Basic Information:

Full Name: Timothy Lawrence Ward

Nickname(s): Tim, Jimothy, Timeh-tim, Timbo

Age: 18

Home: Earth, Mobius (temporarily)

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Fur Color: Grey

Eye Color: Green

Clothing: Plain grey t-shirt, black jacket, dark blue jeans

Personality: He's a bit of a joker although he is more reserved than others and has more fun when he is alone or with close friends. He's not very good at fighting or talking but he loves both and only wishes to get better. His second language is sarcasm and he loves to break the fourth wall.

Hobbies: Gaming, quoting, talking, thinking, writing, hanging out with friends, fighting, running 

Favorite Food: food

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Relationships: None

Friends: Korey, Tyler, Hunter, Nico, Isaac, Cody, William, etc.

Allies: Fate the Werewolf, Echo the Lizard, Anvil the Echidna, 

Weapons/Tools​: Scattergun (from Cody), Alchemical items (from Echo), A sword named "Persuasion" and a dagger named "Reason", custom made Sniper Rifle 

Powers/Abilities: Wolf abilities, Alchemical training, basic combat training, atheliticism

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