"Yea, I'm that guy. You may not know this but I'm a big deal around here. "   -Thunder Punch the mongoose

Thunder Punch
T.P image 1
First appearance Vexian Comics
Biographical Overview
Name Theroy Demetrius Heart
Nicknames The Arrogant Yellow
Age 15
Birthday March 15
Physical description
Species Mongoose/Vexian
Gender Male
Fur/feather/scale colour Yellow
Eye colour Sky Blue
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good
Favourite food Spaghetti
Likes Running, sparining, helping his friends, gardining with Sara, messing with Dark Storm and Fire Arm. Visiting möbius from time to time
Dislikes Metal thunder rods, His foster-father, Chaos, fixing other peoples problems, people wasting his time, Eastern Vexian territories,
Skills and powers Contols Electricity


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Personality Edit

Thunder Punch is cocky and a jokester. He choses to make a serious situations funny or stupid to hide the fact that they are serious or hurtful. He has an "electric" personality and is always lively. He loves thrills and adventures and is a always looking for the next thrill.


Blue Jay the Blue Bird

Darkstorm the porcupine

Wing the flying Squirrel

Mimi the Hedgehog

Lemony the Butterfly

Allen Mosquito

Vallery the Hedgehog

Mai the Maltese Tiger

Bermy Bee

Rodney The Rhino

Octo Octupus

Kira the Northern Fox

Mobian friendsEdit

Baine The Hedgehog 

Venus The Tiger/leopard 

Judas the wolf

Sam the Rabbit

Dash the turtle

Macca the firefox

Static the Cat

River the Echidna


Dark Ace the mongoose

Fire Arm the Fire Hedgehog                                 

Jacob the Hedgehog

Rodney The Rhino


Dr. Eco

Freddy The Hedgehog

Inari Kyuubi the Fox

Narcro Darkenson the Echidna

Core The Hawk

Apocalypse the Dark

Halo the light

Story Apperences

Vexia v.s Mobius: The War has Just begun (The Roleplay)

Rise of The Dark Echidnas: Dark Storm's memories of Sorrow RP

Sonic Fan Character High School(Free-join RP)

Summer Vacation Rp

Games Edit

Thunder punch- sonic riders style

Sonic Riders- thunder punch

Sonic Riders: Vexian TakeoverEdit

Board: Thunder Wing

Type: Speed

Speed: 10

Boost: 8

Curve:  5

Limit:  7

Air: 5

Power: 8

Art GalleryEdit

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