will be.."-


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