Total Sonic Part 3.

Season 9.Total Sonic Fight.

Theme song:Devils Never Cry

Episode 1.

"Hello,welcome to the new era of Total Sonic,seasons 9 through 12,as always,the winner will receive 3 prizes,but let's get to that later,welcome to Total Sonic Fight,where every week,we'll use our simulator for fight themed challenges,i'm your host:Dani."Dani said.

"And,i'm the elimination host:Michael the Fox."Michael said."Let's bring out the contestants:Vana,Eliot,Natsumi,Carter,Saki,Adi,Chi,Ziren,Gizmo,Louise,Shadow,Xion,Mighty,Dynasty,Loki,Misty, Leon,Anna,Alice,Blade,Markk,and Burst,now you all should know that while he's here,Burst wants to be treated like a normal contestant."Dani said.

The contestants arrived."Ok,the 3 prizes your playing for are:A Chao named Ariana,a years supply of candy,and,a new car,now for teams,Team K.O is Vana,Carter,Adi,Chi,Gizmo,Xion,Mighty,Misty,Leon,Blade and Burst."Dani said.

"That means Team Ring-Out is Eliot,Natsumi,Saki,Louise,Shadow.Dynasty,Loki,Anna,Alice,Markk,and,Ziren."Ali told them.

"You all have about 30 minutes to move in,get to it."Dani said.They all spread out to find their rooms."Hm,room 6,where is it?"Eliot asked.

He soon found it,when he walked in,he saw Blade and Markk there."I guess this means we're room-mates."Blade told him.

"I guess so."Eliot said putting his stuff on his bed.Well,I'm going out,see ya."Markk said leaving.Meanwhile with Burst,he was talking with Vana.

"It's pretty weird how we ended up in the same season."Vana told him.

"Yeah,but with both of us here,it should be fun."Burst replied.Just then Loki walked up to them."Hey,Carter wants to know if he can switch with me?"He asked Burst."I don't care what he does at the moment."Burst replied changing his attitude.Loki walked away.

"Are you still mad at him after all these years?"Vana asked him."I might be,later."Burst said walking away.

While that was going on,Natsumi,Chi,and,Alice were talking."Well,this ought to be an interesting season,we have two vampires:Burst and Saki,one ultimate life-form:Shadow,and we even have two cute guys who are."Alice aid before stopping.

"What?"Chi asked."Nothing,never-mind."Alice replied.

15 minutes later,the teams gathered at the simulator."Here we go."Dani said.She pressed a button on the big machine in front of them,the room instantly looked like a wrestling ring.

"This is a normal fight where you have to fight the other team."Dani said.After the challenge."The winner of the first challenge is Team Ring-Out."Dani told them.

Later,Team K.O arrived at the elimination room which was shaped like a temple.'Ok,let's get started,staying in the contest is,Carter,Adi,Gizmo,Mighty,Blade,Vana,Xion,Misty,and,Chi."Michael started.

"Leon,Burst you two are left,Burst your here because you let your opponent beat you,Leon your here for losing your fight,staying is,Leon."Michael said.

Leon took the zip-line and went home.

"More fun on the way."Anna said as she played with Alice.

Episode 2.

"Last time,the 22 contestants arrived,there was some drama,but that was over quickly,the challenge was a plain old fight,Team Ring-out won and Team K.O sent home Leon,who's next?"Dani asked.

"The challenge is in 57 minutes."Dani told the teams using her voice recorder.

19 minutes later,Chi was laying around bored."I'm so bored,I wish Blake was here this season."She said out loud."Why?"Louise asked.

"Because it's fun to mess with him."Chi answered."Your right about that girl."Saki said in her Japanese-British accent.

"I don't see why it should matter if he's here,you could just mess with someone else here."Mighty told her.

"That's true."Chi agreed.She then stood up."I challenge anyone to a strength contest."Chi said proudly.Eliot,Mighty,and,Shadow stepped up to the plate.

Chi showed them to the weight room."Ok,here's how it'll go,there will be 3 challenges,whoever can lift every single item,wins."Chi told them.

First up was a boat,Chi lifted it with ease,it was then Eliot's turn.He wasn't able to lift it.

Next,was an ice statue.Chi and Shadow were the only one's who could lift it.They went on to the final object,a fully loaded ski boat.

"Ok,let's do this."Shadow said.They got into position."On your mark,get set,go."Xion told them.

They picked up their ski boats and spun around then threw them.They both went flying and crashed through the window's glass.

"Well,I'd say it was a tie,wouldn't you?"Chi asked Shadow."Yeah,I guess."They left the room just moments before Dani and Ali arrived.

"When I find out who did this,they'll be in so much trouble!!"Dani yelled.The gang met up at Misty and Dynasty's room."Well,that was bad."Eliot said.

"I know,luckily I have tools to fix it."Gizmo said.They got to work and fixed the window."Good,now go."Dani said.

38 minutes later,the teams gathered at the simulator."Ok,here we go."Dani said pressing the button.The whole room turned into a space-ship and the gravity switched off.

"Your challenge is to fight with no gravity."Dani told them.After the challenge."The winner is Team K.O."Dani told them.

Later at elimination."I tallied your votes:Team Ring-out,staying is,Eliot,Saki,Shadow,Anna,Markk,Louise,Dynasty,Alice,and,Ziren."Michael started.

"Loki,Natsumi,you two are left,Natsumi your here for throwing up,Loki your here being smug,staying is,Natsumi."Michael finished.

Loki took the zip-line home.

"Adios."Alice said winking.

Episode 3.

"Previously,Chi challenged everyone to a strength contest,when it was down to her and Shadow,things got out of hand,the challenge was an anti-gravity fight,Team K.O won and Team Ring-out sent home Loki,who's next?"Michael asked.

"The challenge is in 35 minutes."Dani said.

11 minutes later,Misty was walking around the house.Her sister noticed this."What are you doing?"Dynasty asked.

"I'm exploring the house,I mean this is our first season,so I wanna see more of the house we'll be staying at for the next couple months."Misty explained.

Dynasty wasn't about to argue,so they went exploring together.They saw 8 main halls,6 pools,2 kitchens,4 lounges,7 ball-rooms,5 bathrooms,3 sky decks, and 1 huge garden.

"How was Burst able to pay for this?"Dynasty asked.They decided to ask him.

They found him on the roof.He noticed them coming and turned around.

"So,you wanna know how I was able to afford this house?"He asked."How did he know that?"Misty asked her sister.

"I can read minds,but to answer your question,this was my parents house when I was little,when they left the value went down and I bought it last year,I fixed it and that's when I came up with the idea of this show."Burst answered.

"Wow,to think of what you had to do to get it ready."Misty said."Your right about that,but that's for another time."Burst replied.

They left the roof and the sisters told everyone what Burst had told them.

Everyone else was surprised,except Vana.Apparently,Burst had told her before.

24 minutes later,the teams gathered at the simulator."Let's do this."Dani told them.

She pressed the button.The room automatically filled with snow."Here you will fight with snow-balls."Dani said.

After the challenge."The winner is Team Ring-out."Dani told them.

Later at elimination."OK,Team K.O,I tallied the votes,staying is,Carter,Mighty,Vana,Misty,Chi,Gizmo,Blade,and,Burst."Michael started.

"Adi,Xion you two are left,Xion your here hitting one of your own team-mates by accident,Adi your here for for getting hit every time,staying is,Adi."Michael finished.

Xion grabbed the zip-line and went home.

"We'll see you next time,that is if Matt doesn't cancel the show first."Carter said.

Episode 4.

"Last time,Dynasty and Misty went exploring,they to say the least amazed at how big the house was,the challenge was snow-ball fight,Team Ring-out won and Team K.O sent home Xion,who is next?"Dani and Michael asked.

"The challenge is in 20 minutes."Dani said using her voice recorder.

8 minutes later,everyone was laying around until Natsumi brought up an embarrassing question."Who's in a relationship?"She asked.Everyone went silent.

That was until Burst stepped up."We all know I am."He said.That started a chain reaction of answers.Natsumi walked up to everyone."Maria."Shadow said.

"Myself."Mighty replied."Not really in one,but if I had to say:Blake."Chi said.Burst looked at her and then looked away.

"No-one."Carter,Vana,Misty,Dynasty,Gizmo,Anna,Louise,and Alice said."My master's 7 yeard old grand-daughter."Eliot said covering his face.Everyone looked at him kinda disgusted.

"Only in a sibling way."He replied.

"Oh."They said."What about you?"She asked Adi.Adi looked at her and bowed his head."Sorry."Natsumi apologized."How about you miss vampire?"Natsumi asked Saki.

"I don't think that's any of your concern."She snapped."So,no.'Natsumi said.

She then turned to Ziren."Alex."Ziren said.

"Well,for me,it would have to be no-one for me."Natsumi said."Ha,then why did you ask all of us?"Blade asked.

"I don't recall asking you or Markk."Natsumi told him.

Then she turned to him."Well?"She asked."Well,what?"He asked.'Who are you in a relationship with?"She asked him."Well,um."Blade said.

He then looked at Markk.Markk shook his head."Well,that would have to be Ashlynn."Blade said.Finally,she turned to Markk.

"I'm in a relationship with Cassandra,she's a neighbor of mine."Markk said.

"Well,that wasn't so hard was it?"Natsumi asked.Everyone groaned and left."Was it something I asked?"She asked herself.

4 minutes later.The teams arrived at the simulator."OK,let's begin."Dani said.She pressed the button on the machine.Instantly,Lava filled the room.

Everyone jumped to get out of the way."You big babies,it's just water colored to look like lava."Dani said."Seriously."She shook her head.

"The challenge is a lava fight,where you have to fight to push each other into the "lava."Dani told them.After the challenge.'The winner is Team K.O."Dani said.

At elimination."K.k,I tallied the votes,staying is,Eliot,Anna,Louise,Dynasty,Ziren,Saki,Alice,and,Natsumi."Michael said.

"Markk,Shadow you two are left,Markk your here being too rough,Shadow your here for not caring at all about the challenge,staying is Markk."Michael told the two.

Shadow grabbed the zip-line and went back home.

"That was close,latez."Markk said.

Episode 5.

"Last week,Natsumi asked who was in a relationship,plenty of embarrassment went around,the challenge was a "lava" fight,Team K.O won and Team Ring-out sent home Shadow,who's next?"Dani asked.

"The challenge is in 53 minutes."Dani said using her voice recorder.

37 minutes later,everyone was just laying around.Except Dynasty and Misty who were playing Go Fish."Got any 8's?"Misty asked."Go fish."Dynasty told her.

Just then Burst came in carrying a box."I just got something in the mail."He told them."What?"Ziren asked.

"Costumes from Rosa."Burst answered."You know Rosa?"Alice asked.

Burst opened the box."Yeah,she's the girl-friend of Blake,at least I think,anyway,there's an orange one,a purple one,a chartreuse one,a marigold one,and,a yellow one."Burst told them.

Everybody went over to the box.They took a look."They're martial arts suits."They said together.Then Chi had an idea.

"Why don't we."She said before she pulled everyone down.10 minutes later,5 figures could be seen.They spoke."We are the Contestant Force D3."They said together.

"Fearlessly leading,Contestant Orange."Chi's voice could be heard saying."Always athletic,Contestant Purple."Eliot's voice said."Usually eating,Contestant Yellow."Misty's voice said.

"With energy like a bull,Contestant Chartreuse."Vana's voice said."I like to color,Contestant Marigold."Mighty's voice said.

They ran like the wind to find the cry of help they heard.They found the source in one of the lounges.

It was Contestant Yellow's sister:Lisa:played by Dynasty being held hostage by the vicious Mrs.Gunner:played by Ziren."Let her go."Orange told Gunner.

"Never,in fact why don't you join her."Gunner told them.She hit a button and a steel cage came falling,they barely dodged it."Chartreuse,Marigold,you distract Gunner while me,Orange,and,Purple rescue Lisa."Yellow said.

The two ran after Gunner."You really think that plan will work,ha ha."Gunner laughed.But while she was laughing,Orange,Purple,and,Yellow freed Lisa.

"I'll get you for this Contestant Force D3."Gunner said flying away."We'll defeat you someday,Gunner."Orange said."Well,what should we do now?"Purple asked.

"I guess we should go home."Chartreuse said."Yeah,I hear there's a new special at our favorite diner."Marigold told them.They left and the game was over.

6 minutes later,the teams arrived at the simulator."Ok,let's begin."Dani said as she pressed the button.The room stayed the same,but several discs came out of the wall and flew into each of the contestants hands.

"This week's challenge is a Holo-Fight where you have to fight using the moves programmed on the discs in your hand."Dani told them.

After the challenge."The winner is,Team Ring-out."Dani said.

At elimination."Ok,Team K.O I counted the votes,staying in the contest is,Carter,Misty,Chi,Burst,Vana,Mighty,and,Blade."Michael started.

"Adi,Gizmo,you two are left,Adi your here for using your disc wrong,Gizmo your here for being a show-off,staying is Adi."Michael finished.

Gizmo grabbed the zip-line and went home.

"What a nail-biter."Anna said.

Episode 6.

"Last time,the Contestant Force came back as the Contestant Force D3,the challenge was a Holo-Fight,Team Ring-out won and Team K.O sent home Gizmo,who's getting the boot next,find out now."Dani said yawning.

"The challenge is in an hour and 12 minutes."Dani said using her voice recorder.56 minutes later,Eliot was practicing his poses."Ok,now for the crossing wrist-snap."He said.Just then the door burst open."Eliot,what are you doing?"Mighty asked.

"I'm practicing my Xing Yi Quan."Eliot answered."Yeah well it's time to stop that and join everyone for some t.v."Mighty told him."Not right now."Eliot replied.

"No I said now!"Mighty snapped.Of course everybody heard Mighty yell and rushed to Eliot,Markk,and,Blade's room.

"What's all the yelling about?"Saki asked."Mighty won't leave me alone to practice."Eliot told her."Mighty,knock it off!"Vana yelled."Why don't you tell him to?"He asked her.

"Because if he want's to practice he should."She told him.Burst then came in."I have a solution."He said."What?"They asked.Burst didn't answer,he just grabbed a remote from his wrist and pushed the only button on it.

The room expanded into a wrestling ring."Has that always been there?"Louise asked him."Yeah,now Eliot and Mighty will fight to decide what happens."Burst said."What are you crazy?"Carter asked him."Shut up,now begin the fight."Burst said.

Eliot and Mighty looked at each in an anime style awkward laugh,but they then ran into the ring and began the fight.Mighty ran up to Eliot and tried to punch him,but Eliot jumped and threw him.

Mighty went down hard.But he got back up and tried to kick Eliot,again Eliot dodged it,but this time he grabbed Mighty used his palm and punched him,then did it again,this time to the head and then kicked him down.

Mighty still got back up."Your good,but can you dodge this?"He asked Eliot.He charged toward Eliot and tried to kick and punch him,but Eliot ducked,came back up jumped spun around and kicked Mighty in the head,then finished it with a punch to the stomach.Mighty went down for the final time.

Eliot looked around and everyone was staring at him.Some scared,others impressed,all amazed.Mighty got up and patted Eliot on the shoulder.

"Good job."He told Eliot.Once the two got out of the ring,Burst put it away.Everyone left and Eliot got back to training."Good job."He told himself.35 minutes later,the teams arrived at the simulator.

"Um,this is embarrassing,but the machine will be broken for about 3 weeks,so we'll have to improvise."She told them.She handed them each a DS."The challenge is a fighting video game tourney."Dani told them.After the challenge."The winner is Team K.O."Dani told them

At the elimination."I tallied the votes,staying in the contest is,Anna,Louise,Saki,Markk,Dynasty,Alice,and,Ziren."Michael said.

"Eliot,Natsumi you two are left,Eliot your here for scaring everybody during your fight with Mighty,Natsumi,your here for being unable to understand the rules of the tourney,staying is,Eliot."Michael told the two.Natsumi grabbed the zip-line and went home.

"I'm sorry for scaring you guys."Eliot told the others."It's ok,we forgive you.'They said.

Episode 7.

"Last time Eliot and Mighty got into an actual martial arts match,Eliot won of course scaring everyone,the challenge was a fighting video game tourney,Team K.O won and Team Ring-out almost sent home Eliot,but in the end Natsumi was eliminated,who's next?"Michael asked.

"The challenge is in 3 hours."Dani told the teams using her voice recorder.

An hour and thirty minutes later,Vana,Chi,Misty,and,Dynasty had set up their own discussion show named:Girl Talk."We go live in ten seconds."Louise told them.

"So,I think we have our discussion line-up."Chi said."Yep,the question is will anyone watch?"Vana asked."In 5,4,3,2,go."Louise said.

The camera's turned towards the girls."Welcome to Girl Talk,here we will talk about what's on our minds."Chi said."Our first story is that we have an exclusive clip of one of the contestants doing something gross."Chi said.They turned to the monitor.We suddenly see Mighty clipping his toenails.

Then Alice walked in and saw Mighty."What the,are those my clippers,oh you are in trouble."She told him.The monitor turns off."Well,that was disgusting,now let's look at another clip from last week."Dynasty said.

They turned to the screen.They see Markk and Blade."So,how long until we tell them?"Markk asked."Not much longer,I swear."Blade told him.

"Well,I am tired of lying to them,they are our cast-mates they'll understand."Markk reminded him."The only ones who know are Honey,Sonic,and,Tails,just stay quiet."Blade snapped.

The screen went black."I wonder what they were talking about?"Misty asked."I dunno,but let's check out this clip."Vana said.She turned on the monitor.

We see Burst out on one of the balconies when Vana walks out and spots him."Hey,Burst what are you doing out here?"She asked him.He turned around and we see an electric needle in his arm while a green liquid goes into his arm.

"Eww,Burst you know it freaks me out when you do the whole injecting synthetic blood into your body thing."Vana told him."Sorry,but you know I have to do this once a week or I'll get those cravings again."Burst replied.Vana looked scared,but understood.

"Your right,sorry for bothering you."She said leaving.The screen turned to black."I think we know what cravings he'd get,now finally,our last clip."Misty said.They turn to see someone rocking on-stage with a guitar bowing his head."Who is that?"Misty asked.

"I dunno,maybe Kalin."Dynasty added.The boy looked up and they saw Eliot's face."What,that's Eli,how is that possible,he seems like such a shy guy?"Vana asked.

"Yeah,this was taken from the concert from a couple months ago."Chi told them.They all turned to the camera."Join us next time,bye."They said.

An hour and thirty minutes later,the teams arrived at the simulator,still broken."The challenge is a dance battle,pretty self explanatory."Dani said.After the challenge."The winner is Team Ring-out."Dani said.

At the elimination."Ok,I tallied the votes,staying is Carter,Burst,Vana,Blade,Chi,and,Misty."Michael said.

"Mighty,Adi,you two are left,Mighty your here for doing the worst dance moves,Adi your here for hurting yourself,staying in the contest is,Adi."Michael told them.

Mighty grabbed the zip-line and went home.

Episode 8.

"Last week,me and 3 of the girls had a discussion show,also the challenge was a dance battle,sis's team lost and at the elimination,Mighty was kicked out,who's next?"Dynasty asked.

"The challenge is in 45 minutes."Ali told the teams.

19 minutes later,the teams were getting everything set up for their culture fair,everything had been decided.It took 5 minutes,but the teams had their booths set up.Then Dani came in with something special.

"We have a surprise,everyone who has been sent home will be allowed to participate in the fair."She told them.

As soon as she said that,the eliminated contestants arrived and they all began the culture fair.Misty and Dynasty set up a coffee a shop with Vana and Eliot helping out.

Both Vana and Eliot were dressed up in maid costumes,much to Eliot's annoyance.Alice,Adi,and,Anna had made a pastry cafe.Blade and Markk put on a play.

Saki and Chi had a concert.And,Louse,Ziren,Carter and Burst put on a traditional Japanese show.

The seven sent home contestants:Leon,Loki,Xion,Shadow,Gizmo,Natsumi,and,Mighty were all enjoying the fair,some more then others."Why are we even here,we were sent home?"Shadow asked."Because they're trying to be nice."Loki told him.

"I agree with him,it's a waste of time."Natsumi replied."Can we just not fight?"Leon asked."Yeah,let's go take a look at the play."Xion said.They ran over to the play.After it finished they went to see the other events.

"That play was surprisingly good considering only two people were in it."Gizmo said."True."The others said.They looked at the other events and soon it was time for the finale,a super play performed by the contestants.

"We begin with a lonely boy sitting in the shade."Chi said.The boy appeared played by Eliot."Oh how I wish I could find someone to love."He said.

"Just then a princess came by and noticed the boy,she couldn't take her eyes off him."Chi said.

"He's cute,but we can't be together,i'm a princess,he's a commoner."The princess played by Vana said.

"Just of the guards played by Markk ran up to the princess."We have a problem,your fiancee has been killed,if you don't marry someone soon,you'll lose the throne."He told her.

"The princess was distraught,but then she had an idea,she went over to the boy and he looked at her."Chi said.

"My lady,what are you doing here?"He asked her."I want you to be my husband."She answered."Why do you want me?"He asked her."Because I love you."She said.

They kissed and soon got married,The end."Chi said.The curtain lowered and the crowd clapped.Later,after all the booths had been taken down,the eliminated contestants were sent back home via the zip-line.

13 minutes later,the teams arrived at the simulator,Dani gave them boots.'Your challenge is Swift Kick,where you have to kick as hard and fast you can to take down your opponents."Dani said.After the challenge.

"The winner is,Team K.O."Dani told them.At elimination."Well,I tallied the votes,staying is,Anna,Saki,Dynasty,Ziren,Markk,and,Alice."Michael started.

"Eliot,Louise,you two are left,Louise your here because you sprained your ankle,Eliot your here for being to hard with your kicks,staying is,Eliot.."Michael finished.

Louise grabbed the zip-line and went home.

"See you all later."Misty said into the camera.

Episode 9.

"On the last episode,we all had a culture fair,where 7 of your friends who we voted off came back to join in the fun,the challenge was a Swift Kick,my team won and Team Ring-out sent home Louise."Blade said.

"The challenge is in 29 minutes."Dani said.

11 minutes later,Saki was sitting in her room bored."Man,it's positively boring here without Chachi."She said.Then Chi walked in."Hey Sak,what's going on in here?"She asked.

Get out of here girl before I bite you."Saki snapped.Chi ran up to her and kicked her in the face."Ow,are you mad?"Saki asked.

"Now,your gonna come downstairs and join the others right now."Chi said pinching Saki's face."Ow,fine,just stop pinching me."Saki agreed.

They joined the others."We heard what happened."Blade told Saki."Yeah well I can't believe she had the bad manners to kick me in face again."Saki said."Blade smirked.

"What was it about?"Ziren asked."I don't wanna talk about it."Saki replied."She was feeling lonely without her robotic henchmen:Chachi."Chi answered ignoring her.

"That's too bad,maybe there's something we can do."Alice said."Leave it alone."Saki said running away."Ok,so we know what we have to do?"Ziren asked the others."Right."They said.

They got out the phone-book and looked up the number for the school.They dialed the number."Um,hello is this Mahor Girls Academy,yeah I was wondering."Alice said before we cut to Saki outside.

"Ok,so 3 frog stomachs,4 newts,and,1 bat's eye."Saki said counting her ingredients."Well,now for my pot."Saki said walking into the house.

She noticed everyone was standing in a weird way."What the hell is going on?"Saki asked.The others turned and she saw Chaci."Master,how are you?"Chachi asked.Saki just stood there.She then did something unexpected.She ran up to her robotic companion and hugged her.

"Master you tearing."Chachi told her."I know,please just let me be."Saki replied.Then Dani came out."We have a surprise,next season Chachi will be joining the cast,so please be careful."She told them.She then left."Well why don't we go tour the house?"Saki asked."Sure master."Chachi agreed.They left.

"Well,that was nice,I feel good."Vana said."Well,let's just hope this doesn't come back to haunt us."Carter replied."Right."Burst said.They continued on with their day while Saki and Chachi explored."So,this is the garden where I've found plenty of ingredients for my potions."Saki said.

"Well done master."Chachi replied,They went to the woods."And,this is where i'll be waiting for people to come so I can bite them."Saki told her friend."Very good."Chachi said.Soon it was time for Chachi to leave."Bye Chachi."Saki said waving.

7 minutes later,the teams arrived at the simulator,there they saw a machine."Your challenge is Dream Battles,where you have fight in your dreams."Dani said.After the challenge."The winner is,Team K.O again."Dani announced.At the elimination.

"I tallied the votes,staying in the contest is,Anna,Ziren,Markk,Alice,and,Saki."Michael started. "Dynasty,Eliot you two are left,Eliot your here for constantly waking up,Dynasty your here for using the same move throughout your fight,staying in the contest is,Dynasty."Michael said.

Eliot grabbed the zip-line and went home.

"See ya next time."Dynasty said.

Episode 10.

Last time,we all helped Saki get over her loneliness,mainly by getting her robot companion:Chaci to come visit her,the challenge was a dream battle,My team won again and Team Ring-out sent home Eliot:which was a shock,oh well who get's sent home next,find out."Vana said.

It was night-time and everyone was sleeping until."The challenge is in 48 minutes."Dani said using her voice recorder.

Everyone was angry with her waking them up,but they all got up anyway.They decided to light some candles instead of turning on the lights.

"Remind me again,why are we lighting candles?"Saki asked."Because once our eyes have time to adjust to the candlelight,then we'll turn on the lights."Misty told her.

"Well,what should we do until the challenge?"Alice asked.They thought about it for a few minutes."I know,why don't we have a scaring contest,we'll split up into teams,i'll be alone,Carter and Burst,Misty and Dynasty,Chi and Saki,Blade and Markk,Anna and Alice,Adi and Ziren."Vana said.

Some were angry with the arrangement,but they still agreed to it."The rules are if you scare someone or the team,they are out,and,if your the last one or ones standing,you win."Vana explained the rules.

They spread out throughout the house.Ziren and Adi were tip-toeing trying to find someone to scare and eliminate."Now remember,be quiet or we'll be found."Ziren told her partner.

He nodded his head.Meanwhile Carter and Burst were walking across the hallway and then they went down the stairs.After walking a few more steps,they spotted Saki and Chi.

"Let's get em."Carter said.They snuck up behind the two girls.But the girls turned around and were wearing scary masks.The guys screamed and ran out the house getting themselves eliminated from the game.

"We got them good,now let's find some more people to frighten."Saki said."Wow,you sure are good at this."Chi said." I'm a vampire,it's natural."Saki replied.

After ten more minutes,there was only 2 teams left,Saki and Chi,and,Anna and Alice.Both teams were searching everywhere looking for the other.

"Now where are those girls?"Saki asked."I don't know,the only place we haven't searched is the biggest ball-room."Chi replied.They walked over to the ball-room.

"They must be in there,let's go."Chi said.Saki nodded her head and they walked in.They didn't see Anna or Alice.

"I guess they aren't here,let's go."Saki told her partner."Right."She replied.

But as soon as they turned around,two figures showed up wearing demon suits.Saki and Chi weren't impressed."Nice try guys,no really you almost had us.

"Chi mocked as she and Saki tried to take off the masks.Just then,Anna and Alice appeared."What are you guys trying to do?"Anna asked.

Saki and Chi looked at each other then at Anna and Alice,then at the figures and ran outside.Meanwhile inside,the figures took of their suits revealing Dani and Ali."Thanks.'The winners told the two."No problem.'Ali said.

33 minutes later,the teams arrived at the simulator."The challenge is a night battle,it's pretty much the same as regular fight but at night."She told them.

After the challenge."The winner is Team Ring-out."Dani said.At the elimination."I tallied the votes,staying is,Burst,Blade,Chi,Vana,and,Misty."Michael started.

"Carter,Adi,you two are left,Adi your here fro tripping,Carter your here for over-doing it,staying is,Adi."Michael finished. Carter looked back at Burst,then he grabbed the zip-line and went home.

"Ok,well bye y'all.'Ziren said.

Episode 11.

"Last week,we had a night-time scare contest,Anna and Alice won,the challenge was a night-time battle,our team lost and we sent home Carter,who's next?"Chi asked.

"The challenge is in 20 minutes."Dani said using her voice recorder.

Blade was in the kitchen by the front entrance when Markk walked in."Hey,what are you doing here?"He asked Blade."What do you think?"He snapped."Ouch,why so angry?"Markk asked.

"You know why i'm angry."Blade replied."Come on,we're about half-way through the contest,then we'll be able to party,ok?"Markk asked smiling."No I wanna tell them now."Blade said.

"We can't they won't understand."Markk snapped back."Fine,whatever."Blade said about to leave.But he was stopped by Markk."Fine,but before you go I have a surprise for you."Markk said.

He pulled Blade over to the fridge and pulled a cake out.Blade took a look at the cake.It read:To my prince."Thanks."Blade said.

Just then Ziren came in.She took a look at the cake.then looked at both the guys,"Kawaii Shonen-ai."She sung on her way out.

Blade and Markk looked at each other worriedly,but just shook it off and went back to the others who were waiting for them with smug looks on their faces.

"What?"Both of the guys asked."Well,Ziren just told us something interesting."Dynasty answered.Blade and Markk looked like they were going to be sick to their stomachs."

Anything you wanna tell us?"Misty asked.Both of the guys breathed in."Ok,the truth is,me and Markk are in a relationship."Blade told them.

"What???"Everyone but Burst asked."I thought Ziren told you guys."Markk said."No,she told us you found a cake,you guys are in a relationship?"Chi asked.

"Bout time you guys told them."Burst said chuckling.They all turned their heads towards Burst who was just sipping a soda.

"You knew all this time that those boys were in a Yoai relationship and you didn't tell any of us?"Vana asked shocked."Yep,and before now the only people who knew were their parents,Sonic,Tails,myself,Honey,Eliot,and,each of the boy's girl-friends."Burst informed her."They have girl-friends?"Everyone else asked.

"Yeah,but only for twice a month."Burst said finishing his soda."Hold on,Eliot knows?"Alice asked."Yeah,he was their room-mate,I had him put in their room to help keep their secret,I of course told Eliot before the contest even started,and he was more then happy to help."Burst explained.

"Who knew Matt was so cunning and manipulative?"Vana asked herself."And,I guess since they haven't been eliminated yet,your gonna have to deal with it until they both do."Burst said walking away."He's got a point."Misty said."True."The others agreed.

9 minutes later,the teams arrived at the simulator."The challenge is a gun fight,where you have to fight with magical guns."Dani told them.After the challenge.

"The winner is Team Ring-out."Dani said.At the elimination."Ok,Team K.O, I counted the votes,not getting sent home is,Blade,Chi,Misty,and,Vana."Michael said.

"Burst,Adi,you two are left,Adi your here for dropping your gun too many times,Burst your here for deceiving everyone,staying is,Adi."Michaeli said."Sorry for being so you know,bye."Burst said grabbing the zip-line.

"Wait."The others said."What is it?"Michael asked them."We don't want Burst to go,he was only did what he did to help Blade and Markk."Chi said.

"Ok,fine just this once,no-one will go home,but this is only happening this one time,so there."Dani said after looking through the contest rules.They were all happy.

"What a shock,oh well,later."Blade said.

Episode 12.

"Last time Blade and Markk revealed they were in a relationship together, while the most of the cast was shocked, Burst revealed he already knew, the challenge was a magical gun fight, Team Ring-out won and when Burst was voted off everyone wanted him to stay, now that things have got back to normal,who's getting sent home this week?"Dani asked brushing her teeth.

"The challenge is in an hour and you guys are voting off two people today,one from each team."Dani said using her voice recorder."What,why?"They asked.

"Because last week,you guys decided to keep Burst from getting sent home after you guys found he was keeping Blade and Markk's relationship a secret."Dani explained."Oh."They said.

"Well,until then who wants to have a fashion show?"Misty asked."Why a fashion show?"Blade asked."Because I've watched every episode of every fashion show on t.v."Misty answered.

"Well,ok,I guess we can do that."The others said."I'll be the judge."Burst,Blade,and,Anna said."We'll be the models."Markk,Chi,and,Vana said.

"That leaves the rest of you as the designers."Misty said heading to her room.A few minutes later,the show had begun.

"Hello and welcome to the Total Fashion Show,our first design is from Saki."Misty said.Chi came out in a mixed Japanese and British kimono.

"Look at that design,such elegance and what a shape."Blade said."Remarkable."Anna replied.

"The design and overall pattern is so extraordinary, I love it,if my company did fashion,I'd buy it in no time."Burst said."Now,for Ziren's design."Misty announced.

Vana came out wearing a hot pink turtle-neck with matching skirt and boots."Love the simplicity."Blade said.

"Also cool."Anna said."The lack of details and color scheme is quite a sight for sore eyes,totally cool or should I say hot."Burst said.

They continued with the fashion show until there was only one design left,Adi's.Markk came out wearing a karate outfit and carrying a sword while his hair was in a pony-tail.Everyone including the judges were surprised at how unique it was."The best outfit yet."Blade said.

"Totally."Anna replied.'Well,I kinda don't like the rough details of the outfit it's self,but when matched with the sword and pony-tail,it just works,A+."Burst said.They soon got everything cleaned up and went to the simulator for the challenge.

"The challenge is a Punch-Off where you can only punch your opponent."Dani said.After the challenge."It doesn't matter who won,one contestant from each team is going home anyway,so to the elimination.'Dani said.

They both went to the elimination room."Ok,first is Team Ring-out."Michael said.

After voting."I tallied the votes,staying is,Anna,Markk,Dynasty,and,Saki."Michael started.

"Alice,Ziren you two are left,Ziren your here for pretty much causing this whole mess,at least that's what the others think,Alice your here for hurting you hands,staying is,Alice."Michael finished.

Ziren waited by the zip-line.Then Team K.O came up.They placed their votes.

"Ok,the votes have been tallied,staying is,Blade,Misty,Adi,and,Burst."Michaelstarted."Chi,Vana you two are left,Vana your here for failing the challenge,Chi your here because you used your foot,staying is,Vana."Michael finished.

Chi and Ziren both grabbed the zip-line and went home.

"See ya."Markk said.

Episode 13.

"On the last episode,we had a fashion show,the challenge was an all punching fight,it didn't matter who won,because each team had to send someone home,my team chose Chi, and Team Ring-out chose Ziren,who's getting eliminated next,find out now."Burst said.

"The challenge is in 39 minutes and the teams are merging."Dani said using her voice recorder.

13 minutes later,the gang was getting everything ready for their show."Remind me again,what show are we doing again?"Anna asked."An anime-cartoon show."Alice answered.

They got their studio set up.Burst,Vana,and,Adi were elected to do the drawings,Dynasty,Misty,Blade,and,Markk were the voice actors,Saki was the director,Anna and Alice were the editors.

"Ok,here's the first episode of Ala Anima."Saki said."We begin with a girl walking though a forest."Markk said in a slightly deeper voice.

"What a beautiful day to be walking though the woods."Misty said with a squeaky voice.Then we see a witch appeared in front her.

"You my dear,what is your name?"Dynasty asked in a creepy voice."My name is Zola."Misty replied."Will you help me?"The witch asked.

"No way,your weird."Zola answered."Fine then I place a curse on you,you must get someone to kiss you or stay the way I put you in."The witch said waving her wand.

"The girl transformed into a cat and the witch vanished."Meow,what am I gonna do now?"Zola asked herself.

She walked along the road looking for someone to help her.She couldn't find anyone,until she ran into the most handsome guy she had ever seen.

"Ow,will you watch it?"Blade asked in a gruff voice.He looked down and saw Zola."Oh,what's a cute kitty doing all alone?"The guy asked.

He picked Zola up and brought her to his house."Here you need something to drink after being alone in the woods,i'm Sasuke."The guy said.

"Meow."Zola replied.Sasuke leaned forward."Here we go,i'll be rescued from this form."Zola thought to herself.

But Sasuke instead picked her up."Meow."Zola said."Don't worry,we'll find your home."Sasuke said.

He placed her on the window-sill to nap and went to take a shower.When he came back,Zola was gone."Kitty,where are you?"He asked.He decided to go look.

"Will Sasuke find Zola,find out on the next episode."Markk said.

They turned off the machines and they huddled together."Well,that was good,we should play this on the finale."Burst said.

"Yep,it'll be something else,maybe we'll get discovered and make a full show."Alice said.They thought it would be fun.

12 minutes later,the teams arrived at the simulator.'The challenge is Kicking Kool,where you can only kick."Dani said.After the challenge."The winner is,Vana."Dani told them.

At the elimination."I tallied the votes,staying is,Vana,Markk,Dynasty,Blade,Burst,Anna,Misty,and,Alice."Michael said.

"Saki,Adi,you two are left,Saki your here using magic,Adi your here for tripping,staying in the competition is,Adi."Michael said.

Saki grabbed the zip-line and went back to Mahor Girls Academy.

"Until next time."Alice and Anna said together.

Episode 14.

"Last time,the teams merged and the contestants decided to create an anime,the challenge was a Kicking Kool fight,Vana won and Saki was sent home,who's next?"Dani asked.

"The challenge is in an hour and 30 minutes.'Dani said using her new voice recorder after somebody ruined hers last week.

An hour and 1 minute later,the gang was in one of the kitchens sitting around waiting for their breakfast to finish heating up when Anna came in drinking something out of a juice box.They noticed her and stared at the box."Um,Anna,where did you get that drink?"Vana asked her.

"Oh this,well Carrie sent me it."Anna answered."But she doesn't live anywhere near the ocean where those kind of drinks are made."Burst reminded her.Anna stopped sipping her juice and explained.

"She got it from Blake who got it from Runa who got it from Nene who got it from Laura who got it from Sana who got it from Nora and Nuka,who got it from Ni-NI,who got it from Yuyu."Anna said.Everyone had their mouths open wide.

"So what flavor is it?"Misty asked."It's Carp."Anna said."As in ramen?"They asked."Can we have some?"Blade asked.Anna gave them each one of their own.They then took a sip and a second later,they spit it out."Eww,this doesn't taste like ramen noodles."Markk said getting angry.

"I didn't say it was ramen,it's carp as in the fish."Anna told him."Do you have any others?"Alice asked."Yeah here."Anna said tossing them a whole box.It landed with a loud thud.They tore it open and got out more juice-boxes.

Blade tired one that had a picture of a squid on it."Yuck,Japanese Squid."He said.Then Vana tired one with a picture showing bears on it."Hmm,Honey and Tree-bark,interesting.'She said.Next,Markk tried one with a picture of a Seagull."Gross,it tastes like sea-water."He said in disgust.

Then Dynasty and Misty shared one with a koala on it."Yum,Australian barbecue."They said."Ha,I've tasted things you never would,this will be a piece of cake."Burst said sticking his straw in one with a heart and lemon on it.

"Yuck,lime and chicken."Burst said grossed out.Alice took a sip from one with a shark on it."I can't put my finger on the flavor,but it's delicious."She said.Finally,Adi tried one with a music note.He drunk the whole box."This is good."He said.Everyone looked at him.

"That must be the voice one,where it gives someone a voice for a whole day.'Anna said."I get a voice for the whole day,cool."Adi said.10 minutes later after everyone drunk all of the drinks,they gathered at the simulator.

"The challenge is an eyes closed fighting challenge."Dani said.After the challenge.'The winner is,Alice."Dani said.At the elimination."I tallied the votes staying is,Alice,Vana,Dynasty,Anna,Adi,Markk,and,Burst."Michael started.

"Blade,Misty you two are left,Misty your here for falling off the arena,Blade your here for confusing the judges,staying is,Blade."Michael finished.Misty grabbed the zip-line and went home.

"We'll miss you Mist."Adi said.

Episode 15.

"On the last episode,we all tried some weird drinks that Anna had,to say the least they were bizarre,anyway the challenge was eyes closed fight,Alice won and Misty was sent home,I wonder who's next."Markk said.

"The challenge is in 47 minutes."Dani said.

2 minutes later,Burst and Markk were outside when they noticed a car in the house's garage."Hey,who's car is that?"Markk asked.

"That's my car,I had it brought here so when I get eliminated,I can drive home."Burst answered."Cool,do you mind if I take it for a spin?"Markk asked.

"Sure,go ahead."Burst agreed.Markk quickly hopped in the car and started the engine."Wow,feels great."He said.

Then he put it in drive and rolled out of the garage.He went around the mansion 3 times then hopped out of the car and went inside.

After about 12 minutes,everyone came out and marveled at the car.

"Hey can we take it for a spin?"Blade asked."Sure,but one by one."Burst told them.

So they each took turns driving the car,except Anna who unfortunately was still too young.After everyone had turn,Burst put his car back in the garage and they went back inside.

Once they stopped in the front lounge,they started talking about the car."How was sweet was the ride?"Markk asked."Pretty cool,I mean I felt a rush a I zoomed by."Blade answered.

"I wish I could have driven it."Anna said sadly."Don't worry when you get you license,I'll let you."Burst told her.

That picked her up."Thanks."She said happily."You know,the car did get pretty dirty after we had our turns."Vana told everyone."That's true,hey let's wash it."Dynasty said.

"Yeah!"They others exclaimed.They went back to garage."Ok,let's see,sponges?"Alice asked.

"Check."Dynasty and Markk said.

"Water?"Alice asked.Adi held up a bucket of water."Ok,now finally soap?"Alice asked."That's a yes."Vana replied.They got to work washing the car.

But during their good deed,Dynasty and Burst got into a water fight.After a couple minutes,everyone got into battle.Dani was watching though the window.

"Hm,a water fight,I need to make a note of that."She said to herself.

Back with the super soakers.They were just finishing with the washing.

"Ok,now for wax,I'd ay about 5 things of turtle wax will do it."Markk said inspecting the car.

They got right to work.After waxing."Now for the final inspection."Markk said.

He looked over the car and gave everyone a thumbs up,then they went to change.28 minutes later,the gang gathered at the simulator."Alright,let's do it."Dani said as she pressed the button.

The whole room filled with water."Your challenge is an under-water brawl where you have to fight while underwater."Dani said.After the challenge."The winner is,Blade."Dani said.

At the elimination."I looked at your votes,staying is,Blade.Alice,Dynasty,Markk,Vana,and,Burst."Michael started.

"Anna,Adi you two are left,Anna your here for taking too long,Adi your here because you couldn't hold your breath long enough,staying is,Adi."Michael said.

Anna grabbed the zip-line and went home.

"We'll miss you Anna."Markk and Alice said.

Episode 16.

"Previously,we all got to ride Burst's sick car,the challenge was an under-water brawl,I won and Anna was eliminate,who's next?"Blade asked.

"The challenge is in 54 minutes."Dani said using her voice recorder.

13 minutes later,Alice,Dynasty,and,Vana were setting up their gossip show when Blade and Markk walked up to them."Can we be in the show too?"They asked."I don't see why not,do you?"Vana asked the girls.

"Nope,how about you Dynasty?"Alice asked."I guess not."She answered.That left Burst and Adi in charge of production.A few seconds later.the lights came on,and the cameras stated rolling.

"Here we go 2,1."Burst said.He then pointed at them telling them they were on."Hello,welcome to our gossip show,this week we have two special guests,Blade and Markk.

"Thanks,we're glad to be here."Markk said."Now to begin,our first topic is the relationship between Sonic and Amy,so what do y'all think?"Vana asked.

"Well personally,I think Sonic is just avoiding the question,does he really think of Amy as a pest or does he secretly like her?"Alice asked.

"That's a good point,but I think it's the opposite,Amy just thinks she loves him becuase he saved her from Metal Sonic,when she really doesn't."Markk said.

"Maybe,but who really knows."Blade added."What do you think,Dynasty?"Vana asked."I think Sonic and Amy make a cute couple,that's really all I think."She answered.

"Ok for our final topic,vampires what do you think about them Mobius?"Vana asked looking into the camera.

Their phones started ringing."Well,I got a text from Sammy,he says vampires are ok,but only if their good."Blade said."I have one from two best friends,Cece and Rocky,they say vampires are wild and unstable,but who doesn't want to be like that sometimes."Markk told them.

"I got one from Thorn,he says Burst can burn in,oh I can't say that on t.v."Vana said with a frown on her face.From behind the camera:Burst looked mad.

"Anyway,here's another from Hannah and Blake,saying they love their dad,aw how cute."Dynasty said."Finally,we have one from Mari,saying she would love to love meet one some day."Alice said.

"Well,that's it for this month,see ya next time."Vana said.The cameras turned off."Well,that was productive."Markk and Dynasty said in unison.

"When I see Thorn,i'm gonna him a piece of my mind."Burst said storming off angry."Oh please let us not see that on the news the next day."Alice said giggling.

33 minutes later,the contestants gathered at the simulator.Dani pressed the button and the ring from the first week popped up."The challenge is a tag team match,where you have to partner with someone"Dani said.

After the challenge.'The winners or should I say winner is Adi,since we didn't have enough people for him to make a tag team."Dani said.

At the elimination."I tallied the votes,staying is Adi,Alice,Markk,Vana,and,Blade."Michael started

."Dynasty,Burst you two are left,Burst you here for using your vampire powers,Dynasty you here for letting your team-mate:Markk down,staying is,Dynasty."Michael finished."Burst jumped in his car and zoomed home.

"Take care,Burst.'Vana said.

Episode 17.

"Last time,the gang talked gossip,the challenge was a tag team match-up Adi won and they sent home Burst,who's next?"Michael asked.

"The challenge is in 59 minutes."Dani said using her voice recorder.

But everybody was too busy cleaning their rooms to hear her.Let's join Blade and Markk first."Hey,where is that shirt you got from the beach that one day?"Markk asked.

"Um,I think it's in the dresser over by the window."Blade answered.Markk searched the dresser for it.He found it.

"Ok,so the closets are next,followed by under the beds.They opened their closets and all this stuff came flowing out,burying the room and themselves.

"We're gonna need some help."They told each other.They called Dani over.When she arrived."He,can we get some help from the outside world?"They asked her.

She took a quick look around and nodded.As soon as she left,they grabbed their cells and texted the two they felt could help the most.Soon enough,the mystery helpers arrived.

They were none other than Rosalia and Blake."Thank goodness we got here just in time."Rosalia said.

They pushed Blade and Markk out of their room and got to work.About 30 minutes later,they came out and invited them in.

They saw their room,it was amazing,everything was perfect."Thanks guys."The couple said."No problem."Blake told them.He and Rosalia left.

Meanwhile with the others,they were just finishing with their room inspections.Since Vana and Alice share the same room,they had to make sure everything was flawless.

"Do you see anything wrong?"Alice asked.'No,do you?"Vana asked.

"I don't think so,but just to make,sure I have an invention that Burst created 7 years ago."Vana said.

"What is it?"Her room-mate asked."It's called the Clean-o-Matic mark 2."Vana said pulling out a robot.

"So how does it work?"Alice asked confused.Vana didn't answer,she instead flipped a couple of switches.

The robot started up and started locating dirt.It then focused on Alice,who was unfortunately covered in dirt."Target acquired.

"The robot said.It went after Alice."Ah,get this hunk of metal away from me!!!"She screamed.Vana grabbed the remote and tried pressing some buttons,no luck.

"Turn it off."Alice said being chased by the robot."I can't,the remote's not responding."Vana replied.

Eventually,the batteries died."Whew,I think we're safe.'Vana said relieved.Then the robot turned back on.

"Oh no the reserve power,run!"Vana said.Ten minutes later,after everyone ganged up and destroyed the robot,they arrived at simulator.

Ok,here we go."Dani said.She pressed a bright red button and instantly they all transformed into anime cartoons."Your challenge is an Anime Brawl,where you have to fight anime style."She told them.

After the challenge."The winner is,Dynasty."Dani announced.At the elimination."I tallied the votes,staying is,Dynasty,Alice,Vana,and,Blade."Michael said.

"Adi,Markk,you two are left,Markk your here for using the typical anime power,fire summoning,Adi your here for using your anime power to talk rather than fight,staying is,Markk."Michael told them.

Adi grabbed the zip-line and went home.

"See you next time,Adi."Vana said.

Episode 18.

"Previously,the contestants decided to clean their rooms,the challenge was an anime styled fight,Dynasty won and Adi was sent home,who's next?"Dani and Michael asked.

"The challenge is in one hour and 47 minutes."Dani said using her voice recorder.

52 minutes later,Vana and Alice were in their make-shift lab working on something."Ok,Alice hand me the wrench.'Vana said.

She did as she was told."Alright,now for the hammer and blow-torch."Vana said.Alice gave her the tools.

After a few minutes of tinkering,they finally finished with part 1."Now let's get started on the base."Vana told her assistant.

They grabbed a big box and placed it on the table."For the base we'll need a screw-driver,a nail gun,and,a level."Vana said.

Alice went to get the tools.Along the way,the others saw Alice with the tools and got curious.They decided to ask her about it.

"Hey Alice,what are you doing with those tools?"Markk asked."Oh nothing,bye."Alice lied.She ran as fast as she could until she got to the room.

She went in and locked the door."V,we got trouble,the others are getting suspicious."She told her.

"Well,that's great,we're not even close to being done,you gotta go stall them."Vana replied."Right,on my way."Alice told her.

She ran out of the room and found the others."So,are you gonna tell us what you and Vana are working on?"Blade asked.

"Sure,follow me and i'll show what we're doing."Alice told him.They followed her all the way to the garage where they saw nothing out of the blue.

"Hey,what's the big idea,there's nothing here?"Markk asked."I know,you see we can't reveal anything,so your just gonna have to be patient."Alice said.

"Fine,but really what was the point of bringing us to the garage?"Dynasty asked.

"Well,I figured I could get you guys as far away as possible while Van finished,and it worked."Alice said staring out the window.

"Ok,and if it was such a big deal,than why were you trying to hide it?"Markk asked her.

"Because it's for the season finale,now i'm sorry that's all I can say."Alice said getting ready to walk away."Alright,we'll leave it alone."The three said together.

They went back to relaxing while Alice went back to Vana.How did it go?"She asked.

"Problem solved,so how far are you?"Alice asked her."Well,i'm almost done with it,just a few more screws,then it'll be ready."Vana replied.

A few more minutes later,they were done with their creation."Well,I say it's done,now we just have to wait for the finale to unveil it."Alice and Vana said together.

An hour and 45 minutes later,the others arrived at the simulator,as soon as they got there,Dani pressed the button.5 microphones popped up.

"The challenge is Singing Rumble,where you have to fight while singing."Dani said.After the challenge."The winner is,Markk."Dani told them.

At the elimination."I tallied the votes,staying is Markk,Alice,and,Dynasty."Michael started.

"Vana,Blade you two are left,Blade your here for using your microphone as a weapon,Vana your here for your "eh" singing,staying is,Vana."Michael finished. Markk was shocked.

Just as Blade grabbed the zip-line.Markk ran up to him and looked at the others."We're not looking."They said turning around.

Blade and Markk embraced and Blade went home.

"Good-bye my prince."Markk said.

Episode 19.

Last time on Total Sonic Fight,Alice and Vana were working on an invention when the other cast-mates started getting nosy,so Alice had to distract them which made some of them a little mad.

The challenge had the contestant's singing and fighting at the same time,Markk won and in a surprise twist.Blade was eliminated which called for a romantic yet PG 13 goodbye,anyway which one of us is getting sent home todaye,find out."Vana said.

"The challenge is in 1 hour and 56 minutes."Dani said using her voice recorder.

24 minutes later,the remaining 4 were inside watching t.v."Is there anything on?"Markk asked."Let me check."Alice replied.She flipped through the channels."Well,the anime channel is showing an Earth anime from 1999 called Excel Saga."She told him."Nah."He said.

She changed the channel."Here's a rerun of Mobius Music Minute."She told him."Try channel 45."Vana told her.Alice checked channel 45."They're doing a documentary on modern inventions."She said yawning.

"That's sound cool,in fact let's have an invention fair,you know where we create something and then show em off."Dynasty added.

They all agreed on it,so after an hour of thinking and building,they were ready to show off their creations.Dani volunteered to test their inventions,since she didn't have anything else to do.First she went over to Alice's invention.

"Here is my invention the Animeizer 200,where you can turn anything into an anime for thirty minutes."She said."Really,could you try it out?"Dani asked."Sure."Alice agreed.She aimed her invention at the t.v."Turn it on."She said.Dani did just that.

They saw a nature show.Alice pressed a button on her machine and instantly the scenery turned colorful and things started jumping and running wild."Cool."Dani said moving on to Markk.

"I have the latest in romance starting technology,the Love Gypsy,when you point it's head at someone and press this button,the Love Gypsy will tell you the top three people that are compatible with the person you pointed it at."Markk said proud."Really cool."Dani said walking to Dynasty.

"Here is my invention,the Puzzle Generator,say you have nothing to do,all you have to do is press this button and set your preferred level of difficulty and the Generator will create a puzzle for anything near you."She said.Dani grabbed the device being the puzzle fanatic she is.

She set the difficulty to extremely hard and pressed the button,suddenly,a puzzle appeared.In no time Dani had solved it.Finally she went on to Vana."I have on my table a machine that will create any kind of video game you want."She said.

Dani couldn't wait for an explanation,she started pressing buttons and suddenly,two fighters from a game came out from the machine and started fighting."Oh,it's Lili and Xiaoyu from Tekken."Dani said excited.

Vana quickly pressed a button on her machine and the two Femme Fatales vanished."Well,this was a cool fair,now let's get this place cleaned up."Dani said on her way out.

35 minutes later,the final 4 gathered at the simulator."Ok,here we go."Dani said pressing a button on the machine.Out came a ton of food."Your challenge is a food fight,where you have to fight well covered in food."Dani said smiling evilly."No way."Alice said.

"Whoever doesn't gets eliminated immediately."Dani told them.After the challenge."The winner is Alice surprisingly."Dani said.

Later at the elimination."Ok, I tallied the votes, staying is Alice and Dynasty."Michael started. "Markk, Vana you two are left, Vana your here for slipping on banana peels that Markk laid down during your fight with him, Markk your here for not taking the challenge seriously ,staying is Markk."Michael finished.

Vana grabbed the zip-line and went home.

"Bye,Van."Alice said waving her hand.

Episode 20.

"Last time,all the contestants had an invention fair,the challenge was a food fight and Vana was sent home,who's next?"Michael asked.

"This week's challenge is in 57 minutes."Dani told them.

23 minutes later,the final three were sitting around."So,what do we do,I mean without anyone else here,it's pretty much boring?"Markk asked.

"Well,we could go outside,it's the right weather for it."Dynasty replied."Sure why not."Alice agreed.

They went outside to find that a something new had been added to the garden."Well look,it's a hot-tub."Alice said surprised.

"Should we take a dip?"Dynasty asked."I don't see why we shouldn't."Markk told her.They got changed into their bathing suits and hopped in.

"Wow,this is relaxing."Dynasty said unwinding."Yeah,I mean it's almost enough to make you forget all your troubles."Alice added.

"You know this reminds me of?"Markk asked the both of them."That weird show on Earth,what was it?"Dynasty asked him."I don't know."He answered.

After soaking a few minutes,they got out and put back on their clothes.They looked around the garden and found a football field that apparently wasn't there before.

"Hey Alice,how about some one on one football action?"Markk asked."Sure,but aren't you worried your gonna break a nail?"She asked him.

"That's a stereotype and no."Markk said getting mad.

"Fine Dyna you be the ref."Alice told Dynasty.So they got their game under way.After four grueling periods,Alice came out the winner."How could you beat me?"Markk asked her.

"Just practice."She said spinning the ball on her finger."Well,we got enough time for something else."Dynasty said.

They looked around something else."Hey look,a new part of the garden."Alice said pointing."Cool,let's pick flowers for our loved ones."Markk told her.

"You mean your boy."Dynasty said before she was cut off by Markk."We know."He said.So after picking flowers,they headed inside.

A minute late,the gang headed to the simulator.Dani pressed the button on the simulator and swords popped out."These swords are made for easy handling,so that means more fun."She told them.

After the challenge."The winner and moving on to the finale is Markk."Danit told them.Later at the final elimination.

"I tallied the votes,staying is Markk."Michael started.

"Dynasty,Alice,you two are left,Dynasty your here for losing your fight with Alice,Alice your here for treating your opponent too likely,staying is Dynasty."Michael finished.

Alice grabbed the zip-line and went home.

"See ya at the finale everyone."Dynasty said into the cameras.

Season Finale.

"Last time,the final 3,Markk,Dynasty,and,Alice had fun outdoors,the challenge was a sword fight,Markk won and Alice was sent home,now it's the finale,who will win,find out now."Dani said.

"The challenge to decide the winner is in 3 minutes."Dani said.

"Well well,it looks like we'll finally see who wins."Markk told his rival."Yep and don't worry,when I win,i'll give you a kiss for throwing in the towel for me."Dynasty replied smirking."We'll see."Markk told her.

They walked around and took one last look at the mansion before Dani called them into the simulator room.When they arrived they nptice the simulator had been taken out and replaced by bleachers.

"What happened to the simulator?"Markk asked Michael. "Well,see since this is the season finale,we don't need it anymore,besides we need the room for the eliminated contestants to see your guys's final challenge."He told them.

Just then the eliminated contestants arrived one by one and took their seats.Then Dani arrived.

"Ok,the final challenge to decide the winner is a mega brawl where you two have to fight while singing.holding a sword in one hand and kicking with your fight while using anime powers."Dani said.

"Man,Burst is losing his challenge pizazz."Markk mumbled."I heard that."Burst said from the stands."Anyway,begin the fight."Dani told them.After the challenge.

"The winner of the final challenge and the season is,Dynasty."Ali said."Good job Dyn."Markk told her."You were good too,I could barely keep up."She said smiling.

Blade ran up and hugged Markk."Awwww."Every girl but Saki and Chi said.After partying."Guess what?"Dani asked.

"There's another season."They all said."Aw,no fair,anyway,those competing in the new season are,Saki,Eliot,Vana,Shadow,Loki,Misty,and,of course Chachi."Dani told them.

The group cheered for the returning contestants as they headed towards Burst's car."We'll see you all on Total Sonic Sports."They all said together.

Season 10.Total Sonic Sports.

Theme Song:I'm Me

Episode 1.

"Hello,welcome to the newest season of Total Sonic,Total Sonic Sports,in this season we will have our contestants competing in sport themed challenges,all to win a Chao named Peaches,A new Drum-set,and,4.000 power rings,i'm your host:Marine."Marine said.

"And,i'm the elimination host:Blaze."Blaze said."Well,here's comes our contestants:Saki,Eliot,Vana,Shadow,Loki,Misty,and,newcomer:Chachi."Marine said excited.The contestants arrived at the Stadium.

"Here we are,the Stadium,here you will."Marine started."We know."Shadow said bluntly."Ok,then well the first challenge is in 5 minutes,so go ahead and unpack."Blaze told them.

She and Marine left the contestants alone."Wait they forgot to assign teams."Eliot said."Well,let's make our own teams then."Vana told him.

"Ok,now 3 on each side plus one more,so ok."Misty said.Eliot and Saki stepped to the side.

"I want Vana on my team."Eliot said.She gladly joined him."Chachi."Saki said bored."Yes right away master."She said joining her well master.

"Loki."Vana said.Loki joined them."Shadow your with us."Chachi told the Ultimate Life Form.

After flipping a coin,Eliot was able to choose Misty as the final team-mate."Our team is called Team Win."Eliot said."Well,boy our team is Team Crush."Saki told him.Just then Marine and Blaze came back.

"Good job,I told Burst this would work."Blaze told Marine.

"You did,so the teams stay the way they are."Marine said happy."Ok,to the Stadium's Sport's arena for the challenge."Marine told the teams.When they arrived at the arena,they noticed Soccer balls had been scattered.

"Your first challenge is playing Soccer."Marine started before being interrupted by Eliot."No sweat,I rule at this game."He said.

"Anyway you have to do it with hovering soccer balls,begin."She told them.After the challenge."The winner is Team Crush."Marine said.

Later the elimination,"Ok,Team Win,I tallied the votes,staying is,Vana and Loki."Blaze started.

"Eliot,Misty,you two are left,Misty your here for missing every chance you got to win for your team,Eliot your here for showing off,staying is,Eliot."Blaze said.

Misty walked to the catapult and was flung home.

"See ya next week."Saki said smirking.

Episode 2.

Last time,the contestants arrived along with the new contestant:Chachi,we had orders to let the players choose their own teams,the challenge was a floating soccer match,Team Crush won and Team Win sent home Misty,who's next,find out."Marine said.

"The challenge is 56 minutes."Marine said using her voice projector.

23 minutes later,the gang was getting everything ready for their game.Vana,Chachi,Loki,and,Shadow took a seat.While Saki stood at the host platform.

Then the cameras pointed at them turned on via the remote and Saki's hands."Ok,3,2,1,"Blaze said helping out.

"Welcome to the first ever taping of a new game show:Guess What,the rules are simple:our panel will get 2 guesses each to guess what our contestant:Eliot's secret talent is."Saki said into the camera.

Then Eliot appeared in the contestant's seat.

"Ok,are you ready?"Saki asked completely bored."Yes I am."Eliot told her."Ok,we'll start with Vana."Saki told the people watching."Does it have to do performing?"Vana asked him.

"Yes."Eliot told her."Can anyone do it?"Chachi asked.

"Maybe."Eliot told her."Did you invent something?"Loki asked him."No."Eliot shook his head.

"As if I care,but does it have anything to do with weapons?"Shadow asked,"Sometimes."Eliot informed him."Cool."Shadow told himself.

"Ok back to Miss Polite."Saki said not even listening."Humph."Vana said mad."Anyway,have anyone ever seen you do it?"She asked Eli.

"No."Eliot replied."Are you a champion at it?"Chachi asked."No."Eliot said."Hm,can you do it at parties to get applause?"Loki asked."Perhaps."Eliot told him.

"Ok,Shadow,final question."Saki said starring into space."Whatever fine,would I like doing it?"Shadow asked.

"I don't think so."Eli replied."Ok,times up,we'll start with Shadow for the final guesses."Do you entertain people by shooting them?"Shadow asked.

"Um,no."Eliot said."Can you sing for hours?"Loki asked hopefully."No."Eliot said.

"Well,judging by your stature and language skills,can you write verbal poems?"Chachi asked.

"You mean,can he make up poems out of nowhere,right?"Saki asked."Of course master."Chachi answered.

"No."Eliot told her."All up to me,Can you dance as fast as Sonic can run?"Vana asked."No."Eliot replied."Then show what you can do."Saki told him.

He grabbed a hat and began.Eliot began acting in rapid pace,that no-one had a clue what he said throughout the performance."Well,that was cool,join us next time and we're out."Vana said.

12 minutes late,the teams gathered at the arena."This week's challenge is a hockey match,but the stick are double-sided,which means you can use both ends to score."Marine told them.

After the challenge."The winner is Team Win."Marine said.

Later at the elimination."Ok,Team Crush I tallied the votes,staying is,Saki."Blaze started.

"Chachi,Shadow,you two are left,Shadow,your here for not participating in the challenge,Chachi your here for breaking three sticks within mere seconds,staying is,Chachi."Blaze finished.

"Whatever,losers,i'm outta here."Shadow said rudely.He walked to the catapult and was flung home.

"Well,that was rude,oh well see ya."Eliot said.

Episode 3.

"Last time the teams played a fun game show,the challenge was a hockey game with double-sided sticks,Team Win won and Team Crush sent home Shadow,who's next?"Blaze asked.

"The challenge is in 40 minutes."Marine told them teams.

24 minutes later,the teams were hanging around their home just relaxing."Hey,have you guys seen Vana?"Loki asked the others.They shook their heads.

"Weird,she said she was gonna meet me to talk about the finale."Loki explained.Then Vana arrived

."Hey guys,Loki sorry for being late,but I have something I think we'll all like."She said carrying a box.

"What is it?"Chachi asked."Yes do tell us."Saki said not caring."Well,in this box is something to give us some excitement."She said opening the box.

When she finally got it open,they all minus Eliot because he was in his room looked into the box to find CD's."How could these be exciting?"Saki asked annoyed."Just wait."Vana replied.

She put a disc into the music player,turned on the t.v and turned up the volume.A hip-hop beat started playing.They all stared a second before reacting.

"Wow,this is an awesome song,who is it?"Loki asked."Hannah Montana with Gonna Get This."Vana answered.

"Hannah Montana?"Saki asked curious."Some girl on Earth I don't know."Vana shrugged.

"Put another in."Chachi said.Vanna took the c.d out and put in another one.This time a techno beat played."What's this song?"Loki asked.

"It's Caramelldansen by the Caramella Girls."Vana said reading the label."Them again?"Marine asked walking in.

"Why,you don't like them?"She asked Marine."Not at all."Marina answered."Well,this is some awesome tuning either way."Loki said.

"Yes quite."Chachi agreed."Perhaps so."Saki said nodding her head.

10 minutes later,the teams gathered at the arena."This week's challenge is a basketball game,but not any ordinary one,you have to shoot baskets while the baskets themselves are moving."Marine instructed.

After the challenge."The winner is Team Crush."Marine told them.

Later at the elimination."Ok,Team Win,I tallied the votes,staying is,Vana."Blaze started.

"Eliot,Loki you two are left,Loki your here for accidentally breaking a basket,Eliot your here for injuring yourself,staying is,Eliot."Blaze finished.

Loki walked to the catapult and was flung home.

"Good-bye whatever."Saki said falling asleep.

Episode 4.

"Last week,the teams listened to music,the challenge was a moving basket basketball game,Team Crush won and Team Win sent home Loki,who's next?"Blaze asked.

"The challenge is in 56 minutes and the teams are splitting."Marine said.

34 minutes later,the gang was getting everything set up for their indoors day-light camping trip."Ok,the tent goes there and the campfire goes there."Saki said checking the directions.

"Are you we should have a lit campfire indoors?"Vana asked.

"No and I don't really care,just hurry up."Saki told her."Fine."Vana replied.Just then Eliot and Chachi walked in carrying the supplies they need.

"Ok,hotdogs,soda,water,and a flashlight."Eliot said."And I brought my charger and a can of oil."Chachi said.

"Ok,set everything down inside the tent."Saki told them.Once everything was set up,everyone climbed into the tent,Saki went and turned off the lights and crawled in with them.

"Wow,this is positively."Saki started before being cut off by Vana."Boring?"She asked.

"No."Saki answered."Stupid?"Eliot asked."No."Saki said again.

"I think the master is trying to say it's positively comfortable in this tent"Chachi told them."Oh."The two said together.

First they started off with telling scary stories.In which Saki told the scariest.

Then they moved on to eating hotdogs.Vana and Eliot got into a contest to see who could eat the most in which it was a tie.

Then it was time for telling secrets,which Chachi has the most weird.Finally they went to sleep.Twenty minutes later,Marine came by to wake them up.

"Ok,mateys it's time to wake up so we can get this challenge done."She told them.

2 minutes later,they arrived at the arena."The challenge is baseball game,but instead of a normal ball and bat,you have to hit exploding baseballs with metal bats."Marine said.After the challenge."The winner is,Eliot."Marine stated.

Later at the elimination."Ok,I tallied the votes,staying is Eliot and Chachi."Blaze started.

"Saki,Vana,you two are left,Vana your here for putting a hole in the ceiling,Saki your here for doing great,except you broke a ball pitching machine,staying in the contest is,Vana."Blaze finished.

Saki went to the catapult."Chachi,you better win or else."Saki threatened."Yes master."Chachi replied.Saki was then flung back to Mahor Academy

"See ya."Vana said still shocked.

Episode 5.

"Last week,the gang had an indoor camp out,the challenge was an exploding baseball game,Eliot won and Saki was sent packing,who's next mateys?"Marine asked.

"The challenge is in 26 minutes."Marine said.

12 minutes later,Vana,Eliot,and,Chachi were in the kitchen making some lunch,Vana had made some tea and cookies,Chachi had just oil,and,Eliot made a sand-which with lettuce,tomato,cheese and parsley.

They sat down to enjoy their lunch.While having lunch Vana turned to Eliot.

"Hey how does that taste?"She asked him."Well,I could show you if want you to try it."He replied.

They went back to the stove and Eliot showed her how he made his sand-which.With her own sand-which made,she took a bite and looked at him.

"It yummy,thanks."She told him happy.Eliot sat back down and finished his lunch.Chachi had just finished hers and looked at the both of them.

"I have an idea,why don't we make our favorite dishes and then compare them to see who's is the best?"She asked.

Vana and Eliot looked at each other and nodded.So they started making their favorite dishes.Just then Marine and Blaze walked in.

"I hear you guys need a judge for your little contest?"Marine asked.They nodded their heads yes.So,she and Blaze took their seats.Up first was Vana.

She lifted the lid to reveal a moist clam chowder with crackers and a hint of white wine served with fresh herbal tea.After tasting it,Blaze and Marine wrote down a number and they moved on to Chachi who was just finishing.

She sat the plate down and lifted the lid.They saw a squid and octopus salad with fresh lettuce sprinkled with cheese and served with some fresh coconut and honey juice.The judges tried it and wrote down a number and they went on to Eliot who was finished by then.

He gave them the tray and pulled the lid showing them a good old-fashioned hotdog with chilli,cheese,mayo,and,a little bit of horse-radish with two Mountain Mobius's.Blaze and Marine tried them and wrote down a number and talked.

Afterwards,they turned to the three."The winner of the cook-off is,Chachi with a perfect 20,followed by Vana with 14 points and ending with Eliot who has 9 points."Blaze said.

"This was our mini challenge,wasn't it?"Eliot asked."Yep,and,because Chachi won it,when she goes homes,she'll have a surprise waiting for her."Marine replied.

3 minutes later,the final 3 went to the arena."The challenge is a tennis match with zero-gravity."Marine told them.After the challenge,the winner is,Vana."Marine told them.

Later at the final elimination."Ok,so staying is Vana."Blaze started.

"Eliot,Chachi,you two are left,Chachi,your here for setting three balls on fire,Eliot your here for losing to each of the girls,staying is,Eliot."Blaze finished.Chachi walked up to the catapult.

"If you will let me,I'd rather fly home?"Chachi asked.Marine and Blaze nodded meekly.Chachi grew robotic wings and flew back to Mahor Academy.

"See ya guys at the finale."Marine said happy.

Season Finale.

"Last time,the final 3,Chachi,Vana,and,Eliot had a cooking contest,which surprisingly Chachi won,the challenge was a zero-gravity tennis match,Vana won and at the elimination,it was down to Eliot and Chachi with Eliot staying,now it's the season finale,who of the close friends:Vana and Eliot will win,find out now.

"The final challenge to decide the winner is in about 34 minutes,so get things packed up."Marine said excited.Vana and Eliot went to their rooms and started to get things packed.

Eliot put his favorite book into the bag and smiled."Wow,the fun I've had here,something else."He told himself.Meanwhile with Vana,she was just putting her clothes away.

"This is the dress Saki gave me for no reason,at least I hope."She told herself.

When they were finished packing they went to the arena for the final challenge and they noticed the other eliminated contestants.

"Ok,the final challenge is a mega sports game,where you have to play tennis in zero gravity,play basket ball while the baskets are moving,and,hit exploding baseballs."Marine said in one big huff.After the final challenge.

"The winner of the season is,Eliot."Marine said slightly surprised.The gang cheered for him and Eliot held out his hand for Vana.She of course grabbed it happily and they shook hands.

"Ok,the producers wanted me to tell you that we as always having another season,those competing are none of you."Blaze said.

"Well that's obvious,so who is?"Saki asked."Miles Prower,Gizmo,Adi,Carter,Natsumi,Xion,Louise,Anna,and,Alice."Marine answered for Blaze."Wait,Tails will be in it again?"Saki asked."Of course not,this is his grandson."Marine answered.

"How does he have one,he's only 9?"Chachi asked."It's his grandson from the future."Blaze told her."Oh,ok."Chachi replied.After answering questions,the gang got into the luxury catapult and were shot home.

"See ya on Total Sonic Farm."The group said flying through the air.

Season 11.Total Sonic Farm.

Theme Song:I just Gotta Farm,one of my own

Episode 1.

"Hello all to the 11th season of Total Sonic:Total Sonic Farm,i'm your main host:Karis."Karis said with a nod."And I am your elimination host,who is here against his will:Knuckles."Knuckles said sighing.Karis elbows him."He's here willingly,anyway,every week,the contestants will take part in farm themed challenges,the winner will recieve a Nintendo 3ds starter kit,a Chao named Jenna,and,100.000 dollars,now let's meet our contestants,take it away Knuckles."Karis told him.

"Fine,they are:Gizmo,Adi,Carter,Natsumi,Xion,Louise,Anna,Alice,and a new addition:Miles Prower the Second,or Miles for short."Knuckles said bored.The contestants arrived,"Ok,the teams are thus:Team Farmer is Adi,Natsumi,Louise,and,Alice."Karis said yawning."Team Rancher is Gizmo,Carter,Xion and Anna,:Knuckles said."Wait,which team gets Miles?"Anna asked.

Karis holds up a coin and smiles."Call it."She says flipping it."Heads."Anna said."Tails."Alice said at the same time.the coin hit the floor and Karis looked at it."Miles,your on Team Farmer."Karis said stretching.Miles joined his team and they all spread out to get settled in.

Anna and Natsumi arrive at their room and walk in to find,it's covered in flowers and books.Natsumi grabs a book while Anna smells a flower.Meanwhile,Miles and Carter enter their room to see it filled with training equipment and machines."I'm gonna like it here."Miles said laying on his bed."Just be careful that Burst doesn't appear,we never get along."Carter tells him.

"Why is that?"Miles asked."Carter sets his bag down."Well,see this isn't the first time that Total Sonic was started,when it was first tested out in the seasons known as Total Sonic X through XX,about 4 years ago,Burst and I were on the creative team,in charge of challenges and all that,but we got into a fight over an idea for a challenge,and we never made up,"Carter explains.

"Were you guys close before that?"He asked not trying to be nosy,"Yeah,we kinda were,not like best friends,but we had each others backs."Carter answered.Carter went back to his book.20 minutes later,the teams went to the back-yard for their first challenge.

"The challenge is Cows Cows Cows,where you have to milk a cow blind-folded."Karis said winking.After the challenge."The winner of the first challenge is:Team Rancher,Team Farmer to the barn for the first voting ceremony."Karis said walking away.

At the elimination."Ok,I tallied the votes,staying is:Adi,Alice and Miles."Knuckles started."Louise and Natsumi,you two are left,Natsumi,your here for forgetting to take off your blind-fold after completing the challenge,thus spilling your hard earned milk on the ground,costing your team the win,Louise,your here for scaring your cow,staying and not being the first voted off is:Natsumi."Knuckles finished.

Karis whipped up a whirlwind,and Louise hopped in and Kris sent here home.Natsumi looks on in fear."Ok,i'm gonna try even harder this season not to ever get voted off,I don't want to be put in that thing."She says as the whirlwind vanishes out of sight.

Episode 2.

"Last time on Total Sonic Farm,the contestants arrived and moved in,the challenge was blind-fold cow milking,Team Rancher won and Team Farmer sent home Louise,who's next?"Karis asked.

"The challenge is in 45 minutes."Karis said.20 minutes later:Natsumi,Anna,Miles and Carter were standing in front of a drum-set,a guitar,a key-board and a turntable respectfully."Ok,so shall we start band practice?"Natsumi asked.The others nodded.

"Ok,1,2,1,2,3,4."Natsumi said counting down."On the drums."Everybody sang."Natsumi."Natsumi said."On the guitar."Natsumi sang."Anna."Anna said."On the keyboard."Anna sang."Miles."Miles said."And on the D.J Turntables."Miles sang."Carter."Carter said."We are:Sound Wave."They all exclaimned.

"They got the beat,they got the beat,they got the beat,yeah,they got the beat."They all sang."See the kids just gettin' out of school."Natsumi sang."They can't wait to hang out and be cool."Anna sang."Hang around till quarter after twelve."Miles sang."That's when they fall in line."Carter sang.

"We got the beat,we got the beat,the Sound Wave beat,yeah,we got the beat."They sang finishing the song."Great practice,let's pick this back up later."Natsumi said.They agreed and all went their ways.

25 minutes later,the teams arrived at the back-yard."The challenge is Shearleading,where you have to sheer the wool off of some sheep,but while using pom-poms attached to the shears."Karis explained.After the challenge."The winner is Team Rancher again."Karis announced.

At the elmination."Ok,Team Farmer,I tallied the votes,staying is Natsumi and Alice."Knuckles said.

"Adi,Miles,you two are left,Adi your here for giving your sheep a minor cut,Miles your here for well,over-rated excitement,really?"Knuckles asked.He looked at the cameras and just shurgged."All right,staying is:Adi."Knuckles announced.

"Thanks for the fun."Miles said as Karis whipped up a whirlwind and he hopped."Why did he get sent home so early?"Xion asked.She shurgged and looked at the camera."Bye."She replied.

Episode 3.

Last time,Natsumi,Miles,Anna,and,Carter put together a band,the challange was Shearleading,Team Rancher won again and Team Farmer in a surprise twist:sent home Miles,who will get sent home next?"Karis explained.

"The challenge is in 50 minutes."Karis told the teams.25 minutes later,Natsumi,Alice,Xion and Anna were in Xion and Natsumi's room for their sleepover."Ok,Magazines?"Natsumi asked."Check."Xion replied."Phones off?"Alice asked."Check."Anna answered."And finally,traditional mud masks?"Anna asked."Check."The other girls answered.

"Ok,let's get this sleepover started."Natsumi exclaimned.What they didn't know:Adi,Carter and Gizmo were listening in."What do you think they're doing?"Carter asked."I dunno,be quiet or they'll hear us."Gizmo told him.Adi was shaking his head in dissaproval of what they were doing.

"So,your turn Anna,Truth or Dare?"Natsumi asked."Um,truth."Anna chose."Who in the contest do you have a crush on?"Natsumi asked her."Uh,there's Adi,Carter and Gizmo,so um I like Adi."She confessed."Oh?"Alice asked."Yes,that's my answer and i'm sticking to it."Anna replied.Adi fainted.

"Ok,now let's get into our mud masks and get to sleep."Xion told the girls.They got into their masks and fell asleep."Adi and Anna,sitting in a tree."Carter and Gizmo quietly sang.Adi was still on the floor."Let's get him back to the room."Carter said.25 minutes later,the teams went to the back-yard.

"Ok,the challenge is Egg-citing,where you have to construct complicated machines to deliever eggs from the barn to the chicken coop."Karis told them.After the challenge."The winner,finally is Team Farmer."Karis announced.

At elimnation."Ok,Team Rancher,I tallied the votes,staying is: Carter and Xion."Knuckles started."Gizmo,Anna,you two are left,Gizmo your here for not listening to your team's ideas,Anna,your here for goofing off,staying is:Gizmo."Knuckles finished.Karis whipped up a whirlwind and Anna hopped in.

Adi waved goodbye to Anna and to the cameras.

Episode 4.

"Last time,the girls had a sleepover and the boys listened in,the challenge was a egg delievery building contest,Team Farmer finally won and Team Rancher sent home Anna,who will be kicked out this time?"Knuckles asked.

"The challenge is in 37 minutes."Karis told the teams.12 minutes later,the teams were in the arts and crafts center working on projects.Adi was building a birdhouse,Natsumi was sanding her project,Alice was making blueprints for dollhouse,Gizmo and Xion were making clocks and Carter was still thinking.

"What should I do?"He asked himself.He looked around trying to come up with inspiration.He saw everyone elses projects and decided not to do one of them."Hm,maybe I should build something for my parents."He thought.He looked over all of the materials at his hands."I'll build a mailbox."He decided and got to work.

When he was done,the others came up to him and looked at it."Wow."They all said."Thank you."He replied."So,who's it for?"Gizmo asked."My parents."Carter answered."I'm sure they'll love it."Alice told him.Everyone finished their projects and got themselves clean.

25 minutes later,the Team arrived at the back-yard."This week's challenge is:Fishy Fashion,where you have to go fishing,while wearing clothes that will restrict your movements."Karis told them.After the challenge."The winner is Team Farmer again."Karis announced. At the elimnation."Ok,Team Rancher,I tallied the votes,stayng is:Xion."Knuckles started."Carter,Gizmo you two are left,Carter your here for complaining abou your clothes,Gizmo your here for not catching a single fish,staying in the contest is:Gizmo."Knuckles finished.

Karis whipped up a whirlwind and Carter hopped in."Bye."Xion said.

Episode 5.

"Last time,the teams took up Arts and Crafts,Carter had trouble and the challenge was a Fishing contest in restricting clothes,Team Farmer won again and Team Rancher sent home Carter,who's next?"Karis asked.

"The challenge is in 25 minutes and the teams are merging."Karis said.9 minutes later:the contestants were in the main room with a karaoke machine."So,are we ready to do this?"Xion asked.They all nodded."Ok,i'll set the machine to 4 way battle mode."She replied.

Adi decided to be the judge for the battle.The other 4 took a mic and the song began."When you walk away."Xion sang."You don't hear me say."Gizmo sang."Please,oh baby."Natsumi sang."Don't go."Alice."Simple and Clean is the way that your."Xion sang."

"Making me feel tonight."Gizmo sang."It's hard to let it go."Natsumi sang."When you walk away,you don't hear me say,Please,oh baby,Don't go."Xion and Gizmo sang together."Simple and Clean is the way that your Making me feel tonight,It's hard to let it go."Natsumi and Alice sang."Simple and Clean."All 4 sang.

Karis and Knuckles came in."This was the mini-challenge,and the winner:Xion,she gets 20 bonus points in this week's challenge."Karis announced.16 minutes later,the gang gathered in the back-yard.

"The challenge is Mine me,Mine you,where you have to mine for ores and gems to help you with future challenges."Karis told them.After the challenge,the winner is:Alice."Karis told them.

At the elimnation."I tallied the votes,staying is:Alice,Natsumi,and Xion."Knuckles started."Adi,Gizmo,you two are left,Adi your here for not finding any ores or gems,Gizmo your here for insisting on using your gadgets instead of our issued hammers,staying is:Gizmo."Knuckles finished.

Karis whipped up a whirlwind and Adi hopped in."Later."Alice said.

Episode 6.

"Last time,the teams merged and had a karaoke contest,Xion won that and the challenge was a Mining contest,Alice won and Adi was elimnated,who's next?"Karis said recapping the last episode.

"The challenge is in an hour."Karis told the group.45 minutes later,everyone was lounging around the main room.Ever since they got up,they were feeling very lazy,even Gizmo.So Natsumi had suggested that they all should just lay around."Hya."Alice yawned.

"What's going on in Lazy Mobius?"Natsumi asked lazily grabbing the magazine."What part of today being a lazy day did you not understand?"Gizmo asked her."Sorry,just wanted to read."Natsumi apologized.Gizmo went back to his lounging,Xion was starting to feel sleepy.

"Today,I don't feel like doing anything."Natsumi sang."I just wanna lay in my bed."Alice joined in."Don't feel like picking up my phone,so leave a message at the tone."Xion sang."Cause today I don't feel like doing anything."Gizmo sang."Nothing at all."They all sang together.

15 minutes later,the gang arrived at the back-yard."The challenge is:Forage Dizzy-Frenzy,where you have to forage for things after being spun around 3 times."Karis told them.After the challenge."The winner is:Gizmo."Karis announced.Later at elimnation.

"I tallied the votes,staying is:Gizmo and Xion."Knuckles started."Natsumi,Alice you two are left,Natsumi your here for barfing,Alice your here for falling in a pitfall,staying is:Alice."Knuckles finished.Karis whipped up a whirlwind and Natsumi hopped in.

"Ok,well uh later."Xion told the cameras.

Episode 7.

"Last time,the gang were having a lazy day,the challenge was foraging for stuff while dizzy,the winner was Gizmo and at elimnation:Natsumi was sent home,who's next?"Knuckles asked.

"The challenge is in 15 minutes."Karis said.3 minutes later:Alice,Gizmo and Xion were stuck in bed with the flu."Ugh,how did we all get sick?"Gizmo asked."We did nothing but lounge around last week."Alice replied."That reminds me,what temptature is the thermostat on?(cough cough)"Xion asked the two.Alice checked.

"It's set to 72 (cough) degress."She replied."We might need to increase the temp,it could (cough) help us (cough) get better."Gizmo told the two girls.Alice got up and changed it.She then went back to her bed."How are we gonna do this week's challenge if we're all sick?"The 3 asked together.

Then,Karis and Knuckles came in with a big batch of Chicken soup and a pitcher of Orange juice."Maybe this will help."Karis told them.Knuckles then proceeded to hand out the soup and O.J."Ok,now get better and come by the back-yard in about 6 minutes for the challenge."Karis told them as they left.

6 minutes later,the final 3 were in the back-yard."Glad to see you all are feeling better,the challenge is:Weeding Wedding,where you to have to pluck all these weeds while wearing wedding attire."Karis told them.After the challenge."Ok,the winner is for the second week in a row:Gizmo."Karis announced.

Later at elimnation."I tallied the votes,staying is:Gizmo."Knuckles started."Alice,Xion you two are left,Xion your here for ripping your dress,Alice your here for passing out during the challenge,staying and making it to the finale is:Alice."Knuckles finished.Karis whipped up a whirlwind and Xion hopped in.

"See you at the finale."Gizmo told the cameras.

Season Finale

"Last time,the gang was sick in bed,the challenge was plucking weeds while dressed for a wedding,Gizmo won and Xion was sent home,who will win,find out."Karis and Knuckles said.

"The challenge to decide the winner is in 18 minutes."Karis told Gizmo and Alice.16 minutes later."So,today's the day we foind out which one of us wins."Gizmo told Alice."Yep,now let's get our stuff packed up."Alice replied.They got packed up.2 minutes later,they arrived in the back-yard where they found the elimnated contestants.

"Ok,the challenge to decide the winner conists of just regular farming,ranching,fishing and mining,but you have to do it while answering quiz questions,keep in mind that wrong answers will set you back and the winner is the contestant who does the best."Karis explained.

After the challenge."Ok,we have reviewed the footage,looked at the quiz answers given and the winner is:Gizmo."Karis announced."Good job Gizmo!"Everyone cheered.Alice hugged Gizmo and they cntinued partying.After the party."There is one more season left before this set is over,and the 8 competing are Leon,Miles,Blade,Burst,Chi,Misty,and,Ziren."Knuckles told them.

"That's only 7."Miles pointed out."Yes,but that's becuase we decided to add a new contestant,we searched the world for them and we found one:William the Squirrel."Karis said."Well,anyway:see ya on Total Sonic Cooking."They all cheered.

Season 11.Total Sonic Cooking

Theme:Iron Chef theme.

Episode 1.

"Hello,welcome to the 12th season of Total Sonic,Total Sonic Cooking,all challenge this season have to do with cooking,the prizes are:a Chao named Kyra,two packs of tarot cards and a new go-kart,i'm your host;Amiti."Amiti said."And,i'm your elimnation  host:Topaz,i'm here under contract from G.U.N."Topaz said.

"Let's meet our 8 lucky contestants:Leon,Blade,Miles,Burst,Chi,Misty,Ziren,and,newcomer:

William."Topaz said.The contestants arrived and unpacked."The teams are Team Pots and Team Pans,Team Pots is:Miles,Chi,Blade and,Ziren.Team Pans is:Leon,William,Misty and Burst."Ok,now get comfortable,we'll be here for 7 weeks,the challenge is in 20 minutes."Amiti said leaving with Topaz.

William was looking over his room and smiling."Finally made it to Total Sonic."He told himself.The others came up to him."Your lucky to have made it this far."Blade told him."I know,i'm very grateful."He replied."Well,don't get in my way."Chi said walking away."Is she always this way?"William asked."Nope,weird."Ziren answered.

20 minutes later,the teams walked into the kitchen."Ok,the first challenge is:Salsa Salsa,where you have to make Salsa while doing the Salsa."Amiti explained.After the challenge."The winner is Team Pans."Amiti said.Later at the elimnation.

"I tallied the votes,staying is:Miles and Ziren."Topaz started."Chi,Burst you two are left,Chi your here for a bad attitude,Burst your here for fainting at the first sight of blood."Topaz said before being cut off by William."Really?"He asked."ANYWAY,staying is:Burst."Topaz finished.

"See ya guys."Chi said walking away."See ya next time!!"William excliamned.

Episode 2.

"Last time,the contestants arrived and they got moved in,the challenge was making Salsa while doing the Salsa,Team Pans won and Team Pots sent hom Chi,who's next,as if I care."Topaz said.

"The challenge is in 37 minutes."Amiti said using his telepathy.15 minutes later,the gang walked up to William who noticed him."Hey guys,what's up?"He asked."Who are you?"Burst asked."What do you mean?"William asked nervously."I know all on Mobius and not you."Burst replied."Um,well you see."William started.

He cleared his throat."I was originally human and living on Earth,but then lightning stuck and I passed out and when I came to,I was here on Mobius and a squirrel."William explained."Hm,intresting,anyway:welcome to the show."Burst said after thinking.

"Thanks,can't wait to kick some butt."William said shaking off Burst's behavior.Burst walked away and William began playing a video game."Don't worry about Burst,he's always like that."Leon told him."I know,I know."William said."You know?"Misty and Blade asked."Yeah,anyway,I gotta do something."William said leaving.

12 minutes later,the teams walked into the kitchen."This week's challenge is:Pizza my Heart,where you have to make pizzas in the shape of perfect hearts."Amiti started before being cut off by William."Why is that so hard?"He asked."Becuase you can only use spoons."Amiti finished.After the challenge."The winner is Team Pans again."Amiti said.

Later at the elimnation."Ok,team Pots,I tallied the votes.staying is:Ziren."Topaz started."Miles,Blade,you two are left,Miles your here for your sloppy pizza,Blade your here for using too much cheese,staying is:Miles."Topaz finished.

Blade walked away and William looked into the camera."This is gonna be a long show."He said looking over his shoulder.

Episode 3.

"Last time,the contestants welcomed William,well Burst did and it was more like an intterogation,but anyway,the challenge was making pizzas in the shape of hearts,Team Pans won again and Team Pots sent home Blade,who's next?"Amiti asked.

"The challenge is in 59 minutes."Amiti said using telepathy.34 minutes later,Misty was watching t.v when Miles came up to her."Hey Misty,watcha doing?"He asked her."Watching t.v."Misty answered."Cool,well do you wanna do something?"He asked."No thanks."Misty replied."Come on,please."Miles begged.

"No."Misty told him getting up."Ok then."Miles said sitting next to her.She looked back at the t.v."How about a game?"Miles asked."No."Misty said."Lunch?"Miles asked."No."Misty said sounding more annoyed."Ok,what about a round of video games?"Miles asked."Stop bugging me,Miles."Misty replied completely angry.

"Why?"Miles asked."Because I don't wanna do anything but watch t.v."Misty answered."But i'm bored."Miles sighed."Then go bug someone else."Misty suggested."But I wanna hang out with you."Miles insisted."Fine,just sit there and watch t.v with me."Misty finally agreed.25 minutes later,the teams walked into the kitchen.

"The challenge is:Lemon Square Dance,where you have to back lemon squares while square dancing."Amiti told the teams.After the challenge."The winner is Team Pans for the third week in a row,wow."Amiti announced."Oh man."Team Pots said sick of losing.At the elimnation

"I tallied the votes,Miles and Ziren,you two are here for losing the challenge,staying is:Miles."Topaz said.Ziren walked away and headed home."This is not good."Miles said looking into the camera.

Episode 4.

"Last time,Miles was bugging the heck out of Misty and the challenge was making lemon squares while square dancing,Team Pans won for the 3rd week in a row and Team Pots sent home Ziren,now Miles is the only member left,anyway who is getting sent home this week,find out now."Topaz exclaimned.

"The challenge is in 30 minutes."Amiti told the teams using telepathy.Right after Amiti had finished."Ok,now to get the show started."William said.He grabbed the remote and turned on his show.Just then the others gathered around him."What's this show?"Leon asked."It's called Inuyasha."William said trying to pay attention to the T.V.

"Oh,I know that show,what episode is this?"Burst asked."The one where Kagome and Inuyasha are."William started before he noticed the show was beginning.The theme song began playing."Catchy song."Misty said looking up the lyrics in her translator.After the theme ended,the real show began and everyone gathered around.

"Ouch,that had to hurt."Miles pointed out."Eh,Naraku deserved that one."Burst replied."Hm,but what I don't understand is the constant feeling of Sango's butt by Miroku."Leon stated."I dunno,maybe it's the plot."William told him."What a weird plot then."Misty told him.

30 minutes later,the team arrived in the kitchen.

"The challenge is:Grilling like a Villian,where you have to make grilled fish in the shape of some of your favorite villians."Amiti explained."After the challenge."The winner is Team Pots or should I say Miles,anyway:finally."Amiti announced.Later at the elimnation.

"I tallied the votes,staying in the contest is:William and Burst."Topaz started."Leon,Misty,you two are left,Misty your here for buring your fish,Leon your here for an unsettling choice in your villain,staying is Misty."Topaz announced.

Leon walked away and Misty looked at the camera."Ok,well see ya next week."Misty said.

Episode 5

"Last time,the teams decided to watch an Earth Anime named Inuyasha,the challenge was grilling fish into the shape of villians,Miles or Team Pots won,finally,and Team Pans sent home Leon,who will get sent home next?"Amiti asked.

"The challenge is in 15 minutes and the teams are merging."Amiti said using his telepathy.2 minutes later,the remaining four were on their cell phones."Yeah,everything is going fine Sonia,i'm having a lot of fun,no i'm not letting my work go unoticed."Burst was chatting with Sonia."Hey Gramps,yeah it's me."Miles said on his phone.

"Dyna,don't get so worked up,I'm doing great.honestly,i'm surprised to have made it this far,wait what,no way."Misty was chatting with her sis."This is Agent W,yes I have,no not yet,ok now give me more time and i'll come back with a full progess report."William told the person he called.The 4 looked at each other and continued with their calls.

"Hi Hannah,hi Blake,how are you doing?"Burst asked his children."I gotta be honest Gramps,I am really feeling good,this is such a great day."Miles said to his grandpa."Dynasty,calm down it's no big deal,no it's not,what makes you think it is?"Misty asked her sister."Ok,gotta go,Agent W out."William said hanging up the phone.

13 minutes later,the teams walked into the kitchen."The challenge this week is Pop Pop Pop,where you have to make Popsicles from weird igredients but also you have do it while the temp is set to minus 10 degrees."Amiti explained.After the challenge."The winner is:William."Amiti announced.

At elimnation."Ok,I tallied the votes,staying is:William and Burst."Topaz started."Misty,Miles you two are left,Misty your here for catching a cold,Miles your here for not finishing the challenge,staying in the contest:Misty."Topaz finished.

Miles walked away and Misty looked at the camera."See you all later.

Episode 6

"Last time,the teams merged and talked on their cell phones,the challenge was making popsicles while in extreme cold,William won and Miles was elimnated,who will be the final contestant elimnated,find out."Topaz said.

"The challenge is in 42 minutes."Amiti said using the power of telepathy.21 minutes later,the final 3 were setting up a game station.Ok,done,now let the games begin."Burst said finishing.

"I summon my avatar."Burst said.Intstantly a mini Burst wearing a ninja robe appeared.

"I summon my avatar."Misty and William said together.William's was a mini version of him dressed in a maid's costume and Misty's was a mini version of her dressed like a Magical Girl."Oh man,why is mine dressed like that?"William asked."Don't complain,let's begin the game."Burst said sternly."How do we find out how much power we have?"Misty asked.

"We each took a test to determine our avatar's power,let's begin the fight."Misty said ready to rumble.Burst Mini and William Mini took off after each other and began pummeling each other.Misty Mini was just watching,waiting for a chance to strike.When both avatars were resting,Misty's struck them both,winning the game.Amiti and Topaz came out.

"This was our mini challenge,Misty wins 300 Mobian Dollars."Topaz announced.21 minutes later,the final 3 entered the kitchen."The challenge is Cookies,Cakes,and Pies:Oh My,where you have to bake 1 of each while being hit by a storm of laughing gas."Amiti told them.After the challenge."The winner is:Burst."Amiti announced.

Later at the final elimnation."Ok,I tallied the votes,staying is Burst."Topaz began."William,Misty,you two are left,Misty your here for laughing too much,William your here for burning everything,staying and making it to the finale is:Misty."Topaz finished.

"Thanks for all the fun."William said walking away."And we'll see you all at the finale."Misty and Burst said together.

Season Finale

"Last time,the final 3:William,Misty and Burst played a game,Misty won it and by such won the mini challenge,the challenge was making a pie,a cake,and a cookies while hit with laughing gas,Burst won and William was sent home,who will win this season,find out now."Topaz and Amiti said together.

"The final challenge to decide the winner is in 10 minutes,that's right 10 minutes."Amiti said using telepathy."I'm so nervous."Misty said pacing."No need to be nervous,I have a feeling that this isn't out last season."Burst said."Really?"Misty asked."Yes,considering i'm in charge of how long the show goes on."Burst said under his breath.10 minutes later,the twon walked into the kitchen.

"Ok,the final challenge to decide the winner of the season is a good old-fashioned cook-off,where you have to out cook and out smart your opponent."Amiti said.Just then,the elimnated contestants arrived along with Topaz."Oh and they will judge alongside me and Amiti."Topaz added.

After the challenge."Ok,the winner of the challenge and the season is:Misty."Amiti and Topaz announced.Everyone congratulated Misty for winning and Burst contacted someone."Ok,guess what,in 2 months will be the Total Sonic Concert Show."Burst said.

"Why?"Saki,Chi and Chachi asked."Because since this was the last set of regular seasons,I figured it should go out with a bang."Burst answered."Good point."The 3 replied."I can't wait to sing."William said fist-pumping the air."Me too."Carter,Markk,Blade,Misty,and,Eliot said.Everyone except Amiti and Topaz turned to the camera."See ya at the Total Sonic Concert Show."They all said.

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