Tony Rynorak


File:Tony Rynorak.PNG
Full Name: Tony Wayne Rynorak

Age: 15 (21 February)

Twin: Tom Rynorak

Gender: Male

P.O.O. (Planet Of Origin): Ucronia

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Alliance: Evil

Race: Ex-Rynorak Empire

Ability Type: None

Likes/Dislikes: Unknown

Other Info: He's in 10th grade classes at Mobious Arts,though he and his brother get into fights a lot.

Mobious Arts Scheldule:

1st. Knitting with Rosalia.

2nd. Choir with Melody Poprock.

3rd. Clay Working with Cassa.

4th. Dances of the World with Melody Poprock.


5th Improv Acting with Alara.

Traitor to his entire planet

Tony is Tom's identical twin brother. His fur colors are the other way round, his stripes form a different pattern and his eyes are red.Tony was born second, and instead of joining the Rynorak army he went into engineering. By being the younger of the two Tony grew up looking to his older brother, who would give him help and advice if he wasn't always in the battlefield.

In the raid on Ucronia, he tried desperately to find his parents, but saw Tom running and followed, they were Emergency Warped off the planet in seperate pods. Tony's pod escaped, but he thought Tom escaped too, who was beamed onto the ArmEggeddon. Tony crashed landed, and came across a green hedgehog with scars on his belly and sunglasses-Scourge.

Scourge's bad influence convinced Tony that he was free from the Rynorak stronghold, because he apparently saw the whole thing. From here Tony set off to form a group of anti-freedom fighters and help Robotnik, not knowing that it was him who destroyed his species.

It was a long time until he found Tom, and they became grave enemies. Tom called him a "Mutinous traitor to all Rynoraks- you're not even a Rynorak anymore!!" making Tom the last surviving Rynorak.

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