An RP Interview with the members of  of the popular singing group "Mid-Life Crisis". All songs displayed talked about and mentioned are from various artist in reality, if several of chara's from my timeline had wrtitten them this is how they would describe them, and such.

Host: Steph the squirrel


  • Steph comes out of the from the backstage and has a seat while the audience cheers and claps*

Steph:*chuckles* Well! Hello everybody! Today we have a great show planned out for you guys, we'll be getting to know about the "truth" to the crisis! MidLife Crisis that is! The popular singing group has been recording and making billboard songs for at least 17 years now. There finally here and we'll get to uncover the every detail about how the group was formed, how they make the time from their everyday lives tio still be able to do such spontanous music.

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