Total Sonic Part 2.

Season 5.Total Sonic Island.

Theme Song:Circus by Britney Spears

Episode 1.

"Hello,4 months ago,we had our Total Sonic Talk Show,well today starts a new era in the competition,this is Total Sonic Island,here 22 contestants will compete for a Chao named Blitz, a shot at a recording contract from Mobius Records,and, a spot on an upcoming movie,i'm your host:Lantis."Lantis said.

"I'm your elimination host: Melissa."Melissa said."Now,here comes our 22 contestants:Debby,Ali,Emily,Chiruru,Honey,Mia,Nia,Serenity,Rosalina,Dani,Josh,Oscar,Felvin,Chromoro,Tom,

Crash,Blue,Angel,Evan,Beck,Roy,and,Cari."Melissa said as the contestants came in.

"Now to put you into teams,Team Camp is,Debby,Chiruru,Mia,Rosalina,Josh,Felvin,Chromoro,Crash,Angel,Beck,and,Cari."Melissa said."That means Team Fire is,Ali,Emily,Honey,Nia,Serenity,Dani,Oscar,Tom,Blue,Roy,and,Evan,"Lantis told them.

"Ok,the first challenge is in 20 minutes."Lantis said leaving with Melissa.

10 minutes later,the teams were talking.We join Cari and Josh."I can't believe we're here."Josh told his girl-friend rather shyly.All Cari did was squeak.

"It's ok Cari,you'll get used to place before you know it,then you'll be talking."Debby told her class-mate.

Cari squeaked again,this time happily.Meanwhile with Team Fire."Ok,here's how things will go down,I'm going to win this,then I'll head back to Tarne City with a full report on how this show is evil."Dani told her team.

Then Tom walked up to her."Come on,you've fought evil Pokemon teams,slayed demons,solved puzzles in London,you even rocked out on-stage,yet this show is evil?"He asked her.

"Fine,I guess it's not evil."Dani confessed.

10 minutes later,the teams gathered on top of the 40 foot cliff.

"This week you will jump of the cliff and into the safe zone,whichever team has the most people in the water wins."Lantis said.After the challenge.

"The winner is,Team Camp,Team Fire,to the bonfire."Lantis said.

Later at elimination."I tallied your votes,whoever doesn't get a marsh-mellow goes home on our yacht,ok,staying is,Emily,Honey,Dani.Oscar,Blue,Roy,Ali,Tom,and,Evan."Melissa started.

"Nia,Serenity,you two are left,Serenity,your here for being scared,Nia your here for missing the safe zone,staying in the contest is,Nia."Melissa finished.

Serenity hopped onto the yacht and went home.

"Goodbye."Team Camp said.

Episode 2.

"This week,the teams have a ball,dodge-ball that is heh."Lantis said."Uh,stay tuned."Melissa said.

"This week's challenge is in 28 minutes."Lantis said.

12 minutes later,the teams were gathered around the bonfire."So,what do we do?"Roy asked."I say we look around the island."Rosalina said.

So,they decided to look around.They saw many things,a cave,an arts and crafts cabin,the food station,and a lot of trees.

"Hey,look coconut trees."Honey pointed out."I also see palm trees."Oscar told her."Well,I see a fern."Crash told them.

After looking around some more,the teams went back to the bonfire."Who knew it was so boring?"Debby asked.

"Oh please it's only boring because you won't see the fun here."Blue replied."What fun,we already looked at everything?"Debby snapped.

"Hey,why don't we have an extreme gear race,girls vs boys?"Ali asked.

Everyone agreed.So they each found and grabbed their boards."Welcome to the first annual extreme gear island race,I'm your announcer,Mia."Mia said pretending to be a sports announcer.

"I'm your commentator,."Chromoro said."And,I'm your color reporter,Oscar,I'll be saying random colors."Oscar said.Felvin,Angel,Emily,and,Nia hopped onto their boards.

While Beck was the flag holder."On your mark,get set,go."Mia said as Beck dropped the flag.

"And,their off,the girls are pulling ahead but the boys aren't going down without a fight."Chromoro said.

"Red,Blue,Yellow."Oscar said."After the race,the winner was the boys but only by a minute."That was great."The boys told the girls."Yeah it was."Emily replied.

"And with that the first annual extreme gear island race is over."Mia said.

16 minutes later,the team went to the ball-room."The challenge is a dodge-ball game,the team with the most wins after 3 games wins."Lantis said.

After the challenge,with 2 wins,the winners are,Team Fire."Lantis said.

Later at the bonfire."Team Camp,I tallied your votes,staying in the contest is,Debby,Rosalina,Josh,Crash,Beck,Mia,Chromoro,Cari,and,Felvin."Melissa started.

"Chiruru,and,Angel you two are left,Angel your here for getting tagged first in every game,Chiruru,your here because you couldn't hit anyone,staying is,Angel."Melissa finished.

Chiruru got onto the yacht and went home.

"See you next week."Cari said quietly.

Episode 3.

"This week the teams learn what's like to be an owl,so stay tuned to see it."Lantis said.

"This week's challenge is at 8:00."Lantis said.

At 7:45,the teams were reading Dani's diary while Dani was out getting a drink.."Wow,can you believe Dani has done so much?"Felvin asked.

"No,there's no way,she helped out a bunch of monsters,became a Power Ranger,or was on a web-show."Crash replied.

Then Dani came in and saw the teams reading her diary,she instantly snatched it away from Felvin.

"How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from my diary?"She asked them."Well,we were just reading about your adventures in other dimensions."Ali replied.

"Well,I didn't always want to go,but they were important,so I did."The diary's owner said."Well,can we read more?"Angel asked."No,keep away from it,or I'll do something to you."Dani snapped.

She left."Okay,whose idea was it to read something so important?"Honey asked them.They all pointed to Tom."Well,I wanted to read about the parts I wasn't in."Tom told her.

"Well,go say sorry."Honey told him.Tom left to find Dani,he found her by the lake crying."Hey,I'm sorry everyone read it."He told his team-mate.

"It's ok,it's not that you read it without permission,you should have asked,then I might have let you."Dani said wiping away her tears.

With all the talking,Dani didn't notice Josh taking her diary again,as soon as she noticed,she went after him.

"When will he ever learn?"Tom asked himself.Dani caught Felvin and smacked him with the Piko Piko hammer Amy gave her.

"Ow,i'm sorry."Felvin told her.She dragged him back to the cabins.

15 minutes later when it was dark,the teams gathered at the bonfire."Today's challenge is the awake marathon,all you have to do is stay awake throughout the night."Lantis told them.

After 10 hours,the only ones left were Dani,Chromoro,Rosalina,and,Evan."Ok,it's almost over,stay strong."Lantis told them.After the challenge.

"The winner is.Chromoro so Team Camp wins."Lantis told the contestants,even though they were all asleep.

At the bonfire after everyone woke up."I counted the votes,staying is,Honey,Dani,Blue,Ali,Evan,Oscar,Tom,and,Nia."Melissa started.

"Emily,Roy you two are left,Roy your here for cheating,Emily you here for falling asleep 3rd,staying is,Emily."Melissa finished.

Roy got on the yacht and went home.

"See you later."Felvin said hanging from a tree.

Episode 4.

"This week the teams get cooking,stay tuned."Lantis said.

"The challenge is in 45 minutes."Lantis told the teams.

23 minutes later,Beck and Emily were staring outside."What should we do?"Emily asked.

"I don't know,what do you guys think we should do?"Beck asked Angel,Rosalina,and,Chromoro.

"Why do you go outside and play,it's a beautiful day."Rosalina answered.

"Yeah."Angel replied."Besides,we're kinda busy."Chromoro said.So the two went outside.They saw Debby and Mia laying upon a couple of laying chairs soaking up the sun.

"Hey,Debby would you like to play?"Emily asked her friend.

"I got a better idea,why don't you climb a tree?"Debby replied lazily."Ok,thanks for the idea."Emily said leaving with Beck."So are you really gonna go climb a tree like she said?"Beck asked.

"Yep,but I'm gonna turn it into a contest."She replied.Moments later,3 trees had been tied with different colored sashes.Almost everybody had gathered around the trees.

"Okay,here's how this goes,one contestant will stand in front of a tree,when Tom blows his whistle,the 3 contestants will climb their tree while yanking off the sashes,whoever can get all 5 sashes and climb or slide back down first wins the contest."Beck told them.

Josh,Angel,and,Honey stood in front of the trees.Soon enough Tom blew his whistle.The race was on.After the contest."The winner is,surprisingly Honey."Emily and Beck said together.

Honey did her victory walk."Great job."Tom told her."Yeah you were amazing."Felvin said.After cooling down from all the excitement,their fun was over.

22 minutes later,the teams arrived at the food station."Okay,this week's challenge is a cook-off,whichever team cooks the best 3 course meal wins."Lantis told them.

After the challenge."The winner is Team Fire for their delicious meal."Lantis announced.

Later at elimination."Ok,Team Camp,I tallied your votes,staying in the contest is,Rosalina,Crash,Beck,Cari,Felvin,Josh,Mia,and,Angel."Melissa started.

"Debby,Chromoro,you two are left,Chromoro your here for your sloppy desert,Debby your here or your bossiness,staying is,Debby."Melissa finished.

Chromoro went to the dock,there was Chiruru,so they went home together.

"I guess,we'll see you next week."Tom said.

Episode 5.

"This week,the teams show off their amazing skills,so stay tuned already."Lantis said into the camera.

"Today's challenge is in 56 minutes.'Lantis said.

22 minutes later,Ali was researching a case she got when Angel came in."Hey,a bunch of us are gonna go fishing,you wanna come?"He asked her."No,thanks,I got work to do."She replied.'Okay,well later."Angel said leaving.So,he joined the others.

"Alright,so here's how the fishing contest will go,the person who catches the biggest fish,whoever gets the littlest fish is eliminated,we'll keep going until there's only 3 left,then they will keep going until we have a winner."Crash told the others.

As the 7 contestants went to their stations,Angel turned to Evan,since when is this a contest?"He asked him.

"Since Oscar and Felvin decided it was."Evan answered.After a few seconds of seconds.there was only 3 left,Mia,Nia,and,Tom.

"Okay,here's to decide who wins."Oscar said.It was a tough battle,but the winner was Nia."So that was a pretty big fish you caught huh?"Ali asked coming out of the cabin.

"Yeah,it was,it wasn't easy getting it out of the water,but it was fun."Nia replied.

"Maybe next time I'll join you."Ali said.So,after frying and cooking the winning fish,they all sat down to eat their lunch."Wow,this is yummy."Dani said.

"It could use a little soy sauce though."Honey said taking a bite.Just then the weirdest thing happened,Cari ate her entire plate in only a few seconds.After eating the gang went their ways.

34 minutes later,the teams went to the auditorium.The challenge is Talent Show Hi-Jinks,where you have to perform to impress our special judge,she was the 3rd place winner in Season 1,Meru."Lantis told them."Then Meru walked on-stage.

"I'm looking forward to seeing your talents."She said.After the challenge."I choose as the winners,Team Camp because Cari's tap dance was so cute,"Meru said.

Later at elimination,"Ok,Team Fire,I tallied your votes,staying in the contest is,Dani,Blue,Evan,Tom,Honey,Nia,and,Oscar."Melissa started.

"Ali,Emily,you two are left,Ali,your here for singing a bad song,Emily,your here because you tripped during your performance,staying is,Ali."Melissa finished.

Emily and Meru stepped onto the yacht and went home.

"Bye-bye for now."Rosalina said.

Episode 6.

"This week,the teams play a game of peek-a-boo,stay tuned."Lantis said into the camera.

"The challenge is in 58 minutes."Lantis said to the teams.

39 minutes later,the gang was starting their monthly book club."Ok,the book we will be discussing this month is,A Knight's Tale."Debby told the group."Well,I think the knight's devotion to protect the princess was honorable."Mia said.

"No,he only did it to get money from the princess's family to help his 2 siblings and him who were living in poverty."Dani replied."Actually,according to an article in Chapter 12,he says and I quote

"I don't care what happens to me,I just want the princess to live in a happy and love-filled life like me." end quote."Ali said."Oh,I guess I forgot that."Dani said embarrassed.

"Anyway,let's talk about princess's tough-headed but loving attitude."Honey said.

"Okay,only a powerful and smart princess would be able to out-wit her evil uncle and save the kingdom and the one she loved from being turned to stone."Tom told them.

The others just stared at him."What,I can be emotional."He said awkwardly."Wow,he just blew my mind with that statement."Josh whispered to Blue.

"Yeah,who knew he could."Blue replied."Back to the book,anyone else think that it took guts for the princess's sister and the knight's friends to try and succeed to saving the kingdom,since the princess's 1st sister didn't show signs of being good at fighting?"Nia asked.

"Yeah,but I bet the others would have helped if they hadn't had to baby-sit the princess's 2nd sister."Felvin answered."Okay,I think that's good enough for today,book club dismissed."Debby told the others.

19 minutes later,the teams gathered at the lake.

"Okay,the challenge is Extreme Hide and Seek,we'll count to 10,you guys go hide,and,whichever team can stay hidden the longest wins."Lantis said.After the challenge.

"The winner is Team Fire,since Honey was able to stay hidden."Lantis told them.

Later at elimination."Okay,Team Camp,I tallied your votes,staying is,Rosalina,Cari,Josh,Angel,Felvin,Mia,and,Crash."Melissa started.

"Beck,Debby,you two are left,Debby,your here for choosing a lame place to hide,Beck,your here for being found first,staying in the contest is,Beck."Melissa finished.

"Bye,see you next season."Debby said as the yacht sailed away.

"Wow,that was unexpected,bye."Blue said.

Episode 7.

"This week,the teams get smothered and fluffed,so stay tuned to see what that's about."Melissa said.

"The challenge is in 45 minutes."Lantis told the teams.

3 minutes later,the teams were looking around when Rosalina noticed a huge cave."Hey guys,come here."She told her team.Everybody rushed to her.

"What's up?"Angel asked curious."Look at how huge this cave is."She told him."Wow,that's the biggest cave I've ever seen."Blue said.

"I got an idea,why don't we go see what's in it?"Oscar suggested.So they decided to investigate.One by one they went in."It's totally dark in here,does anybody have a flash-light with them?"Nia asked.

"I have one,let me just get it."Blue told her.He dug around in his back-pack for his flash-light.He finally found it,so he turned it on.

They saw all kinds of things like crystals and rocks.Just then,Oscar noticed a spider and fainted.It took a while for everyone to wake him up,actually it took 5 minutes.

"Sorry,let's keep looking."He apologized.They went down deeper,until they saw a shrine.

"Someone go check it out."Tom told the others."Fine,you go."Crash replied."Ok,fine I'll go."Tom said.He walked closer and closer to the shrine until he reached it.

He saw a card and picked it up.He then brought it back to the others.

"Hm,let's see,all those who disturb this spot shall be cursed with death."Ali read.Just then,the cave started shaking."It sounds like this cave is going to collapse."Rosalina told them."Let's go."Oscar said.

They all scrambled to get out.They finally reached the exit.After looking back,they saw that the cave entrance was covered with rocks and dirt.

"Well,I guess we'll never see what was in the shrine now,let's go take our showers."Blue said.So they all split up.

37 minutes later,the teams were dressed as Smores ingredients."The challenge is Smores Relay where you run in a race dressed as,well you know."Lantis told them.

After the race."The winner is,Team Fire."Lantis announced.

Later at elimination."Team Camp,I counted your votes,staying is,Cari,Angel,Felvin,Beck,Rosalina,and,Mia."Melissa started.

"Josh,Crash,you two are left,Crash your here for nearly refusing to wear the chocolate costume,Josh,your here for tripping,staying in the contest is,Josh."Melissa finished.

Crash got on he yacht and went home.

"See you next time."Josh said relieved.

Episode 8.

"This week,the teams boogie,keep watching."Lantis said.

"Today's challenge is in 32 minutes."Lantis told the teams.

11 minutes later,the teams were at the pool.Everyone was having a blast,except for Oscar.Honey noticed this and went up to him.

"What's wrong?"She asked him."I can't swim."He replied."I'm sure I can teach you,come on in."She told him.Oscar unwillingly got into the water.

Honey grabbed his arms to keep him afloat."Okay,are you ready?"She asked him."Yes,I am."He answered ready."Now just kick you legs."Honey said.He did."Your doing great,now I'm, gonna let go and you try on your own."Honey told her student.

After a couple seconds,she let go.But just in time,Oscar stated kicking his legs."I'm doing it,I'm swimming."Oscar said happily."Not still have to use your arms."Honey told him.

"Try thinking your arms are paddles in a canoe,just swing them."Nia said swimming past him.He swung his arms in a full circle and kicked his legs.

This time he was actually swimming."Wow,this feels great,thanks Honey."Oscar told his teacher on his way to having fun.

"Well,I'm glad I could help him,now there's just one more person to help."Honey told herself.

She swam to the edge of the pool where Angel was."How are you doing?"She asked him.

"Just great,I've almost got the dog-paddle down,just need to practice some more."He answered her.She helped him with learning the dog-paddle.

After checking to see if anyone else needed help,Honey just started swimming for fun.

After a few minutes,everyone got out of the pool and dried off."Hey,Honey thanks for teaching me how to swim."Oscar told her.

"Yeah,now I love it."'Angel added.'No,problem if you ever need help again,just ask."She told them.

14 minutes later,the teams went to the dance hall."The challenge is a dance contest,whichever team performs the best dance routine wins safety."Lantis said.

After the challenge."The winner is,Team Camp for their group salsa dance."Lantis announced.

Later at the elimination at the bonfire."Okay,Team Fire,I tallied your votes,staying in the contest is,Dani,Evan,Honey,Ali,Tom,and,Oscar."Melissa started.

"Blue,Nia,you two are left,Blue your here for your weak effort,Nia,your here messing up you teams dance,staying is,Blue."Melissa finished.

Nia gathered her things,got on the yacht and went home.

"That's all for now folks."Dani said.

Episode 9.

"This,week the teams get buggy."Lantis said.

"Today's challenge is in 2 hours."Lantis told the teams.

An hour and 20 minutes later,Dani was working on her new toy,the Video Gaming Cube."Okay,now to tighten this last bolt ."She told herself.Felvin walked in.

"Hey,what are you doing?"He asked her."I'm improving my toy to be able to simulate any video game."She answered.

"Cool,but I get first dibs on it when it's finished ok?"He asked winking at her."Fine,now leave."She answered.

She continued to work on it until it was finished."Okay,now to test it,and I know just who to use,in fact he already agreed to."Dani said to herself smirking.

She left to find Felvin.She found him in the arts and crafts cabin."Hey Felv,my toy is ready."She said to him.

"Cool,let's go play."He replied anxious.They went to the beach,there was Ali and Tom.

"Hey,what's going on?"Ali asked them."I'm going to play Dani's new video game,the V.G.C."Felvin answered.

"Okay,well enjoy."Tom said leaving with Ali.Anyway,the two gamers found a perfect spot for testing.

Dani carefully placed the cube on the ground,stepped back and pressed a button on her remote.Instantly,the Gaming Cube blew up till it almost reached the life-guard tower.

"Now,Felv step inside the cube.'Dani instructed.So Felvin did.

"Now say Summon my Avatar."Dani told him."Summon my Avatar!"Felvin yelled.Just then,a small version of him appeared in a pirate suit.

"Now,you see those boxes in the center use your avatar to smash them."Dani said."Avatar smash boxes.

"Felvin told his avatar.It did,but just as the boxes vanished,an avatar of Dani showed up in a princess dress."I'm joining in too,avatar attack his avatar."Dani said.

The two avatars battled for a couple minutes before Dani's was proven victorious."

That's enough,Cube shrink."Dani said.The cube shrunk and flew into her pocket."Good game.:The two friends told each other.

38 minutes later,the teams gathered at the wardrobe room and changed into bug costumes."Your challenge is Cosplay Critters,you have to do various things while dressed as bugs."Lantis said.

After the challenge."The winner is,Team Fire."Lantis said.

Later at the bonfire for elimination."Team Camp,I tallied your votes,staying is.Cari,Beck,Rosalina,Felvin,and,Mia."Melissa started.

"Angel,Josh you two are left,Josh your here for spilling the cups of water during the diner course,Angel your here for ripping your ant costume,staying is,Josh."Melissa finished.

Angel got on the yacht and went home.

Episode 10.

"This week,the teams face their fears,keep watching."Lantis said.

"The challenge is in 13 minutes."Lantis told the teams.

6 minutes later.Dani was bragging that she was the master of Pokemon battling."I'm telling you all,no one can beat me when it comes to battling."She said.

Tom stepped in."Okay,if your so sure,how about a 3 on 3 battle with me?"He asked her.

"Sure just tell me where."Dani agreed."Near the bonfire right now."He replied.

So him,Dani,and the others went to the bonfire.Dani pulled out her Gaming Cube and tossed it."We'll battle here."Dani said.

"Ok,this will be a 3 on 3 battle,are you ready?"Evan asked acting as the referee.They nodded their heads.

"Go,Pikachu!"Dani yelled throwing a Poke-ball.out came a yellow mouse."Hm,go,Cubchoo."Tom said sending out his Pokemon.

A white and blue bear cub came out."Pikachu use Volt Tackle."Dani told her Pokemon.The mouse ran so fast that sparks surrounded it.

"Cuchoo,Protect."Tom said.Just then a ball of light swallowed the cub.It only lasted until the mouse's attack failed."Pikachu,use Thunder."Dani said.

The mouse summoned a giant storm,soon lightning was striking the ground,it wasn't long until it hit the cub and knocked it out.

"Cubchoo,return."Tom said calling back the Pokemon."Go,Cubone.Tom said tossing another Poke-ball.This time a creature with a skull helmet appeared.

"Now,use Dig."Tom told Cubone.It dug underground."Pikachu pin point where it is and use Swift."Dani told her Pokemon.Pikachu looked around until it stopped at a rock,then stars flew out of it's mouth.

They hit the rock,the Cubone flew out and rushed to it's attacker."Pikachu use,Iron Tail."Dani instructed.It's tail glowed silver,it then swung it's tail.It connected knocking out the Cubone."

Cubone,return."Tom said."Go,Jigglypuff."Tom said tossing his Poke-ball.

A pink ball of cuteness appeared."Pikachu,use Volt Tackle."Dani said.Pikachu ran until sparks surrounded it,it connected with Jigglypuff instantly knocking it out."The battle is over,the winner is Dani."Evan said.

7 minutes later,the teams gathered at the beach.

"Okay,the challenge is,Are You Afraid,where you will be facing you worst fears."antis told them.After the challenge."The winner is,Team Fire."Lantis said.

Later at the bonfire for elimination."Team Camp,I tallied your votes,staying is,Cari,Felvin,Josh,and,Mia."Melissa started.

"Beck,Rosalina,you two are left,Beck your here for refusing to face your fear,Rosalina,your here for not getting over your fear,staying in the contest is,Beck."Melissa finished.

Rosalina got into the yacht and went home.

"Next week,you'll see something great,I promise you that."Evan said.

Episode 11.

"This week,the teams camp out,stay tuned."Lantis said.

"The challenge is at 8:29."Lantis told the teams.

At 8:15,Everybody was just sitting around."What do we do now?"Honey asked."I don't know.what do you think?"Beck asked Mia.

"I have an idea,come here."She told the others.They huddled together.Mia pitched an idea."Should we?"Ali asked Tom.

"It sounds like a good idea,let's do it."He replied.The 5 broke away."Introducing the new and improved Players,the Contestant Force GX,Generation X.."They said together.

"Heavenly,Player GX Red."Honey said."Good leader,Player GX Grey."Tom said.

"Speedy,Player GX Blue."Beck said."Funny and Nice,Player GX Black."Mia said.

"And,respects the paranormal,Player GX White."Ali said."Together we will fight crime."The GX Force said.

They searched the island for trouble.They finally found it,Blue was captured by their arch enemy:Dr.Scuttle played by Josh."This looks like a job for the GX Force."GX Red said.

"We've got you cornered Scuttle"GX Grey said."Ha Ha Ha,you pitiful GX Force,you couldn't stop me even if you wanted to."He laughed."That's what you think,let's get him."GX Black said.

They chased him all over the island until they had him pinned against a wall."Give up,there's no way you can escape now."GX Blue told him.

"Really,but I still have my freezer ray."Scuttle said.He whipped out the evil device and fired a blast at the group,they narrowly dodged it.

This time it their turn to launch an attack.They tackled him and placed him in air-cuffs."You win this round,but I will have my."Scuttle started before he was cut off.

"We know,revenge."The victors said.They released Blue."Thank you GX Force."He said."No prob."GX White told him.The game was over.

14 minutes later,the teams gathered around the bonfire."You challenge is to spend the entire night in the woods."Lantis said.The next morning."The winner is Team Camp."Lantis said.

Later at the bonfire for elimination."Team Fire,I tallied your votes,staying is,Dani,Ali,Tom,Honey,and,Blue."Melissa started.

"Evan,Oscar you two are left,Oscar your here for pranking your team in the middle of the night,Evan your here for leaving your team behind,staying is,Evan."Melissa finished.

Oscar hopped onto the yacht and went home.

"Later Gators."Josh said.

Episode 12.

"This week,the group goes paddling,stay tuned to this channel."Lantis said.

"The challenge is in 45 minutes,oh,and the teams are merging."Lantis told the teams.

28 minutes later,the gang was sitting around waiting for their game to start.Felvin walked into the cabin."Ok,now we're here to determine who killed this young man."He said looking at a dead Josh.

"I will now ask around,so if any of you is the culprit,speak up now,for I am Professor Newyr."Felvin told the suspects.He approached Blue.

"Sir,what is your name?"Newyr asked him."I'm Forest Newman,I work in money management."Blue answered."What's your connection with our victim?"The professor asked.

"I'm his accountant."Forest told him."Did you kill him for his money?"Newyr asked.

"No,I am a civil person."Forest told him.Then the professor moved on to Dani,Ali,and Cari.

"Your triplets,what's your names?"Newyr asked them."My name is Georgia Livingston,the famous actress."Ali said."I'm Florida Livingston,the doctor,and this is Nebraska,out little sister."Dani said as she pointed at Cari.

"Did any of you kill him?"Newyr asked the 3.They all shook their heads.So he moved onto Honey."Your name,my dear?"He asked her.

"I'm Sonnr Maski,and I work in a law school."She said."Did you kill our victim?He asked Sonnr.

"No,I work in a law school,thus I would have to resign."She replied.Newyr moved onto the final suspects."Did any of you kill you host?The professor asked the 4.

"No.'They said."Well,I guess no-one killed him,it must have been that he died on his own,you may go."Newyr told the suspects.Nebraska was the first to head to the door.

"It was you,you killed your boy-friend by comedy,just to see him smile,for that you can go,but don't let it happen again."Professor said..The game was over.

17 minutes later,the group gathered around the bonfire."The challenge is Canoeing Couples,where you have to row your canoes but as a couple 3 times."Lantis said.

After the challenge."The winners are,Evan and Honey."Lantis said,

Later at the bonfire."I tallied your votes,staying is,Evan,Honey,Cari,Josh,Beck,Ali,Felvin,Tom,and,Blue."Melissa started.

"Mia,Dani,you two are left,Dani your here for not helping your partner,Mia your here for rowing the wrong way,staying is,Dani,"Melissa finished.

Mia got into the yacht and went home.

"That was close,boo-bye"Dani said.

Episode 13.

"This week,the contestants have fun with paint."Lantis said.

"The challenge is in 22 minutes."Lantis said.

3 minutes later,the gang was sitting around watching t.v. when Josh came in."Hey,can me and Cari watch our show?"He asked the others.

"No,I'm watching Duel Monsters."Dani told them.Then Cari started tearing Honey grabbed the remote and gave it to her.

"Thanks Honey."Josh told her."It was no problem."She replied.So both Josh and Cari hopped onto the couch and started watching their show:Timmy's Magic World.

"Oh for the love of Mobius not this show."Evan mumbled."What did you say?"Dani asked with her voice recorder out.

"Nothing."He said scared.See,Dani can do anything with her voice recorder.

"Dani,you just said you didn't want to watch this."Blue pointed out."Yeah,but I decided to give it a chance,and I actually like it."She told him."Well,I wanna watch Cat's Corner."Felvin responded.

"You just want to stare at the host."Beck told him."Stay out of it."He snapped.That started a whole fight between them all."I'm watching my show."Felvin said.

"No,Cari and Josh are going to keep watching their show."Ali told him."Well,I think my show is the best choice."Blue said.Then Lantis and Melissa came in.

"Listen as much fun as your fight is,we need you to stop,so here's what we're going to do,Cari and Josh get to watch their show,and tomorrow you guys can."Lantis told them.

"Fine."Felvin and Blue said together.Dani,Josh,and,Cari sat back down to watch the show.

"Now,that the fight is over,we're gonna set up the challenge bye."Melissa told them.After watching the t.v,they went to their rooms.

19 minutes later,the gang gathered at the bonfire."The challenge is,a paintball fight,all you have to do is use these guns filled with paint to splatter each other."Lantis told them.

After the challenge."The winner is,Blue."Lantis said after everyone cleaned up.

At the bonfire."I tallied your votes,staying in the contest is,Blue,Evan,Cari,Ali,Dani,Honey,Beck,and,Felvin."Melissa started.

"Josh,Tom,you two are left,Josh your here shooting your girl-friend,Tom,your here for shooting yourself.staying is,Josh."Melissa finished,

Tom got into the yacht and went home.

"Lates."Beck said.

Episode 14.

"This week,the gang tells the truth,stay tuned.'Lantis said.

'The challenge is in 16 minutes."Lantis told them.

4 minutes later,Ali,Josh,and Felvin were playing Frisbee."Here it comes."Ali told Felvin tossing the Frisbee,He caught it"That was a great throw,here it comes Josh."Felvin said.

He then tossed it to Josh.The young kid was able to catch it,but only by jumping into the air."Wow,that was a little tricky."Josh said.

They continued for 4 minutes,then they decided to play something else.

Meanwhile,Dani had got out her ribbon and started twirling it.She made it turn into all kinds of cool and fantastic shapes."Wow,Dani your good."Beck said.

"Thanks,I've been doing this since I was younger,your welcome to try it too."She said.He then grabbed a ribbon and started twirling it.

Beck tried his best to keep in time with Dani's twirls,but to no avail.On the other hand,Dani was going faster."I can't keep up,I'm done."Beck told Dani.

But,with Honey,Cari,and,Blue,they were playing Duck Duck Goose.It was Honey's turn.

She circled the others until she stopped at Blue.He started chasing her,but she quickly took a seat,so it was his turn.

"Honey,how do you always do that?"He asked her.'Well,I played the game all the time when I was little."She answered.

They kept going until the others called them over.They sat together."Okay,now to play a game,called Would you Rather."Ali said.

"Okay,Dani would you rather kiss a frog or kiss a pillow?"Evan asked Dani."Kiss a frog,pillows are so dirty."Dani answered.They kept playing for 6 minutes."This was a great day."Josh told Cari.She squeaked happily.

6 minutes later,the group huddled at the bonfire.

'Your challenge is Extreme Truth or Dare,all you have to do is ask each other truth or dare but,the dare's are a little extreme."Lantis told them.After the challenge."The winner is,Beck."Lantis announced.

Later at the bonfire for elimination."I tallied your votes,staying is,Beck,Blue,Cari,Honey,Josh,Ali,and,Evan."Melissa started.

"Dani,Felvin,you two are left,Dani your here for only picking truth,Felvin your here for failing to complete all your dares,staying in the contest is,Felvin."Melissa finished.

Dani gathered her things,got into the yacht and went home.

"Bye,Dani,we'll miss you."Ali,Josh,and Honey said together.

Episode 15.

"This week,the gang gets scared,stay tuned."Lantis said.

"The challenge is at 9:09."Lantis said.

At 8:54,the others were just walking around."So,what should we do?"Josh asked.

"Well,we could play video games."Felvin said."No,let's dance."Ali suggested.They all agreed to it,so they went to dance hall.

As soon they arrived Beck found the radio,he turned it on to some rocking music."I love this song."Felvin said.They started dancing.

After a couple minutes,Honey drew their attention."Um,I was thinking I could teach you guys some new dances?"She asked.They all agreed to it.

So,they split into teams,Honey and Evan,Cari and Josh,Felvin and Beck,and,Ali and Blue."Okay,here's the first dance,the salsa,all you have to is swing each other,but also sway back and forth."She said.

After doing it,Honey turned to them.'Now we'll do the tango,it's simple all you have to do is this."She said.She did the dance.

The others tried it,after many of them stepped on their partners toes and a lot of pain relief spray later,they were done learning.

"Now,the final dance we'll do is,the samba,I brought sashes for the girls and maracas for the boys.'Honey said passing out the props.

It took awhile,like 7 minutes later,but they finally figured it out."That's it,dance class is over."Honey said.

The gang packed up their stuff and left the dance hall."Wow,I can't believe how much I learned."Josh said."I know,I feel like I could win a dance contest."Ali replied.

They all decided to take showers and after they were dry,they decided to head back inside to practice some more.

8 minutes later,the group gathered at the bonfire.'Your challenge is Scary Movie Tag,where you have to dress as your favorite scary movie character and play normal tag.'Lantis said.After the challenge."The winner is,Felvin."Lantis announced.

At the bonfire."Okay,I counted the votes,staying is,Felvin,Beck,Honey,Ali,Cari,and,Blue."Melissa started.

"Evan,Josh,you two are left,Josh your here for not having a scary costume,Evan your here for not caring about the challenge,staying is,Evan."Melissa finished.Josh said goodbye to his friends,hugged Cari and got onto the yacht.

"Win for us,ok?"He asked Cari.She nodded her head.The yacht sailed away.

"That was so romantic,see you."Ali and Honey said together.

Episode 16.

"This week,the gang sing songs,stay tuned."Melissa said.

"The challenge is in 59 minutes."Lantis said.

36 minutes later,the gang decided to do some cleaning."Ok,here's how it'll work,Beck and Blue you guys take the boys cabin,Honey and Ali you take the girls,and Evan you clean up the outsides,now go."Felvin said.

"Wow,have you ever seen Felvin take charge like this"Blue asked Honey."Once,but that was a long time ago."She answered.

While they worked on the cabins,Felvin went to see Cari,because she was having a fever.He went into the nurse's station where she was lying down.

"Are you feeling any better?"He asked Cari.She sat up "A little huh,well I brought a couple of things that will help you get your spirits up."He replied.He dug around through his medical bag.He found what he was looking for.

"An ice pack for your head,a pair of slippers to keep your toes warm,and your dolly.He said.

He placed the ice pack on her head,placed the slippers on her feet and gave her the dolly."Well,i'm gonna go check on the others,be back."He said to his patient.

He found the others,they managed to get the cabins all cleaned up."Ok,now we only have the arts and crafts station,the food station and the beach to clean up."He told the troops.

They decided to split up,Ali,Honey,and,Felvin went to the beach,Blue went to the food station,and,Beck and Evan went to the arts and crafts station.They got busy cleaning.

After working non-stop,they were done.They gathered together,

"Now no-one will be getting sick anytime soon."Honey said.Cari came out of the nurse's station feeling a lot better.

23 minutes later,the finalists arrived at the bonfire.

"The challenge is a Sing-Off,where you have to out sing the others."Lantis said.After the challenge."The winner is,Evan."Lantis said.

At the bonfire for elimination."I tallied your votes,staying in the contest is,Evan,Beck,Ali,Blue,and,Cari."Melissa started.

"Felvin,Honey you two are left,Honey your here for having too much dazzle,Felvin your here for choosing to sing a terrible song,staying is,Honey."Melissa finished.Felvin said goodbye.

"Thank you for taking care of me."Felvin read from a sign Cari was holding as the yacht sailed away taking him home.

Episode 17.

"This week,the gang jumps and grooves,so keep watching."Lantis whispered.

All the contestants were sleeping.Lantis made her way toward the cabins.She stood right outside."Hey guys,the challenge is in 30 minutes."She said banging on the doors.

Instantly,they all woke up."Man,what time is it?"Blue asked.Evan looked at his alarm clock."It's 5:59. A.M."He answered.

They all got up,got dressed and went outside,they noticed it was colder than usual."Brrr,i'm freezing."Ali said.

"I know,we don't normally get cold weather like this."Honey replied."So,I guess we should just head inside until it warms up."Evan said.So they all headed back inside their cabins.

There was a problem."Uh,the window seems to have gotten stuck on something,so I can't get it closed."Blue told his cabin-mates.

They all pushed down together,but they had no luck,the window wouldn't close.Meanwhile with the girls,they were trying to get the door to close.

"Come on,why won't this door close,it did a little while ago?"Ali asked.Honey approached the door and gave it a quick kick.

Still no luck,so seeing they couldn't close the door and the boys couldn't close their window,they decided to just lay down and cover up.Cari was shivering,so Honey gave her the blanket she was using.

"Thank you."Cari squeaked.Honey used her angel wings to cover up.

"It feels like it's getting even colder."Beck said,"Maybe after the challenge,it'll warm up."Blue said trying to be positive.

At 6:29,the gang gathered around the bonfire."The challenge is Double Dutch Dance,where you have to dance while playing double dutch."Lantis said.

After the challenge."The winner is,Blue."Lantis announced.They all went to the their cabins."Hey it got warmer."Beck said,"Yep."Ali replied.

At the bonfire."I tallied your votes,staying is,Blue,Beck,Ali,and,Cari."Melissa started.

"Evan,Honey you two are left,Honey your here for twirling the jump rope too fast,Evan your here for messing up your dances,staying is,Evan."Melissa finished.

Honey hugged her sister and got on the yacht and went home.

"That was a shocker,well see ya."Lantis said,.

Episode 18.

"This week,the gang tells all kinds of jokes,stay tuned."Melissa said.

"The challenge is in 36 minutes."Lantis told everyone.

13 minutes later,Ali,Cari,and,Blue were standing outside the arts and crafts station."Well,it was shocking that Honey was sent home last week."Ali said,

"I know,but we send someone home every week,so it was only a matter of time."Blue reminded her.

"Yeah,but to change the subject,it's time."Ali told him.They all went to their cabins and got into their pajamas.The girls headed to the boy's cabin.

"Welcome to the day-time slumber party."Evan said."Thanks,let's party."Ali said.Blue got out the popcorn.They each took a big handful."Yum,this is good,what kind is this?"Ali asked.

"It's caramel."Evan answered.After eating,they decided to dance.Ali got out her favorite C.D and popped it in.Pop music started blaring."I love this song,what's it called?"Blue asked.

"Caramella Mega Mix."He said."Well,i'm tired,let's do something."Evan said.'I know,pillow fight."Beck said.

They each grabbed a pillow and started hitting each other with them,all while Cari stared shyly.

"I got you Beck."Ali told Evan,hitting him with her pillow."Oh,but I have you cornered now."He said hitting her.They all got tired easily and laid down.

"What is left?"Cari asked"Go to sleep."Ali replied sweetly.They all got into their sleeping-bags and one by one,they each started to fall asleep.

23 minutes later,Lantis showed up and banged on the door."It's time for the challenge!"She yelled.They each woke up.Later,after fully waking up,they gathered around the bonfire.

"The challenge is a good old-fashioned joke-off,you know it's pretty self-explanatory."Lantis told them.After the challenge."The winner is,Cari."Lantis said.

At the bonfire."I tallied the votes,staying in the contest is,Cari,Blue,and,Evan."Melissa started.

"Beck,Ali,you two are left,Ali,your here because your jokes were bad,Beck,you here because you put everyone to sleep,staying is,Ali."Melissa finished.

Beck got on the yacht and went home.

Later."Lantis said.

Episode 19.

"This week the final 4 get saucy,so stay tuned ha ha"Lantis said laughing.

"The challenge is in 41 minutes."Lantis said.

29 minutes later,the gang was getting dressed.And Ali was thinking."Hey guys why don't we play dress-up?"She asked them."I don't know,dress up just seems so kiddie."Blue replied."Well how about for Cari,she did tell me yesterday that she wanted to play dress-up sometime."Ali told him.

"Ok,we'll play but only for a little bit."Blue agreed.So,Cari got her costume box.They each picked an outfit to wear.Blue chose a prince,Evan chose a wizard,Ali chose a princess,and Cari chose a mermaid.

"Now what should we do now that we're in our costumes?"Evan asked.Cari pointed at the trophy sticker she had on her hat.

"Oh,you wanna play a game,well how about we have a contest to see who has the best costume?"Ali asked her.She nodded her head.

So,they went to the main hall,where Lantis and Melissa were waiting.

"I hear your gonna have a contest to see who has the best costume."Melissa said."Well we'll be glad to be the judges."Lantis told them.So,one by one they each showed of their costumes.

First was Ali,then Evan,next was Blue,finally was Cari.After talking,Lantis and Melissa reached an agreement.

"The winner we chose for the best costume is.Ali."Lantis said."We have something to tell you,so change and wait in the dance hall."Melissa said.

So,they each got out of their outfits and went to the dance hall.Sure enough the hosts came in.

"Your dress-up contest was this season's mini-challenge,thus Ali wins 3 extra points in the next challenge."Lantis said."Cool,great job."Evan told Ali."Thanks."She replied.

12 minutes later,the final 4 gathered around the bonfire."The challenge is Pizza Actors,where you have dress up as pizza ingredients and tell a story."Lantis told them.After the challenge."The winner is,Ali."Lantis said.

Later at the bonfire."I tallied your votes,staying is,Ali and Evan."Melissa started.

"Cari,Blue you two are left,Cari your here for tripping over your costume,ripping it,Blue your here rushing through the story,staying and making it to the final 3 is,Blue."Melissa said.

Cari got to the dock,on the yacht she saw Josh,they held hands as the yacht sailed away.

"See you later,k?Melissa asked.

Episode 20.

"This week,the final 3,Ali,Blue,and,Evan mess up their dances,stay tuned."Lantis said.

"The final challenge is in 1 hour."She said.

45 minutes later,the final 3 were swimming in the pool."Man,this is relaxing."Evan said."I know,and it's not just because I have water powers."Blue replied.

They all laughed."Hey about a race?"Ali asked."Deal."The boys said.They went to the racing section of the pool.

Lantis came out."I heard you were going to have a pool race,i'll be the judge,and Blue no using your water powers."Lantis said,"I won't."He said.

Lantis fired a gun full of racing blanks.Blue was leading for a while,but in the end,Evan won,with Ali coming in second and Blue was last."Well,that sure was exciting."Ali said.

"Right,but here's another game we can play,Splash Attack!"Blue yelled.He splashed Ali hard."Oh,your so dead."She told him as she splashed him back.

Evan joined in,splashing them both.The soaking wet Ali and Blue ganged together to take him down.

"Ok,ok truce."He said laughing."Wow,this contest has come a long way."Ali said."Yeah a lot of our best friends were voted off,but at least we can stick around,so they can cheer us on."Evan replied.

"Enough talk about the contest,let's keep playing."Blue said as if he was a child.They got back to playing.After 5 minutes,they got out of the pool and dried off.

"Well,that was great,but now i'm ready for a nap."Ali said.She went to her cabin.And,the boys went to theirs.

10 minutes later,they gathered around the bonfire."The challenge is Square-dancing Screw ups,where you have to do your best square-dancing routine but with a silly prop."Lantis said.

After the challenge."The winner and making it to the finale is,Ali.'Lantis said.

At the bonfire for the final elimination."Staying is,Ali."Melissa started.

"Evan,Blue you two are left,Blue your here for putting together the wost routine,Evan your here not using your prop,staying and making it to the finale with Ali is,Evan."Melissa finished.

Blue got on the yacht and went home.

"See you on the finale."Lantis and Melissa said together.

Season Finale.

"Today is the season finale,so stay tuned to see who wins."Lantis said.

"Calling Ali and Evan you are needed at the bonfire."Lantis said.Ali and Evan headed to the bonfire.

"What do you think is going to happen?"Evan asked his rival."I don't know."She replied.

Lantis came out."Hello,welcome to the finale,now as you know,the first 4 seasons had all the eliminated contestants vote for who should win,well this set,you will have to complete a task and the eliminated contestants will be the judges."Lantis said.

"And,here they come,Serenity,Chiruru,Roy,Chromoro,Emily,Debby,Crash,Nia,Angel,Rosalina,Oscar,Mia,Tom,Dani,Josh,Felvin,

Honey,Beck,Cari,and,Blue."Melissa said.The eliminated contestants took their seats.

"Ok,Ali,Evan to decide who wins,you will race around the island 4 times,while trying to avoid the many puzzles and challenges."Lantis said.The two finalists went to the start line.

"On,your mark,get set,go!"Melissa said.After the race."The winner of this season is,Ali."Lantis and Melissa said together.Afterwards,they all partied.

But after partying,Lantis and Melissa had something to say."Well,as you all might have guessed,we're having another season,those competing are,Serenity,Chiruru,Roy,Chromoro,Emily,Debby,Crash,Nia,Angel,and,Rosalina."Lantis told everyone.

The lucky 10 jumped into the air with glee.

After packing up,the 22 got on the yacht and was taken home.

"See you next time on Total Sonic Mall."Lantis and Melissa said together.

Season 6.Total Sonic Mall.

Theme Song:I Drommarnas Land or In The Land of Dreams by Caramell

Episode 1.

"Hello and welcome to Total Sonic Mall,where 10 contestants from season 5 will compete in mall themed challenges for a Chao named Hootz,a shopping spree here,and a luxury pool,i'm your host,Mighty."Mighty said.

"And,i'm your elimination host:Bean."Bean said."Oh,here comes our contestants,Serenity,Chiruru,Roy,Chromoro,Emily,Debby,Crash,Nia,Angel,and,Rosalina."Mighty said as the contestants arrived.He walked over to them.

"Welcome to the mall,here you will compete in challenges,now you will not live in the mall,but in our special trailers,each person gets one,so go check them out and meet us in the electronic store in 37 minutes."Mighty told them.He left.

"Guys.what Mighty forgot to tell you,is what the teams are,Team Spend,and,Team Save."Bean started."Team Spend is,Chiruru,Roy,Emily,Crash,and,Rosalina,Team Save is,Serenity,Chromoro,Debby,Nia,and,Angel."Bean finished.

So,they all went to assigned trailers.Debby walked into her trailer and she found it was full of photos of her and Kalin."Wow,now this is what I call style."She said.

Serenity stepped into hers,she found it was covered with flowers.And,when Crash stepped into his,he found the trailer had been filled with pictures of Rose."Ah,Rose."He said.

37 minutes later,the teams gathered at the electronics store."Your challenge is to break as many electronic devices as possible with the time limit."Mighty told them.

After the challenge."The winner is Team Spend."Mighty told them.Bean came in."That means Team Save to the jail room for elimination."Bean said.

Later at the jail room for elimination."Ok,Team Save,I tallied your votes,stayin is,Chromoro,Nia,and,Debby."Bean started.

"Serenity,Angel,you two are left,Angel,your here for going over the time limit,Serenity,your here for not breaking anything,staying is,Serenity."Bean finished.

Angel stepped into the hot-air balloon and went home."Well,goodbye."Bean said.

Episode 2.

"This week,the teams get covered in food.'Mighty said.

"The challenge is in 46 minutes at the east food court."Mighty said using his extreme gear.

13 minutes later,Team Spend was looking around the mall."So,I see we have two clothing stores,3 food courts,,a kiddie area,the electronic store we were in last week,a board store that sells all kinds of boards,a bookstore,4 toy stores,and,a bed and bath store."Roy said.

"Well,this is certainly a big mall then."Chiruru replied.They decided to stop by a toy store.

"Well here we are,can you believe we're allowed to play here?"Emily asked."Yeah,we should play a game while we're here."Debby said coming in with her team.

"Ok,let's play some laser tag,we can use the kiddie area and the main lobby."Nia said.So,they went to their areas.With Team Spend.

"Ok,here's how it'll go down,we have to capture their flag before they can capture ours,we can eliminate them all."Team leader:Crash said.

But,Team Save had the same idea,their team leader:Debby had just finished giving them their orders.So,the game started.

When the light on the board turned green,everybody had scrambled.They all got eliminated one by one,until it was down to 4,Serenity,Crash,Debby,and,Roy.Debby faced off against Crash,while Serenity faced Roy.

"I'm gonna get you and your flag."Crash told his rival."Dream on."Debby replied."Please Mr.Roy,don't shoot me."Serenity said using her cute face.

Roy obeyed and shot himself.Leaving only Crash.Debby and Serenity lined their shots and fired,but Crash dodged them both and fired,hitting them both,ending the game.

33 minutes later,the teams arrived at the food court."This week's challenge is a food fight where you have to throw food at each other."Mighty explained.After the challenge.'The winner is,Team Save."Mighty said.

At the jail-room."Team Spend,I counted your votes,staying is,Chiruru,Crash,and,Roy."Bean started.

"Emily,Rosalina,you two are left,Emily your here for getting everybody,including your team,Rosalina your here for weak performance,staying is,Emily."Bean finished.

Rosalina got into the hot-air balloon and went home.

"See you next time."Debby said.

Episode 3.

"This week,the teams go racing."Mighty said.

"The challenge is in 40 minutes at the board-store."Mighty said using his extreme gear.

27 minutes later,Emily was getting things ready with Nia's help."Ok,Camera?"Emily asked."Check."Nia said."Water?"Emily asked."Yep."Nia replied."And,Finally guest?"Emily asked."Check,everything is ready."Nia said."Ok,in 5,4,3,2,1"Emily counted.

"It's the Emily Variety Show,with your host:Emily and guests Serenity,Debby,Crash,and,Roy."Nia announced."Ok,my first guest is Serenity."Emily said.Serenity walked on-stage.

"Thank you for having me."Serenity said shyly."No prob,so how are you doing?"Emily asked."Good,I wrote a song,can I sing it?"Serenity asked.

"Sure."The host said.Nia brought the microphone out."I love the sun,the breeze and the shade,so please show me all I can be,thank you."Serenity sung.

"That was great,now for my next guests,Roy and Debby."Emily said.Roy came out."Now we're gonna play a game called Dance-Step where you have to dance in time to the music,but you can't mess up."Emily told the two.

After the game."The winner of the Dance-Step Major Game is,Roy."Emily said.The 2 left."Now for my final guest:Crash."Emily said into the camera.Crash came on.

"Now.for the questions,are you in love right now?"Emily asked."Not really."Crash answered.

"Ok,anything planned after this show?"The young tiger asked."I'm gonna go back to Tarne City."Crash said."Ok,now finally, how do you like it here?"Emily asked.

"It's very interesting."He answered."Ok,that's it,see you later."Emily and Nia said together.

13 minutes later,The teams gathered at the board store."Your challenge is a 8 lap extreme gear race,where you have to navigate through all the twists and turns in the mall."Mighty said.After the challenge."The winner is,Team Spend."Mighty told them.

At the jail-room."Ok,Team Save,I tallied your votes staying is,Nia and Serenity."Bean started.

"Debby,Chromoro,you two are left,Chromoro your here for getting lost,Debby,your here for being a sore loser,staying in the contest is,Debby."Bean finished.

Chromoro got in the hot-air balloon and went home.

Until next week."Roy said into the camera.

Episode 4.

"This week,the teams strut their stuff."Mighty said.

"The challenge is in 51 minutes in the clothing store."Mighty said using his extreme gear.

24 minutes later,Debby,Emily,and,Nia were just chilling out."So,what I think is that we should talk to the others."Debby said."About what?"Nia asked.

"I don't know,about their dreams I guess."Debby replied.But,Mighty and Bean came by along with the rest of the them.

"Guess what,we're going to let you go shopping here."Bean said."Really?"Emily asked.

"Yep,now you each get 500 dollars,so make it count."Mighty answered.

The two hosts handed out 500 dollars to each contestant and left before it got crazy.Everybody had spread apart.

Debby went to the clothing store,Emily went to the electronic store,Nia went to the music store,Chiruru went to the bookstore,Crash and Roy went to the Board-store,and,Serenity went to the toy-store.

We join Debby,she was just grabbing and trying on clothes.

"Hm,this red and blue dress looks great,I just wish it was tailored right."She told herself.With Emily,she was inspecting the camera she picked out.

"Ok,looks right,the focus works right and the push-stop system for the shutter works perfectly."She said to herself.

Now,Roy and Crash were just picking out their extreme gears."I'm telling you,my gear is better."Crash told Roy.

"Care to test that theory?"Roy asked."Deal."His team-mate said.

They raced all over the mall until it was decided that Roy won.Nia was listening to some rad music."This beat is the best."She told herself.

Chiruru was reading a 4 page report on guns.

And,Serenity was picking out toy after toy."Ok,the flower paints for sis,and,a color me elephant for Anna."Serenity said.

After their shopping,they met together."Wow,who knew shopping could be so much fun."Nia said with a bag full of C.D's.

27 minutes later,the teams arrived at the clothing store to see a runway in the middle of it."Your challenge is a simple fashion show."Mighty said.After the challenge."The winner is,Team Save."Mighty announced.

At the jail-room."Ok,Team Spend,I counted the votes,staying is,Crash and Emily."Bean started.

"Chiruru,Roy,you two are left,Roy your here for tripping,Chiruru your here for a messy outfit,staying is,Chiruru."Bean finished.

Roy got into the hot-air balloon and was sent home.

"Thanks for watching,now i'm gonna go read my new books."Chiruru said into the camera.

Episode 5.

"This week,the teams rumble,so keep watching."Mighty said.

"The challenge in in 23 minutes in the kiddie area."Mighty said using his extreme gear.

4 minutes later,Nia was sitting in her trailer when she heard a knock on her door."Coming."She said.She opened it to find Serenity and Emily standing there with a book.

"Hey,will you read us a book?"Emily asked."Sure,we still have some time before the challenge."Nia agreed.

A couple minutes later at the book-store,Emily and Serenity were sitting on the mat waiting for Nia to start the story.

"Ok,the story i'm going to read is called:a Good Night."Nia told them."Yay."Serenity said happy."Once upon a time,there was a lonely girl named Julie,she was so lonely,she thought that she was nothing special,but one day a fairy appeared and comforted her."Nia began.

"What's wrong child?"The fairy asked."I'm so lonely,I just want someone to talk to."The little girl said."Nia continued to read.

"As you wish,but if you don't find someone to talk to,your voice will be mine."The fairy said.

The little girl looked all over until she found a boy trapped in a tree,she quickly rescued him.The boy was so happy."Thank you very much."He said.

"I'm Julie."Julie told him."I'm Mate,nice to meet you."The boy replied.Just then,they both looked at the sky and saw that the sky was a beautiful dark color,the girl and the boy talked to each other for hours,until the girl had to go home.

"Goodbye Julie."Mate said."Bye."Julie replied.

That night Julie was in bed thinking."Maybe,i'm not so lonely after all."She said to herself."The fairy returned."Good job,now live your life and be happy."The fairy said.

The girl went to sleep happy,The End."Nia finished."Thank you."Emily and Serenity said.

19 minutes later,the teams gathered at the kiddie area."The challenge is a play-ground rumble,where you have to throw rubber balls at each other."Mighty said.

After the challenge."The winner is,Team Spend."Mighty announced.

Later at the jail-room.'Ok,Team Save,I tallied your votes,staying is Debby."Bean started.

"Nia,Serenity,you two are left,Nia your here for throwing too hard,Serenity,your here for refusing to play scared you would hurt someone,staying is,Serenity."Bean finished.

"Bye-bye."Serenity waved as Nia got into the hot-air balloon.

Episode 6.

"This week,the gang tears it up."Mighty said.

"The challenge is in 30 minutes in the bookstore,and the teams are merging."Mighty said using his new and improved extreme gear.

12 minutes later,Serenity,Emily,Chiruru,Mighty,and,Bean were sitting in front of the stage in the food-court.Debby and Crash came out."Thanks for coming to our concert,our first song is called Do or Die."Debby said.

Music started."It's always hard,When your journey begins."Crash sang."Hard to find your way,Hard to make some new friends."Debby sang.But there's nothing you can't do."Crash sang.

"Cause you've got the power inside of you,It's not always do or die,But your heart always knows what to do.It's not about will or lose, it's the path you must choose.Let the journey begin."Crash and Debby sang together.The music stopped.The whole crowd cheered."Thank you."Debby said.

Crash took his seat then Emily and Chiruru stepped up.Music started again."If we can map out all of Mobius's mysteries,we will be able to go anywhere we want."Chiruru sang.

"Let's ride,i'm at the cheap and cool age,please let me express my shyness and loneliness sometimes."Emily sang."Anything is possible in the future where nothing is certain,but I know that one thing is for sure."Chiruru sang.

"On a particular sunny day,A happiness greater than magic,will pour down endlessly. It's not impossible!

When we meet again tomorrow, we'll laugh and hum a tune.Let's collect all the happiness,'It's easy, there's nothing to it.Chase after them and try to catch them,You love big dreams,right?"The 3 sang together.

Everybody else cheered."Thank you for listening."Debby said.They spent 10 minutes taking down the stage.

8 minutes later,the gang gathered at the bookstore."Your challenge is a book tearing contest."Mighty said,After the challenge."The winner is,Chiruru."Mighty said.

At the jail-room."Ok,I counted your votes,staying is,Chiruru,Serenity,and,Emily."Bean started.

"Debby,Crash,you two are left,Crash your here for tearing everything but the books,Debby your here for being stuck up during the challenge,staying is,Crash."Bean finished.

Debby got on the hot-air balloon and went home.

"Gotta go."Emily said.

Episode 7.

"This week,the gang makes a toy mess."Mighty said.

"The challenge is in 42 minutes in the toy store."Mighty said using his extreme gear.

31 minutes later,everybody was at the fountain."So,we have this great big fountain,yet there's nothing useful about it,I mean there's no coins,no."Crash said before he was cut off by Emily.

"We should throw some pennies into the fountain so we can make wishes."She said.

"Well,are we allowed?"Serenity asked."I don't know."Chiruru answered.

They decided to go visit Mighty in his office.It was located near the food court where they had their food fight weeks ago.Crash knocked on his door.

"Come in."They heard,so they went in."Hey Mighty,I was wondering,can we throw some pennies into the fountain down-stairs?"Emily asked.

"Sure,go ahead,but only one penny for each of you."He agreed.So they went back to the fountain."Ok,Mighty said only one penny per person,so that's what we'll do."Emily reminded them.

They decided Crash could go first.He carefully picked a spot for the penny,then he tossed it."I wish that I finally had the nerve to tell her how I feel."Crash said to himself.He stepped away.

Then Chiruru stepped up.She tossed her penny."I wish for some new adventures with my brother."She said to herself.

Then,Serenity came up."I wish for the most beautiful flowers ever."She said as she tossed her penny.

Finally,Emily came up."I wish for a new camera so I take pictures of everybody here."She said as she tossed her penny.

"So,I guess we're done,now let's go chill."Crash said.

11 minutes later,the gang went into the toy-store."Ok,your challenge is a toy making contest,whoever wins gets an additional 4 points for the challenge next week."Mighty said.After the challenge."The winner is,Emily."Mighty said.

At the jail-room."I tallied the votes,staying in the contest is,Emily and Crash."Bean said.

"Chiruru,Serenity,you 2 are left,Serenity your here for playing with every toy you made,Chiruru,your here for making bad toys,staying and making it to the final 3 is,Serenity."Bean told them.

Chiruru got on the hot-air balloon and was sent home.

"Bye."Chiruru said as the balloon sailed away.

Episode 8.

"This week,the final 3 bounce."Bean said.

"The final challenge is in 3 hours and 7 minutes in the bed store."Mighty said using his extreme gear.

2 hours and 59 minutes later,Serenity,Crash,and,Emily were sitting down at the lunch table.

"So,I hear Mighty and Bean have a very special surprise."Emily said."Cool,what do you think it is?"Crash asked.

"Don't know,but here they come."Emily answered as Mighty and Bean arrived.

"Welcome,now what's gonna happen is,we'll give you a dish to try,and all you have to do is taste it and give us your scores on how we did."Mighty said.

So,their first dish came,it was fish sticks with lemon.After eating it,the 3 wrote down their scores.

Emily held up a pad with a 9 on it,so did Crash.Serenity's score was 10.

"Ok,the next dish is coming."Bean said.The dish was Chicken.They each ate it.This time,their scores were all the same:7."Ok,final dish is dessert."Mighty told them.For their final dish,it was Pudding a la mode.They ate it and gave them their scores:Crash was 8,Emily was 9,and,Serenity was 9.

"Ok,all the food tasting is done,and a surprise,this was a mini-challenge."Mighty announced,"What was the mini-challenge?"Emily asked.

"To taste the food and give accurate scores,and the winner with the most accurate score for the dishes is Crash,he wins a full years worth of food."Mighty said.

The girls clapped."Well,this was very weird."Crash said."Ditto."Emily added.The 3 finalists went to their trailers to clean up.

8 minutes later,Emily,Crash,and,Serenity went to the bed store for their challenge."Ok,the final challenge is Bed Bounce where you have to try to get the highest score by bouncing on your beds."Mighty said.

After the challenge."The winner and making it to the finale is,Serenity."Mighty said.

At the jail-room for the final elimination."Ok,staying is,Serenity."Bean started.

"Emily,Crash,you two are left,Crash your here for breaking your bed,Emily,your here for getting the lowest score,staying is,Crash."Bean finished.

Emily grabbed her extreme gear and rode her way out.

"See you at the finale."Bean,Mighty,Serenity,and,Crash said together.

Season Finale.

"Today's the day,you've been waiting for,the season finale of Total Sonic Mall,find out who wins,Crash or Serenity."Mighty said.

"Now,the challenge to decide who wins is coming soon,so meet me and Bean in the main hall in 45 minutes to find out what it is."Mighty said.

22 minutes later Crash and Serenity was sitting around."Well,today's the day."Crash said to his rival."Yes,I can't wait to see which one of us is gonna win."Serenity replied.

23 minutes later,the final 2 arrived at the main hall."Welcome,before we get to the challenge,let me welcome the eliminated contestants:Angel,Rosalina,Chromoro,Roy,Nia,Debby.Chiruru,and,Emily."Bean said.Then the eliminated contestants came in.

"Ok,the challenge to decide who wins is a Mega Shopping Spree,all you have to do is pick up as many things as you can before the time limit runs out,then whoever has the highest total of the picked up items wins."Mighty said.

After the challenge."After adding up the total of the items both of you picked up,the winner is,Serenity."Mighty told them.After they celebrated.

"Now as you may already know,we're having a 7th season,but only two of you are going to be in it."Bean said.

"Which two?"They all asked."Angel and Nia."Bean answered."The other 8 clapped for them in happiness.

"Also in the next season is,Felvin,Mia,Josh,Oscar,Dani,Blue,Tom,Honey,Cari,and,Beck."Bean said.

Later,after they all packed their things,they gathered in the limo and were taken home.

See you on Total Sonic Race."Bean and Mighty said together.

Season 7.Total Sonic Race.

Theme Song:Vingar (Wings) by Caramell

Episode 1.

"Hello,welcome to season 7 of Total Sonic,Total Sonic Race,where 12 contestants will compete for a Chao called Yuuna,a pass for a free membership at Club B,and,a free trip for a stay at the lovely Mizuri inn."The mystery announcer said.

Then the lights came on."Hi,i'm your host,the winner from season 1:Amy Rose."Amy said."And,i'm your elimination Host,Mira."Mira said.

"Now,here comes our contestants:Felvin,Josh,Oscar,Mia,Blue,Tom,Honey,Cari,Dani,Nia,Beck and Angel."Mira said.

"Now,to put you into teams,Team Walk is Oscar,Dani,Felvin,Honey,Blue,and,Nia."Mira said."And,Team Fly is Mia,Tom,Josh,Beck,Cari,and,Angel."Amy said.

"Now,each week you will compete in race-themed challenge,the first is in 45 minutes at the raceway,and as a welcome gift,you will be living in our very special trailers,they have everything each of you like."Amy said.

She and Mira then left.The teams gathered together."Ok,now we all must promise to play fair and not cheat."Honey said."Ok,deal."They all said.

They each went to their trailers.Honey found her trailer had been covered with pictures of Red.

When Dani walked into her trailer,she saw a transmitter with her name on it."Hm,I wonder what this is?"She asked herself.She turned it on.

"Hello,Dani,if your watching this,I need your help,after your done with the show,please come to the Digital World.from Nara."The transmitter said."Wow,something must be wrong."Dani said.

45 minutes later.the teams gathered at the raceway."Ok,the challenge is a walking race.all you have to is race with each other while walking in extreme winds."Amy said.

After the challenge."The winner is,Team Walk,now go to the bleachers for elimination"Amy said.

At the bleachers."Ok,Team Fly,I tallied your votes,staying is,Mia,Beck,Josh,and,Angel."Mira started.

"Cari,Tom,you two are left,Tom your here scrapping your knee,Cari your here for almost being blown away,staying is,Tom."Mira said.

Cari hopped into the car and went home.

"Bye."Beck said.

Episode 2.

"This week,the teams run as fast as they can,stay tuned."Amy said.

"The challenge is in 56 minutes."Amy said.

21 minutes later,the teams were sitting around,when Honey asked a question that got everyone curious."What should we do until the challenge?"She asked.

The others talked until Tom came up with an idea."Why don't we tell a story,but everyone tells it one part at time?"He asked.

The others thought it was a great idea.So,they gathered in a circle.

"Ok,now to start our story,Dani will begin."Felvin said."Ok,once upon a time,there was a pirate who always loved treasure hunting until,take it Nia."Dani said.

"Until he heard of a great treasure,that no-one had ever been able to find,but Angel."Nia said.

"But,as soon as he decided to go find it,a beautiful girl stepped onto his ship,your turn Blue."Angel said passing the story.

"She was so beautiful,every time she took a step,drums were heard,"What's your name?"He asked her."My name is Nails Li,I wanna join you."She answered.The pirate thought about it,but Josh"Blue said.After deciding.

"Ok,welcome aboard,time to set sail."The pirate said.After searching for hours,they finally found it,it was buried,go on Honey."Josh said.

"It was buried on the sharp edge of a cliff,as soon as they got home,they opened it and found there was nothing there,but Beck."Honey said.

"The pirate realized,he loved Nails instead,so he asked her to marry him,she said yes,so the two got married,but they both wondered,Mia."Beck said.

"They both wondered,what could have been in the treasure chest,they researched it,turns out.Oscar."Mia said.

"It turns out there was only taffy in the chest before,they were relieved,they could live happily now,the end."Oscar said.Felvin looked at his watch."We only have 34 minutes until the challenge."He said.So they split up.

34 minutes later,they gathered at the raceway."Your challenge is running race,but you will be jumping hurdles too."Amy said,after the challenge."The winner is,Team Fly."Amy said.

At the bleachers for elimination."Ok,Team Walk,I tallied your votes,staying is,Dani,Felvin,Nia,and,Oscar."Mira started.

"Ok,Honey,Blue,you two are left,Honey your here for knocking over every hurdle.Blue your here for getting ahead of yourself,staying is,Honey."Mira finished.

Blue got in the car and went home.

"Bye."Josh said.

Episode 3.

"This week,the teams go boarding,so keep watching."Amy said.

"The challenge is in an hour and 45 minutes."Amy told the gang.

An hour and 10 minutes later,Josh was sitting around."Oh,what to do,what to do?"He asked himself.Then Honey came in."Hey Joshua."She said."What do you want?"He asked her falling asleep."Can you come with me?"She asked him back.

"Ok."He said quickly.Josh got up and followed her to the living room."Ok,now close your eyes and walk into the room."She said sweetly.

Josh closed his eyes and walked in."Surprise!!!!!"He heard.He opened his eyes,There was all of his friends."Happy birthday."They said."I can't believe it,my 9th birthday,I forgot about it,I love you guys."Josh said happy.

After they talked and played games.Josh decided to say a few words."Thank you guys for throwing me the best birthday party ever,I just wish Cari was here to share it with me."He said."Well,she is."Tom told him.

Cari walked in."I missed you."Josh said running toward her.They met in a cute display of hugs and smiles.

"Guess what,Cari will be our very special judge from now on,"Amy told them."Yay."Josh said happy.

They all went back to the party.20 minutes,it was time for Josh to blow out the candles on his birthday cake."Ok,now make a wish and blow those puppies out."Dani said excited.

"I wish that Cari could be in the contest instead of being a judge."Josh told himself,he then blew out his candles.As the guest of honor,he got the biggest piece.

So,after everyone had their cake,they all cleaned up."That was a great party,i'm stuffed."Oscar said."Right,well,i'm gonna go relax."Beck replied.

15 minutes later,the teams gathered at the raceway."The challenge is an extreme gear race,where you have to dodge obstacles and cross the finish line with your boards intact."Amy said.

After the race."The winner is,Team Fly."Amy announced.

Later at the bleachers for elimination."Ok,I tallied your votes,staying in the contest is,Dani,Nia,and,Honey."Mira started.

"Felvin,Oscar,you two are left,Oscar your here for crashing your gear,Felvin,your here coming in last,staying is,Felvin."Mira finished.

Oscar got in the car and went home.

"Later gators."Dani said.

Episode 4.

Last time it was Josh's birthday,and the challenge was an extreme gear race,the winner was Team Fly and Team Walk sent home Oscar,who's next,find out now."Amy said.

"The challenge is in 40 minutes."Amy said.

27 minutes later,Dani and Honey getting ready for their first art show of Total Sonic.Everyone was excited,except Angel."I don't see why we have to have an art show."He told the girls.

"Because we need something to do around here,it's boring."Dani said."Count me out."He said walking away.Dani and Honey looked each other and tackled Angel."Hey get off of me."He told them.

Everybody else came in and tried to break them up.No such luck."Fine,I'll be in the art show."Angel said giving up.

So they all got to work on their art.Dani and Josh decided to take photos.Angel used spray-paint.Nia,Beck,and,Tom were in a sculpture.Mia did an ice sculpture.And,Felvin painted using his feet.Soon the judges came in,Amy,Cari,and,Mira.

"Hm,I like Dani's pictures,but Josh's is a little lacking in effort."Mira said."I disagree,I like Josh's pictures but Felvin's painting is a little scary."Cari squeaked.

"Your both wrong,Nia,Beck,and,Tom's sculpture is perfection."Mira told them.So after talking."We've decided the winner,it was hard to choose,but we picked Mia as the winner."Amy told them.

Everyone cheered for her as she took her prize.

13 minutes later,the team gathered at the racing field."This week's challenge is a flying race,where you have to strap on these flight suits and re each other around the field 5 times."Amy said.

After the challenge."The winner is,Team Walk."Amy announced.

Later at elimination."Okay,Team Fly,I tallied the votes,staying is,Beck,Angel,and,Nia."Mira started/

"Josh,Tom you two are left,Josh your here because you crashed into a wall,Tom,your here for not trying your best,staying is,Josh."Mira finished.

Tom got into the car and went home.

"Well,we'll see ya next time,bye."Beck said,

Episode 5.

Last time,the challenge was flying race,Team Walk won and Team Fly sent home Tom,who is next,find out now."Mira said.

"Attention,the challenge is in 48 minutes."Amy told the teams.

12 minutes later,the gang was sitting around just playing with their thumbs."Man,it's so boring."Dani said.

"Well,no wonder,the A/C is out,and,we've done everything possible."Beck replied.Then Felvin came in."Not,quite,I have some new video games,here."He said as he tossed them theirs.

As soon as they turned them on,their eyes went wide."This isn't,is it?"Josh asked."Yep,the new Dead or Alive game from Earth,my cousin sent me them."Felvin told him.

They got to work playing.But soon,Honey asked an interesting question."Why don't we have a contest?"She asked giggling.

"You mean like a tournament?"Angel asked."You know it,now here's the rules,you have to choose a character and stick with it,finally,you have to win 3 matches to advance."She explained.

Dani chose Tina,Nia chose Kokoro,Honey chose Hitomi,Mia chose Christie,Felvin chose Zack,Beck chose Eliot,Angel chose Hayate,and,Josh chose Leon.

Then,Dani walked over to Beck and saw his choice."Hey,guys,Beck's character looks just like Eli."She said.They all huddled together and looked."Your right,how uncanny."Honey said.

They soon got to work on the fights,soon it was down to Dani vs Beck and Felvin vs Mia.After the fights,it was down to Felvin vs Beck.After their fight.

"The winner is,Felvin."Honey said.They clapped for him.Then Amy came out."This was our mini-challenge,so Felvin wins 7 extra points in the next challenge."Amy said as she left.

36 minutes later,the teams went to the raceway."Your challenge is a crawling race,where you can only crawl."Amy said.After the challenge."The winner is,Team Walk."Amy said.

Later at elimination."Okay,Team Fly,I tallied your votes,staying is,Angel and Mia."Mira said.

"Josh,Beck you two are left,Josh your here because this is your 2nd time in the bottom 2,Beck your here for spraining your hand crawling,staying is Beck."Mira said.

Josh got in the car and left.

"Wow,again,oh well see ya folks next time."Dani said.

Episode 6.

Last time on Total Sonic Race,the contestants were treated to a video game contest from Felvin,the challenge was a crawling race,Team Walk won and team Fly sent home Josh,who's next,find out."Amy said.

"The next challenge is in 3 hours and 31 minutes."Amy told them.

2 hours and 31 minutes later,the gang.was going through their closets.Once they found what they were looking for,they gathered at the main hall.

Dani was dressed in a Japanese school girl outfit,Honey was dressed in a maid costume and cat ears,Nia and Mia were dressed as punk versions of the Cheshire Cat,Felvin was dressed as Akito from Kodocha,Angel was dressed as funnily enough,Shadow,and,Beck was dressed as Billy Hatcher.They each took a seat.

"Ok,welcome to the first annual Cosplay Fan Club meeting."Mia said.They started talking about stuff,that was until Nia brought up a question.

"Why don't we have a contest,you know like a singing contest,where we have to sing a song from our favorite anime,movie,or show?"She asked them.

They talked it over and agreed.So with that,they began their contest.

After getting it set up,they all sung their songs.Then Amy,and,Mira came out.

"Personally,I think there have been too many contests,but ok,the winner of the the Cosplay singing Contest is,with a score of 89 out 100,Nia and Mia."Mira said.

They all celebrated by dancing and reading,weird right.

1 hour later,the teams went to the raceway,where they found a beach set up with 7 surf-boards set up in their favorite colors.Amy came out.

"This week's challenge is a surfing contest,where you have to surf while pulling off insane tricks."She said.After the challenge."The winner is,Team Fly,Team Walk to elimination."Amy said.

Later at the elimination."Team Walk,I tallied you votes,staying is,Dani and Felvin."Mira started.

"Nia,Honey,you two are left,Nia your here breaking your board,Honey your here for just plain failing,staying in the contest is,Honey."Mira said.

Nia got into the car and left.

"Bye Bye."Mia said.

Episode 7.

Previously,the teams did some cosplay,and the challenge was a surfing contest,Team Fly won and Team Walk sent home Nia,who's going home?"Mira and Amy asked.

Everybody was in the kitchen making some snacks."Once they finished,they all sat down to eat.

"Excuse me,the challenge in 2 hours and the teams are merging."Amy told them.They ignored her and started eating.

Dani was eating some of her ice cream,but as soon as she took a spoonful,she yelped in pain.The others looked at her."Are you ok?"Honey asked.

Dani nodded,even though she was holding her mouth."Honey walked over to her and opened her mouth and took a quick look.

"Yep,just as I thought,you have a cavity."Honey told her."How can that be,she's brushed her teeth everyday?"Mia asked."Well,even if you brush,it's not impossible to get a toothache."Honey replied.

"Then that's it,no more snacks or sweets until it's better."Beck said taking away the ice cream.

"Now,we have something that will help,but you won't be able to have any snacks for 3 days."Honey told Dani."I'm perfectly fine with that."Dani told them.

They walked over to to the bathroom and got out what Beck was talking about.

"Here you go,now spread some of this gel on your tooth once a day and you'll feel like you've had a snack."Beck said handing Dani some gel."How is that possible?"Felvin asked.

"It was created by Rose's people on Memora."Beck answered.

Dani applied some on her toothache."Wow,it feels like I just had some pie."She said happy."Now,for the rest of us,let's finish eating."Felvin said.

1 hour and 40 minutes later,the gang gathered in the raceway."Today's challenge is a skate-boarding race,where you have to skate-board while doing tricks and you have to out race your rivals."Amy said.

After the challenge."The winner is,Felvin."Amy said.

Later at the elimination."Otay,I tallied your votes,staying is,Felvin,Mia,Dani,and,Honey."Mira said.

"Angel,Beck,you two are left,Beck your here for messing up every trick you tried,Angel your here for coming in last,staying is Angel."Mira told the 2.

Beck got in the car and went home.

Episode 8.

Last time,the teams merged and Dani had a toothache,luckily,it's better now,anyway the challenge was a skate-board race,Felvin won and Beck was eliminated,who's getting eliminated next?"Amy and Mira asked.

"Ok,now the challenge is in 30 minutes,in our snow arena."Amy said.

1 minute later,the gang was in the music room,getting ready for their jam session."Okay,are we ready to get started for the first take?"Angel asked from behind the producer table."Yep,guitar ready."Dani said holding her fav."Drum are kicking."Angel said twirling his sticks.

"Vocals are good."Honey said."Back-ups are perfect."Mia announced."Ok,this is our only take."Felvin said.Music started.

"Now's the time,get in line,don't be scared tonight,we're gonna take you high before you realize,round and round you'll go ,feel the excitement grow,,this is where you let go."Honey started.

"Hands high like a roller-coaster,this love is taking over,take the time out here we go,oh-oh welcome to the show,gravity we're defying,cause we were made for flying,we're about to lose control,welcome to the show,welcome to the show,take the time out here we go,oh oh welcome to the show,Whoa-oh-oh,we're gonna have some f-u-un,turn up the bass let it bu-u-ump."Honey,Mia,and,Dani sang together.

"we've only just begun,and you can't run,hands high like a roller-coaster,this love is taking over,take the time out here we go,oh-oh welcome to the show,gravity we're defying,cause we were made for flying,we're about to lose control,we're gonna have some f-u-un,turn up the bass let it bu-u-ump.we've only just begun,and you can't run."Honey and Mia sang.

The music stopped and Felvin called everyone back.They played it and actually liked it.They added it to their C.D and went back to their rooms.

29 minutes later,the gang gathered in the raceway."This week's challenge is snow-boarding race,pretty explanatory."Amy said.After the challenge."The winner is Angel."Amy said.

Later at the elimination."Ok,I tallied the votes,staying is Angel,Mia,and,Dani."Mira started.

"Felvin,Honey you two are left,Honey your here for using your wings,unintentionally of course,but still,Felvin,your here for messing up every trick you tried,staying is,Felvin."Mira finished.

Honey used her wings to fly home.

"Aww I thought she was gonna win this time,oh well,bye."Mia said.

Episode 9.

Last time,the contestants had a jam session,the challenge was a snow-boarding ace,Angel won and Honey was sent home,who's next."Amy said.

"The challenge is in 5 hours."Amy said.

4 hours and 32 minutes later,the gang was playing some games when Dani came in."Hey,guys would you mind testing out my new invention?"She asked them."Sure,why not."Angel told her.They followed her to her room where she gave each of them a helmet.

"What are these for?"Felvin asked her."They're helmets to test if they give whoever wears them good dreams?"She answered.

They all figured they could at least put them on.They did just that."Now,please lay down on the beds and we'll get started."Dani said.They laid down and quickly fell asleep.Dani walked over to her machine.

She flipped a couple of switches.She could see what they were dreaming.Angel was dreaming about winning the contest.Mia was dreaming about Red and Honey getting back together.and,Felvin was dreaming about getting a kiss from Emily.

Dani couldn't believe her eyes.Then she decided to have fun with it.She altered Angels' dream to where he fell into some ice during the next challenge.

Next,she made Mia dream about dressing in a fish costume.Finally,she made Felvin dream about getting a bad haircut.

Dani started laughing,she laughed so loud everyone woke up.They stared at the monitors and went towards Dani.But before they could put a hand on her,"Guys,it's time for the challenge."Amy said.

They gathered at the raceway."The challenge is a skiing race,get to it."Amy said.After the challenge."The winner is,Dani."Amy announced.

Later at elimination."Okay,I counted the votes,staying is,Dani and Felvin."Mira started.

"Angel,Mia,you two are left,Mia your here turning into a rolling snow-ball halfway through the race,Angel your here for being a show-off,staying is,Angel."Mira finished.

Mia got in the car and went home.

"What can I say,bye I guess."Angel said.

Episode 10.

Last time,Dani had the others try out an invention of hers,but she misused it,the challenge was Ski race,Dani won and Mia was eliminated,who will be the final contestant eliminated,find out now.

"The challenge is in 45 minutes."Amy said.

23 minutes later,the final 3 were outside picking flowers when Mira came by with their mail she gave Felvin a letter,Angel a package and Dani one her Poke-balls.

"That's weird,who sent me a Poke-ball?"She asked.She tossed and Mew came out.Dani ran up to him and hugged him.

"Mew,great to see you."She said."You too Dani."Mew said telepathically.Angel opened his package.It was a rare Mobian plant.And finally Felvin opened his letter."Guys,it's from Blake."He said.

They huddled around to read it."Dear Dani,Felvin,and,Angel congrats on making the final 3,now things are great here,three of my students,Nora,Nuka,and,Kagnome have got me in the spirit of going on nature walks,so I figured you should too,from Blake."Felvin read.

"That sounds like a great idea,let's do it."Angel said.They went inside and got dressed in funny costumes and started walking.

They saw butterflies,moths to Dani's chagrin,and,also noticed may beautiful flowers and trees."Can you believe this great smelling air?"Felvin asked.

"Nope,we never know because we're in that stuffy house."Dani replied smiling."It's ok,it's not bad or good."Angel said.

They walked around the house 3 more time before they went inside."That was amazing,we should that more often."They all said together."I didn't like the costume though,but I grew to love them."Felvin said.

12 minutes later,the final 3 gathered in the raceway."Your challenge is a back-flipping race,where you have to keep doing back-flips and/or cartwheels."Amy said.After the challenge."The winner and making it to the finale is,Felvin."Amy said.

At the final elimination."Ok,I tallied the votes,staying is Felvin."Mira started.

"Dani,Angel you two are left,your both here for losing,staying is,Dani."Mira finished.

Angel got in the car and left.

"See you at the finale.'Amy said.

Season Finale.

"It's the finale of Total Sonic Race,who will win,Dani of Felvin,find out now."Amy and Mira said.

"The final challenge to decide who wins will be in 42 minutes."Amy told the final 2."I just know this challenge will be fast-paced."Dani said jumping."Yeah,well,I hope it'll be more than that."Felvin replied.They took one last look through the house.

They saw all the rooms they had been in and some they never had the chance to go in.They went outside looking at all the flowers and trees."Why don't we pick some flowers for everyone?"Felvin asked."Okay,I'll race you."Dani agreed.They picked a lot of flowers.

Once they were done,they went back inside to wait.33 minutes later.Dani and Felvin went to the raceway where they saw all their friends who were eliminated:Josh,Oscar,Mia,Blue,Tom,Honey,Cari,Nia,Beck and Angel.

"OK,now the final challenge to decide who the winner of this season is,A mega Race,where you have to run,jump,crawl,cycle,and,back-flip around the course 4 times."Amy told them.

After the challenge."The winner of the challenge and the season is:Felvin."Amy announced.

They all cheered for him.Dani walked away.Blue noticed this and walked over to her."Why are you so sad?"He asked her.

"I thought I was gonna win for once,but I guess coming in second isn't so bad either."She said.They rejoined the others.After having some fun.

"Ok,now for the next season,those returning for another season are,Blue,Cari,Beck,Angel,and,Honey,plus Chiruru,Chromoro,and,Debby."Mira told them.

They all were excited for the new season.

"Join all the fun on Total Sonic Space."Everyone said while bouncing on trampolines.

Season 8.Total Sonic Space.

Theme Song:Welcome to the Show

Episode 1.

"Welcome to to Total Sonic Space,where 8 contestants from season from season 5 will compete for a Chao named Whitney,a luxury bedroom set and tickets to any play or movie they want,I'm your host:Haru."Haru said.

"And,I'm your elimination host:Nikki.:Nikki said."Here comes our lucky 8 contestants:Blue,Cari,Beck,Angel,Honey,Chiruru,Chromoro,and,Debby."Haru said.

The contestants noticed there was a giant space-ship in front of them."I see you've noticed the Space Tornado,it was built by Tails,so we have nothing to worry about,now to put in you in teams,Team Final is Blue,Angel,Chiruru,and,Chromoro."Haru said.

"And,Team Frontier is Cari,Beck,Honey,and,Debby."Nikki told them."Now,if you would please step on board and we'll get started.

They all did,Nikki took the wheel and they set off for a deep space adventure."Now,we'll be at our stop in about 3 hours,so get some rest.

"Haru said.They all got into their beds and took naps.They woke up and decided to look around.It was almost identical to the house from the last season.

They all enjoyed some R&R while Haru and Nikki talked about something.3 hours later,the ship stopped.And everyone go off.

"Welcome to Planet Wisp,here you will race the carts that come out of the machines."Haru told them.

After the challenge."The winner of the first challenge is,Team Final."Haru told them.So they back on the ship and went to wait for instructions about elimination

.After few minutes,Nikki came out."Now if Team Frontier would leave,we can get this elimination started."He said.Team Frontier left.

"When someone is eliminated,they will take an escape pod that has been programmed to land on Mobius,now for the actual elimination."Nikki told them.

"Those staying are,Angel and Chiruru."Nikki started.

"Blue,Chromoro,you two are left,Chromoro your here for breaking your cart,Blue your here for using your water powers to sabotage the others,saying is Blue."Nikki finished.

Chromoro go into he escape pod and was sent back to Mobius.

"Later."Beck said.

Episode 2.

"Last time the contestants arrived and they got started with their first challenge on Planet Wisp.Team Frontier and Team Final sent home Chromoro,who's next?"Haru asked.

"We'll be at our next stop in 2 hours and 34 minutes."Haru said.

An hour and 12 minutes later,the teams gathered in the main hall."Ok,so since we're in space,we should do something as dark as it is outside."Debby told them.

They talked it over and decided to tell a scary story.They let the person who would most likely tell the scariest:Angel.

"Ok,this story is called:The Gift,this happened a while ago on my hometown,a boy witnessed something that would scar him for life."Angel started.

"What?"They asked,"He saw a girl being kidnapped,now the boy tried to save her,but he was unable.The girl was taken.He couldn't believe it.

He went to tell someone,but they ignored him.He decided to track them down.But once he got to where they were keeping the girl.The girl ran over to him.

He went to hug her,but she went right through him.The boy was confused.He asked the girl why she went right through him.Then girl broke down and cried.

She told him he was a ghost,that he was killed when he tried to save her.The boy stared at her,just then the men came after the girl again.

The boy's ghost couldn't do anything,but the girl could,she reached up to the boy and kissed him.The boy's ghost became solid and defeated the men.

But the boy's ghost did what he had to do,so he went to heaven and the girl never saw him again,THE END."Angel told them.

The girls were huddled together shivering."It was just a story."Angel said laughing."But you said it happened in your hometown?"Debby asked.

"Not really."Angel replied.Still in shock over the story,they all split up.

An hour and 22 minutes later,the gang got off the ship."Welcome to Fightoria."Haru said."Oh,Eli's home planet."Cari said.

"Yep,now the challenge is a fighting tournament,where you have to fight each other."Haru said.After the challenge."The winner is Team Frontier for the second week in a row."Haru said.

Back on the ship at elimination."Ok,Team Final,the votes have been tallied,staying is Blue."Nikki said.

"Angel,Chiruru,you two are left,Chiruru your here for losing your fight,Angel your here for telling such a scary story,staying in the contest is,Chiruru..Nikki told them.

Angel got in the escape pod and was sent home.

"C Ya."Debby said.

Episode 3.

Last time,the teams decided to tell a scary story,they let Angel do it,leading to them all to get scared silly,the challenge was a fighting tournament on Fightoria,Team Frontier won again and Team Final sent home Angel,probably because of the story,who's next?"Nikki said.

"The challenge and our stop will be in an hour."Haru said.

25 minutes later,the gang was were looking out the windows of the space-ship gazing at the stars."Wow,can you believe how beautiful how beautiful the stars are?"Cari asked.

"No,you never the see them like this in the city."Blue replied.They also saw more planets.

"Hey,Haru are we going to those planets next?"Debby asked.

"No,the next planet we're going to is more beautiful than those."Haru answered.They noticed some constellations."Look,it's the Big Dipper."Beck said pointing.

"Over there is Orion's Belt."Honey said hinting towards another."You know the size of a star indicates how hot it is."Beck said."Really?"Chiruru asked?"I don't know."He replied.

"Good one."Honey said.They continued looking noticing all of the beauty and wonder that space had to offer.

Of course they didn't know that someone was watching them from across the way,but that's a story for another day.Anyway,the gang soon got to thinking about stars and planets from other galaxies.

"I'm telling you,even if their is a second Mobius somewhere,they probably wouldn't be as interesting as us."Beck said."And,we're saying that even if that's true,they would probably be more evil."Blue said.

"Enough,let's just look at the stars again."Debby told them.They did just that.

35 minutes later they got off the ship to find a beautiful planet covered in flowers.

"Welcome to Memora,Rose's home planet,here you have a flower picking contest."Haru said.After the challenge.Making a surprise comeback is Team Final:the winners."Haru said.

Later back on the ship at elimination."Ok,team Frontier,I tallied the votes,staying is,Cari and Debby."Nikki said.

"Beck,Honey you two are left,Honey your here stopping to smell the roses,ha ha,anyway Beck your here for getting pricked by a thorn,4 to be exact,staying is Honey."Nikki said.

Beck got into the escape-pod and was sent home.

"Good night."Cari said.

Episode 4.

Previously,The teams were looking at the stars when a fight almost broke out between Beck and Blue,luckily Debby broke it up,the challenge was on Memora,where teams had a flower picking contest."Nikki said.

"Team Final finally won even though they only had 2 members left as opposed to Team Frontier's 4,anyway at elimination it was down to Beck and Honey,with Beck getting eliminated,who's next to get the boot,find out now."Haru said.

"The challenge is in an 1 hour."Haru told them.

10 minutes later,everyone was laying on the floor of the space-ship."It's so hot in here."Debby said."How can it be,this is a space-ship?"Blue asked.

"Because the air-conditioner broke and Nikki is fixing it."Haru told them fanning herself.

"Well,we need something to keep us cool,how about some lemonade?"Chiruru asked.They decided to make some lemonade.

They went to the fridge and go out lemons,and a pitcher of water,then they grabbed the sugar."Ok,now let's see first squeeze the lemons."Debby said.

So Blue decided to do that."Next,add a couple spoonfuls of sugar to the water."Debby said."Honey that did."Add the lemon juice to the water."Debby said.

When that was done,they needed a taste test,so they asked Cari.She took a sip and told them it was perfect.They each poured themselves a cup and started drinking.

They soon felt refreshed,so they went to play some games.But for some reason,they each except Cari kept coming back for more lemonade.They soon had all of it gone.

They no longer felt hot,just then Nikki finished fixing the A/C.But even when that happened,the teams still made lemonade.

50 minutes later,the teams got off the space-ship."Welcome to Zerga,Lizzie's planet,here you will race trains"Haru told them.After the challenge."The winner,once again is Team Final."Haru said,

Later back on the ship for elimination."Ok,I tallied the votes Team Frontier,staying is Debby."Nikki told them.

"Cari,Honey you two are left,Cari your here for being scared to race with the train you were given,Honey your here for over-using your train,staying in the contest is,Honey."Nikki said.

Cari got into the escape pod and was sent home.

"I can't believe she didn't win again,I'll have to have a word with Team Frontier later,anyway bye."Blue said.

Episode 5.

"Last time,the teams made lemonade,the challenge was Train Race,Team Final won again and Team Frontier sent home Cari,who's next?"Nikki asked.

"The challenge will be in 6 hours on Earth,and,the teams are merging."Haru said.

3 hours later,the gang was sitting around."Can you believe we're going to Earth,I mean I know some things about it."Honey said."Like what?"Debby asked.

"Well,there's so many shopping malls,museums,and even theme parks."Honey answered.

"Yeah,but we're only going for a challenge."Blue told them."Yeah,but maybe we can talk Haru and Nikki into letting us explore the planet,I mean this is a once in a lifetime opportunity."Chiruru replied.

"I hope they do,Dani once told me she went to a place called Japan."Debby said."I know,I went there too."Honey pointed out.

"Really,what was it like?"The other 3 asked her.

"Well,it wasn't much of a vacation,Dani had to go to the feudal era of Japan to help a half-demon half-human named Inuyasha,which lead us on a massive adventure,of course it was fun too,but we almost died numerous times,we were even there for Inuyasha's wedding to Kagome:a human girl that Dani met almost as soon as the first 5 got there,talk about weird but the other parts of Japan were amazing."Honey finished explaining.The other 3 were staring with their mouths open.

"Whoa,now I really hope we land in Japan."Blue said."Don't worry,we will."Haru said.That got everyone happy.

3 hours later,they got off the ship in Japan."The challenge is a Japanese singing contest,where you have to sing a song in Japanese.;Haru said.After the challenge."The winner is,Debby."Haru said.

Later on the ship for elimination.'Ok,I tallied the votes,staying is Debby and Chiruru."Nikki said.

"Honey,Blue you two are left,Honey your here for attracting too much attention,Blue your here for messing up the words to your song,staying is,Blue."Nikki said.

Honey got into the escape pod and was sent home.

"Bye for now."Debby and Blue said together.

Episode 6.

Last time the final 4 went to Japan on Earth,where they had a singing contest,Debby won and Honey was sent home,who will be the final contestant eliminated?"Haru asked.

"Attention,we will be landing on Mobius in about 30 minutes."Haru said.

15 minutes later,the gang was getting their stuff packed."Can you believe this season is almost over?"Chiruru asked."I know,we had so many adventures in space."Blue told her.

"Well,sine I made it this far,I'm probably gonna win."Debby told both of them."We'll see."The other two said.The ship made a landing.

"Now,from here,we're going to a cottage for the rest of the contest."Haru said.

They arrived at the cottage."Now,you have at leas 5 minutes left until the challenge,so relax."Nikki told them.They sat down at the cottage and relaxed.

5 minutes later,they woke up from their naps to find a bunch of people taking pictures of them.

"What's going on?"They asked.Haru and Nikki came in."Their part of the challenge where you have to be interviewed,have your pictures taken and more."Haru said.

So they started the challenge.First was the interviews.

"Debby,what was it like in space?"A reporter asked."Oh,it was amazing,seeing all the stars."Debby answered.

"Blue,did you see any beautiful places?"Another reporter asked.

"Yes,we actually went to Memora,they had so many flowers,I felt bad for picking them."Blue answered.

"Chiruru,did you have any rivalries while in space?"The last reporter asked.

"Well,in every competition show,there's bound to be,I think it's all about dealing with the ways to keep from going too far."Chiruru answered.

With that the interview was over.Now they went to the picture taking part of the challenge.

They all sat around while the photographers took their pictures.Finally was the most important,the outfit dress-up.Blue got into a tuxedo,Debby wore a glimmering white gown,and,Chiruru wore her best training gear.

"Ok,the winner is,Blue for giving an excellent interview."Haru said

At the final elimination."Ok,staying is Blue."Nikki said.

"Debby,Chiruru,you two are left,Debby your here for shoddy pictures,Chiruru your here for your poor choice in fashion,staying and making it to the finale is,Debby."Nikki said.

Chiruru used the escape pod in the cottage for some reason and went home.

"See you on the finale."Debby and Blue said.

Episode 7.Season Finale.

"Last time,the final 3,Debby,Chiruru,and,Blue landed back here on Mobius,the challenge was a paparazzi themed contest,Blue won and Chiruru was eliminated,who will win,find out now."Nikki said,

"The final challenge to decide the winner will be"Haru said.Debby and Blue rushed to the biggest room of the cottage.

There they saw all their friends who had been eliminated:Cari,Beck,Angel,Honey,Chiruru,and,Chromoro."Ok,the challenge is a super space adventure,where you have to do everything we did this season."Haru told them.

After the challenge."The winner of the season is,Blue."Niki said.

After everyone partied,Haru and Nikki forgot everyone's attention."You guys knows this was the last season of this set,so in a couple months will be the Total Sonic Audition Show,where we will be looking at the audition tapes from all the contestants."Haru said.

The 8 were left speechless.Once everyone snapped out the shock,they got back to the party.Later when it was time for all of them to go home,they all climbed into the limo and went home.

But on the way."I forgot to tell you guys,the show will be at Station Square Stadium and will be at 4:00."Haru told the 8.

"See you on the Total Sonic Audition Show."Everyone said.Once everyone got back to their homes they decided to pick out their outfits for the show."Well,this ought to be fun."Someone said from the shadows.

Total Sonic Audition Show.

"Hello,welcome to the Total Sonic Audition Show,where we will be looking at the audition tapes from our 22 contestants of this season."Haru said."Yep,now let's get this started.

The intro plays.

"Now,let's get started with bringing out the contestants:Debby,Ali,Emily,Chiruru,Honey,Mia,Nia,Serenity,Rosalina,Dani,Josh,Oscar,Felvin,Chromoro,Tom,

Crash,Blue,Angel,Evan,Beck,Roy,and,Cari.'Bean said.They arrived."Ok,now let's get started with our first audition tape:Dani."Haru said.They put in Dani's tape and pressed play.

We see Dani in a park."Um,hello,I'm Dani the Bat,I would like to be on the show for seasons 5-8,mainly because I've always wanted to test my skills against other people,no other motive,now let me tell you some of my quirks,I am a hard worker,very emotional though,and I tend to say random and mean things,but I usually don't mean any of them.Please pick me."Dani said on her tape.They ejected the tape."Well,I'm glad I made a simple tape."Dani said.

"Now for Cari and Josh's."Bean said.They put in their tape.We see a camera turn to the two."You guys wanna say something to the T.S.C.C?"We hear Natasha ask."Well,I don't know,Cari?"Josh asked.Cari whispered into Josh's ear."Cari says she would like to audition to come out of her shell and talk more."Josh said.Cari whispered in his ear again.

"Oh,she also says she wants to make some new friends."Josh added."Now,I want to audition so I can show everyone there that I can be a responsible and mature adult even though I'm only eight,finally,I want to see more of the world instead of being locked up at home or here at M.A"Josh said."Darn,battery is dying,wrap it up."Natasha tells the two.

"Oh,ok pick us."Josh said.Haru ejects the tape.

"How about we go to Tom?"Bean asked putting in the tape.It starts playing,we see Tom sitting in his room while Lizzie films."Ok,I'm Tom,leader or co-leader of Team Davrit,I only want on the show to keep Dani in check,though in the case that she ends up in a season without me,then Evan,Crash,or even Debby will watch her for me assuming they get in too,also I'm a great competitor, and I'm sure to bring ratings,even though I don't care about those.Tom said.

The camera shuts off and Bean ejects the tape."How about we take a look at Rosalina's audition tape?"Haru asked.They put it in.The tape started rolling,we see Rosalina meditating.She opens her eyes and sees the camera."Um,hello,I want to try out for the show,so I can interact with more people and actually do some good."Rosalina said getting up.

"Like if someone saw me doing something positive they would follow in the same suit,like picking up litter or something,plus I'd love to compete in something,just saying."Rosalina said turning off the camera.Haru takes out the tape.

"Next we'll have a look at Chromoro and Chiruru's tape."Bean said putting in the tape.We see the two enjoying some training when we hear Lauren's voice."Guys,it's time for your audition."She told the two.

"Ok,well as you can we are twins,as such we do almost if not everything together,so when we found out there was an audition,we decided to try out,even if one of us gets sent home,we won't care,because the other would be glad to continue."Chiruru started."But just in case you don't believe us,we'll show you."Chromoro said.

They walked over to a bench.Lauren sat the camera down on a tripod and walked over to the others."Ok,Chromoro,Chiruru,you two are left,only one of you will continue,staying in the contest is:Chromoro."Lauren said."Good luck."Chiruru said walking away.She came back."See we'll be perfect."She said.

The camera shuts off.

'Ok,now for Ali's."Haru said.She put in the tape.We see Ali cleaning some stuff at home."Ali,once your done,you can try out for that show."We hear Charlotte say from another room.Ali gets done with cleaning and turns to the camera."Oops,did I forget to turn it off,sorry,what should I say for this,um."Ali says.She thinks for a minute.

"I know,for Total Sonic,I will bring a whole new aura to the show,I promise not to bring ghosts with me,so you don't have to worry about that,next,I want to see some of my friends,like Carl,or Loki,finally,I want to be a cast member in order to try to make peace in case any fights break out.'Ali said.

"So,please choose me."She said turning off the camera.

"Ok,now for Honey."Bean says putting in the tape.We see Meru holding the camera,at least it looks that way,since we can clearly see the tips of angel wings from the sides of the frame.Honey is reading,she looks up and notices the camera."What's that for?"She asks Meru."Your audition for Total Sonic,seriously."Meru answered.

"Ok,well me and Red just broke up a few months ago,I feel this will be a good way to get over it and let loose,now my strengths are being to fly and basically getting along with people,and my only weakness is my obsession with making friends I have to be honest,the only reason I want this is because Meru told me how fun it was for her."Honey said,

"Oh it was fun he he."Meru said under breath."What was that Meru?"Honey asked."Nothing."Meru lied.

"Well,I gotta pack,bye."Honey said.The cameras shuts off."How about Nia's now?"Haru asked.She puts the tape in.We see Nia in a recording studio."Hey guys,instead of telling you why I want to be in the new season of Total Sonic,I'll sing it for you."Nia said.Music starts.

"I wanna join the cast for all the amazing fun and secrets,for all the best and bad times,and most importantly the challenges to test my own skills and stamina."Nia sang.She stops the music."BYE."She said turning off the camera.'Now for Beck and Roy."Bean said.He put in the tape.We see the brothers in what appears to be wrestling practice.

The contestants noticed that the camera was being held by someone unknown."Yo,it's time."Beck told his brother."I know,let's get this over with."Roy said.They walked over to the camera."We wanna be in this season to settle our rivalry with each other."Beck said.

"Only you do Bro,I want to prove I'm better than you."Roy replied."Whatever,jerk-wad."Beck snapped.Then the mystery camera person tells them to wrap it up."Well,that's it."Beck says.The camera shuts off.

"Now,for Evan."Haru says putting in the tape.They see Evan at batting practice.'Hey,you wanna say something to the T.S.C.C?"We hear Tom ask.

"That depends,have you done yours already?"Evan asks."Yeah,go ahead.'Tom answers.Evan puts down the bat and sits on a bench."Why do I want to be in Total Sonic,well I feel in the show,I can show off my sports skills and demonstrate my reflexes.

"Evan said.'Is that all?"Tom asked."No,I also want to start my career as an athlete."Evan told him."Ok,well,I have to go film Dani's."Tom told Evan.

Bean takes out the tape and put's in another one."This is Debby's."Bean tells them.We see Debby relaxing in M.A's pool.

"Hello,this is for the Total Sonic audition,well I still have 5 minutes left so I might as well tell you,I always have to be the center of attention,so I think that being on Total Sonic will boost my popularity status,plus who wouldn't want to be on t.v?"Debby asked.She then got out of the pool and dried off.

"Before I go,I have to say that I loved Kalin:my boy-friend on the show,So I wanna experience it too to feel the rush he did."Debby said."Let me see did I forget anything?"Debby asked.She thought for a while."Nope,later.."She said.

Haru ejects the tape and puts' in another."Now for Oscar's."She said.The footage starts.Oscar is laying on his bed sleeping when Blake and Hannah sneak in and ties him up.

"Hey Oscar,could you say you want to audition for Total Sonic?"Hannah whispered.

"Sure,I would like to audition for Total Sonic."Oscar said still sleeping."Also,could you say your looking forward to the fun"Blake asked."Yeah,I'm looking forward to the fun,can't wait.'Oscar said.

The camera turns off.Oscar just stares."Oh,they are gonna get it."Oscar tells himself."Now for Blue's."Haru said,The tape starts.Blue is racing with Red and Sonic when Sonic points out Sonia holding the camera.

"Yo,even though I don't want to be in the show,Sonic,Sonia,and,Manic told me it was fun,so I might as well,who knows it might even be fun."Blue said."You know it will."Red said."Ditto,man."Manic told him.'Yep."Sonic replied.'Let's hope.'Blue said.The camera turns off.

"Let's check out Mia's."Bean said putting in the tape.We see Mia swinging from a tree.

"Heya,I wanna be in Total Sonic,so I can express my wild side and hopefully win some cool prizes,but seriously,I want to be in the show to see how Honey has been doing since the break-up because I'm worried about her,so please for Honey's sake."Mia said.The camera shuts off.

"For Felvin's."Bean said putting in a tape."The footage starts.We see Felvin playing a video game."Hey,if your wondering why I want to be in Total Sonic,well i think you should choose me for all the jokes I could play,and for all the love I could give,now if you would excuse me,I gotta game to finish,:He said turning off the camera.

"It's time for Angel and Serenity's"Haru said."She put in the tape.We see the two enjoying a tea party with Cream and Cheese.

"Would you like some more sugar?"Cream asks."Yes,I would love some,and you?"Serenity asked Angel."Yes please."Angel said.They notice the camera.

"Me and Serenity would like to be in the next four seasons to enjoy the company of the other contestants and bring some manners and serenity to the contest.'Angel said."Yes,so please choose us."Serenity added.

"Finally the final 2:Emily and Crash.'Haru and Bean said together.They put in the tape.It showed Emily playing the trumpet when Crash runs up to her."Emily,we're on."He told her.They turned to the camera.

"We are scrapped for time,so we'll make this short,please put us in the season,mainly for the chance to see our friends and to test our skills."Crash said."Yes,if you do,you won't be sorry."Emily said."So,think about it,we hope you pick us."She said as she finished playing."What she said."Angel replied.

Then the camera shuts off.

"Well,now that we've shown you the tapes,we have an announcement,there will 4 more seasons,those competing in Season 9 are 22 new contestants:Vana,Eliot,Natsumi,Carter,Saki,Adi,Chi,Ziren,Gizmo,Louise,Shadow,Xion,Mighty,Dynasty,Loki,Misty,

Leon,Anna,Alice and 2 special contestants:Blade and Markk."Haru said."Why are the last two special,beside their names?"Honey and Ali asked.

"You might find out when the contest begins."Haru answered with a sly grin."Anyway,that,s only 21."Cari said unexpectedly.

"Your right,the 22nd contestant is standing behind the curtain behind us."Bean said pointing to the figure whose shadow could be seen."Who is it?"Honey asked."Yeah."Everyone else asked.

"It's the owner and head of the Total Sonic Contest Committee,some of you may know him."Bean said."He's also very rich and gave us the funding for all the seasons."Bean said."Who is it?"Everyone asked."You guys really wanna know?"Haru asked."Yes!!!!"They yelled excited."Are you sure?"Bean asked."Yessssssss!!!!!!!"They yelled even louder.

"Ok,mystery contestant,could you come on out please?"Bean and Haru asked.Out came a familiar looking fox with orange hair and purple streaks."Hi guys.'He said."Burst????"They all asked.

"Yes,i'm the 22nd contestant,owner of Total Sonic,and,head of the T.S.C.C:Burst the Fox,now while i'm here I want everyone to treat me like a regular competitor."Burst told them.

They agreed.Everyone got into the limo and were dropped off at their homes.