Author's note/Excerpt

This faction is a free join faction for other characters, just follow the naming system, the aura ability and the one other unrelated power, and the species requirements. (Pretty much any species except with 'fragmented' in the species name.)

I made this faction as a sort of 'shadow faction' and third party for the war between Cyclone and the EDF because I was always intrigued by the idea of a puppet master pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Goals of The Order of the Lost Fragments (and Moros' link)

Each member has their own specific goals that they are free to acomplish, but they can and will be called upon to help further Moros' plan for all of the fragments to break away from their cursed existence and fill the emptiness that was the end result of how they were all created. To that end, Moros forges a sort of link to each individual member in order to keep track of where they are, relay his orders to them and recall them should he need to or if they are close to death. This link also has a secondary effect of preventing the order's members from permanently dying by harvesting their base form and bringing it back to the void, where Moros and his Organization currently rule over, and reproducing the catalyst of the fallen member's creation. Thus bringing him or her back with their memories up to their death still intact.

A brief explanation of the Fragments and the creation of one

A fragment is born out of emotions, desires, or other psychological nuances that humans and Mobians would worry about. Now this alone is not enough, there has to be a catalyst in order for the fragment to be separated from the host. This is usually found in the form of a near death scenario, as a human or Mobian comes closer to death, a myriad of emotions play out across their minds eye. The strongest emotions that play out are ejected from the host and seemingly scattered off into the far winds. Wether the host dies or not during the process is irrelevant but the fledgling emotions/desires/etc start to gather up and they form a being that represents the particular emotion/desire/etc they were spawned from.

These Fragments also gain two powers, one for the emotions and events they were spawned from and another for what they represent. Moros, the creator and the leader of The Order of the Lost Fragments and arguably the oldest of the fragments, searches out for these other Fragments and offers them an invitation into his group. As the fragments are born with a deep sense of loneliness and a fractured soul so to speak, they usually accept his invitation without much thought. The thought of answers and brotherhood to fill up the emptiness they feel overriding any form of common sense.

The Hierarchy and known members (Work In Progress)


The leader of the Fragments and the creator of the group. He represents the emptiness of loss and manipulates the void for a variety of different applications, he also has an aura of emptiness that induces emotional apathy and hopelessness in those who aren't strong willed, as Moros is the oldest of the Fragments, his abilities are more developed then most of the others in his organization. Thus, even those with strong wills can be overpowered. He along with his twin Hypnos have infiltrated the EDF in order to gather intel on them and direct the course of their war from the shadows. He is presumably the oldest of the fragments and is the most powerful. He takes the form of a black and gunmetal grey fennec fox.


Second in command and advisor to Moros. He represents lethargy as a whole and is able to directly control and induce a trance on those who look at his eyes for more than five seconds. Thus putting them in a state of extreme suggestibility, or in other words, he hypnotizes those who look at him and could order them to do something under hypnosis as long as the order is not beyond their capabilities in a physical or a mental sense. Hypnos also has an aura of Lethargy that induces and empowers laziness in those who aren't strong mentally. He has infiltrated the EDF along with Moros to further his brother's plans. He takes the form of a white and sky blue fennec fox.


Head of the intelligence division. He represents the base instincts to survive and adapt and has the ability to adapt the traits of those he has killed and eaten. Unlike most of the fragments, he doesn't have an emotion based aura ability. Rather he has an aura based ability that incites the urge to kill and consume in other mobians and humans. He is usually seen working with his half brother Phrice on missions as Phrice is usually slow witted and easily distracted, meaning Alastor is smart and not so easily distracted. Unsurprisingly, they work very well together as evidenced by how they managed to defeat Rustic and secure their objective and by how Alastor along with Phrice have infiltrated Cyclone. Alastor takes on the form of a bronze red ant with patchwork leather and metal armor that despite its seemingly shoddy craftsmanship offers him excellent protection.


Head of the defense division. He represents rash actions without thinking and has the ability to manipulate gravity in almost any way he sees fit but he has to focus on someone to use his gravity manipulation on them. Like Alastor, he doesn't have an emotion based aura ability but rather an aura ability that incites impatience and impulse reactions in those prone to rash action and those without a strong will. He is usally seen working alongside his half brother Alastor on missions as Alastor is frail, even though he has a tough exoskeleton he can get knocked down easily and has some trouble getting back up when he's knocked down. As evidenced when rustic landed a kick to his face and sent him flying. This is also evidenced by his infiltration of Cyclone along with his half brother Alastor. He takes on the appearance of a swampy colored Komodo dragon with thickened scales noticeable on his neck, jawline and his back. Like Alastor, he wears patchwork leather and metal armor that despite his seemingly shoddy craftsmanship offer him excellent protection.


Defense Division

Head; Phrice

Lieutenant; Nemesis

Focus; Defending Castle Nexus and the Void from any would be intruders. Can be stationed to defend key locations and areas that the Order has a strong foothold in.

Intelligence Division

Head; Alastor

Lieutenant; Apate

Focus; Gathering informations on the various factions on Mobius, preventing any leaks of their existence from getting out, alerting Moros when a new fragment of note is about to be born and delaying other interested factions and groups until Moros finishes the recruitment of the newborn Fragment.

Interrogation Division

Head; Hypnos

Lieutenant; Thanatos

Focus; Extracting intel from captives and snoops and either disposing of said captives or persuading them to act as care takers for the Fragments who emerge as newborns or at a young age.

Keeper of the Talisman of the Fragmented Ones

Keeper; Nemesis

This is basically one person, the Talisman was formerly located in a museum but Moros tasked Phrice and Alastor with the task of retrieving it. They had met some resistance in the form of Rustic Songbird but ultimately Phrice and Alastor managed to escape with the Talisman. 

Sometime later, Moros had gotten the amulet from the two and later on he handed it to Nemesis, thus dubbing him the first Keeper of the Talisman.


The exact number of members is the amount of greek minor gods, titans and primordials.

This faction is based on organization XIII and the Nobodies in KH2 in the fact that the members of this faction are somewhat like the nobodies. (minus the lack of hearts and the truly evil leader.)

The Order of the Lost Fragments are all relatives in the metaphysical sense. (Being born through emotions/actions/desires/other psychological stuff.) Each member also refers to each other as 'brother or sister' for those they are somewhat close to, 'mother or father' for those they are extremely close to and 'step or half' for those they are acquainted with or those they are upset with at the moment.

What each member looks like (Fan Art section.)

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