Name Tornado The Tiger



Alias:The Dark Ninja,The Yellow Flash ,The Yellow blur(Ninja)

Powers:He has a necklace that is a cross(This changes when he goes super his necklace changes into a tornado)the necklace gives him wind like abilities since he is a ninja he uses ninja daggers,stars.Able to find a chaos emerald with his necklace.

Items:Wind Braclets:When Tornado takes these off he can fly at incredible speeds. NinjaDaggers:When Tornado takes these out he is lighting fast(but not faster than sonic) Wind headband:when Tornado puts this on he can bring out a huge amount of power.

Moves&Super attacks:Sarragan:Tornado Fires a red ball;Dmg 50

Wind punch:Tornado punches a opponent lighting quick;Dmg150

Tornado Ball:Tornado throws a ball made out of wind at the opponent:Dmg 10000

History:While a baby a mysterious ninja came into the Legendary Kingdom of Tigers and started to kill everyone that was guarding baby Tornados room then he got in and took him for his own son also to a ninja after years of intense training Tornado met someone who was born on the same day as Tornado came back from an epic war .He was his masters son Hurricane the Wolf they sparred until their necklaces started to glow and the found out a legendary evil was about to awake and they had a year to find 8 people each to fight the evil

Cyclone Tornado:The first time Tornado went super was when he was fighting Rage the lion 1st time for a few seconds Tornado was knocked out but then he turned white(he's orange)and nearly killed Rage somehow he escaped and he was not seen for 2 Months

Sarragan buster:super powered Sarragan

Tornado wind volley:A volley of tornados goes at you opponent and nearly destroys him/her


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