Tierra Muertos is a "state" located in the Kuzac region of the Tesla Boom Universe. It is a large deserted biome gardened with cacti and destroyed buildings, like the portion of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Only a fraction of the Kuzac region

Name Origin

The word Tierra Muertos is Spanish for "land of the dead".

Cities and etc.

Ghost Gulch

A small western movie inspired town.

Interstate 361

A long highway spanning from the Sihouette Jungle to Machine City.


The temperature at midday can get as high as 130 degrees Faihrenheit, which explains why the state is called Tierra Muertos. At night, temperatures can drop to 10 degrees below zero, and at unusual times, it may rain hail or even snow! In winter, the highest temperature is 90 degrees, the lowest is -30 degrees. Other seasons stay the same temperature.


Golden Ruins

A portion of the GG Bridge can be seen if you head north.

El Abismo

A large abyss (or crevice) that is 40 miles deep below sea level, and 2 miles wide. A bridge was made over the chasm but many travellers died crossing over it due to missing platforms and uneven support beams.


  • Tierra Meurtos was originally called San Vatitos.

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