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Tigger is an overweight sassy cat who is Star the Hedgehog's best friend.

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Full Name: Tigger Gibba

Age: 16

Alignment: Nuetral

Birthplace: City of the Sun

DOB: April 21st, 1995

Tigger is a cat who found Star the Hedgehog unconcious in a forest. She taught him how to fight and use his powers. She herself is overweight, but she doesn't mind being called fat or chubby. She knows she's a lot fatter than she's supposed to be, but Tigger is very bold, brave and doesn't let other peoples opinions get in her way.

Powers and Abilities

Tigger is very skilled at fighting, despite her weight, and she knows how to backflip almost 15 times in a row. Her favorite and most powerful move is to slam into her opponent with her hip. She is very bold, and never backs down from a fight. She stands her ground, giving her a better chance of winning. Tigger is also very fast for her weight, but she's not as fast as Sonic or Star.

Relationship with Other Characters

Star the Hedgehog Tigger's best friend. Both have a complete opposite nature, but both make a great team. Tigger and Star are almost to the point of becoming Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Star is very important to Tigger, as she wants Star to be th main hero, nobody else. She will constsntly stand in others way, and hold them back, while she let's Star get a ahead, and defeat Eggman first. Tigger is very loyal to Star, and cares a lot about him.

Sonic the hedgehog Tigger knows that both Star and Sonic are on their way to defeat Eggman. But, Tigger wants Star to defeat Eggman, and let him be the hero, not Sonic. So, Tigger is constantly popping up and challenging Sonic to a duel. This will give Star a chance to get to Eggman first and defeat him. Sonic doesn't hate Tigger for this, though. He just hates her constantly asking for battles. But, every time Sonic battles Tigger, she uses a few different moves, making it a little harder for him.

Eggman Tigger knows Eggman wants to get the Green Energy Orb from Star's heart, and she's no going to let that happen. She doesn't want Eggman to create another being that he can control either, so Tigger helps Star fight Eggman, but most of the time she's off holding back Sonic. She hates Eggman a lot, and is often trying to hurt him, not his powerful robot.

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