Tobias The Hedgehog: Revelations

Comic cover. Issue #1  Tobias The Hedgehog: Revelations  and  it has many  series.

Tobias revelations text and titles

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Tobias The Hedgehog

Non-Cannon to Sonic The Hedgehog: rebuild series

Table of Contents

  1. Tobias The Hedgehog: Revelations: The untold Truth of Tobias
  2. Tobias The Hedgehog: Revelations:  The New Adventure
  3. Tobias The Hedgehog: Revelations: Tobias & Ristar- Heroes Of Valdi



Tobias Revelations takes place after the events of the Sonic the Hedgehog: Rebuild series and Tobias The Hedgehog: Origins of Experiment 456.

During this adventure, you will be following Tobias's journey as more of his own purposes become clear and unravel.  Dr. Robotink, the creator of Tobias will try at everything to get what he wants, he just needs a helping hand from Tobias.  Many twists and intense action packed within each chapter! 

Tobias The Hedgehog: Revelations- The Untold Truth Of Tobias 

The Untold Truths is the beginning of the series of Tobias Revelations.

release date: sometime within 2014


Tobias The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog

Tails "Miles" Prower

Dr.Ivo Robotink (Eggman)

Ristar the Shooting Star


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Art Gallery- covers ECT


  • Each comic cover tells on how the story is going to be
  • the untold truth  takes place also during wrath of metal sonic, in  how he was created

other series/main

Sonic The Hedgehog: Wrath Of Metal Sonic

Sonic The Hedgehog: The Shadow Chronicles

Sonic The Hedgehog: Mecha Sonic Returns

Sonic The Hedgehog: Shadow's Revenge

Sonic The Hedgehog: Strike Of The King Cobra

Main Series

Marisa The Echidna: Oracle of The Red Moon

Tobias The Hedgehog: Revelations- Tobias & Ristar - Heroes of Valdi

Tobias and ristar comic issue 2 with text

heroes of valdi- comic cover

Tobias's new adventure  with Ristar the shooting star. His new life.

Comic #3 issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.  All new 7 adventures with Tobias and Ristar!

 Tobias the hedgehog revelations: Tobias & Ristar- Heroes of Valdi.  March 4th, 2013.


Ristar the shooting star

Tobias The Hedgehog

e-90x- thrasher

Village Elder

Kaiser Greedy




Sonic The Hedgehog

Amy Rose

Knuckles The Echidna

Marisa the Echidna

Talon the Hawk

Michael The Fox

Red The Hedgehog

Iron The Hedgehog

trintro james


Tobias feels lonely and very distant from his friends. Tobias then senses something coming. A huge Meteor starts to make its way toward Mobuis, and Tobias  seems to be the only one to stop it.

Tobias's world was almost completely destroyed during the big fireball (meteor) that made almost made planet Mobuis a dead planet. Tobias with all his might, sent the meteor away, But in the end. It left him badly wounded.  So Tobias was later brought back to life by the Village Elder on Planet Flora,  given a second chance of life.

Even though Tobias is free to go home, he doesn't want to return home. He feels these "shackles" that held him down,  makes him feel lonely, even with friends, as he quotes it.  So  his only home now is Planet Flora.  Although  tobias  feels hurt to see everyone he knew and cared for is left behind. But  he is at least happy being around Ristar now his little brother as he sees Ristar and seeing this world shows a little freedom.

Now tobias must take a new turn in his life.  But could this new life be the answer to his happiness?


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comic (2)

comic (3)


  • Originally The world was  suppost to be destroyed and Tobias was half dead. Leaving Ristar to send a distress call to Planet Flora and Tobias is brought back to life from his "death". 
  • Tobias was originally going to be the last one alive,  making Ristar dead in his arms and he had to learn to survive on a dead planet being alone (but all was changed in the end)

(more coming soon)

Tobias the Hedgehog: Revelations- The New Adventure

Comic issue# 2, Tobias Revelations: The New Adventure will be released,  june 2014.  

Tobias The Hedgehog's adventures with his friends and others. random Adventures await them as they explore deeper  into the origins of the snake temple,  discover the mysteries of a lost colony,  and many more.

Join Tobias, Marisa, and friends as they unlock  secrets as a team.


Tobias the Hedgehog

Marisa The Echidna

Dr. Ivo Robotink

Red The Hedgehog

Clash The Hedgehog

Cobra Army

Talon The Hawk

Sam The Rabbit

Michael the Fox

James the Fox

Iron The Hedgehog

Emily The Hedgehog

Jonic & Jacob

Ion the Hedgehog

Kinect the hedgehog

Fionna The Cat

Static the cat

Dash The Turtle


Character promo art


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future projects

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