Unknown Sy

The Emblem of the Unknown People

The Unknown People are a race who are enigmatic and very little is known about them.

They have been at war with the Sapphyrians for countless years.

Known Information of the Unknown People

Although very little is known about them, there are a few confirmed pieces of information about them.

Known History

The Unknown people have been considered quite brutal yet recklessly disordered in their ways of obtaining land, valuable items and in wars and battles.

The Sapphire War

The Sapphire War started early on in the development of New Sapphyra when the Unknown People invaded in order to gain possession of the Islands and their sapphire rich land.

The Unknown People were in need of land as their home had been destroyed and they were willing to obtain land by any means necessary, no matter how brutal.

The Unknown People sent in waves of warriors with unusual weapons but were outnumbered by the backup sent in by the Sapphyrians.

Although the Unknown weapons were extremely powerful, the Sapphyrians had a more organized strategy.

The Sappyrians lured the Unknown People into a forest in what later became Central Sapphyra and surrounded them. They then began to fire continuos missiles and flaming arrows on top of the Unknown Peoples army until they were rescued by one of their Skyships.

The Minor Siege of the Little Glor Isle

After losing to the Sapphyrians, the Unknown People travelled to the other side of Mobius to find land.

They attacked the small island, Little Glor Isle, and slay siege to them. Since the people of the Isle had no real form of defense, they surrendered quickly to the Unknown People.

The Unknown People settled with the Isle as their home and renamed it 'Diversis Superior' although they believed the land was not good enough for them.

Eventually the Unknown People developed the technology to send the Isle into orbit around Mobius and added the posibility to orbit other planets in their galaxy.

The Revenge Attacks

Because they lost to the Sapphyrians, the Unknown People Resented it and continued Revenge Attacks against them.

There were multiple attacks on the Sapphyrians where many lives were lost causing the Sapphyrians to send attacks on the Unknown Peoples scouts.

Known Physical Appearance

When the Unknown People come down to attack, they wear all black or dark camouflage body suits with their emblem that cover them from head to foot with only their eyes visible. Their species is unknown but one subject captured by the Sapphyrians had deep purple fur that was almost black, a flat grey muzzle, sharp teeth, no visible ears, almost flat feet with 2 toes and 1 spine on its back.


The captured subject's gender was unknown but the genders of the Unknown People seem to have the same genders of male and female as well as the possibility of genderless people.