Name: Tori Barker (Alias: Sheridan Todd)

Age: 34

Weight: Secret

Ability type: None

Height: 5'4"

Species: Shiba-Inu

Eye-Color: Green-Brown hazel


At age 5, she became interested in her father's job for her father was a barber. Since her father's death, she began to avenge him and her mother. She killed the young boy that murdered her father, thus going insane. She adopted the alias "Sheridan Todd" for she had been driven to the point where she kills people with the barber's razor her father once used. She killed the judge that persecuted her father and lusted after her mother along with her estranged sister. Since the coup, she fled her shop, fearing her life being ended. She had been lonesome when she went to hiding. She had started to form a partnership with 35 year old bounty hunter, Kinora the Wolf. She and Kinora had spied on Sleet and Dingo's missions to catch the Sonic Underground since their team-up. She started to have a crush on Dingo, but she saw that it was forbidden since she might lose him to Sonia. She sneak-attacked Sonia for "trying to go near Dingo", although she learned that Sonia wasn't trying to do so. Infuriated by that fact, she went to Robotnik about Dingo's behavior towards Sonia, deeming Sonia "off-limits" towards Dingo. She and Kinora got accepted to be bounty hunters alongside Sleet and Dingo. Tori handled interrogating the Resistance's spies and soldiers. Her heart grew more and more hardened towards the Freedom Fighters, for the child she killed was working for them, and his name was Tobias. She had been anger-driven for so long that she to be put in rehab for some time. Dingo started to see that she wasn't that all bad. He started to have a crush on her, yet Tori was angered at her own actions.

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