Brief Summary

Moros has gotten bored; sitting around in an empty expanse and watching other characters have fun while he's stuck inside the void does that. As a result of his colossal boredom, the Void Fragment has decided to host a grand tournament for other deific entities like himself, taking a Jupiter sized terrestrial planet from somewhere in deep space and depositing it in the void he set up an arena. Now deific characters from across the omniverse have received strange invitations with rifts that allow them to enter the void for the sake of this spontaneous tournament.


Probably not going to be many rules; and based on preference individual matches can be done on the wiki or on skype.

  • Put some Effort into your posts, be descriptive; don't be super fucking vague about it.
  • This is meant for fun; so if combatants have an issue or need clarification with something regarding their opponent. Just ask, no need to get upset at one another over miscommunication in a simple rp battle.
  • There are Moderators; but they only come into play if an issue cannot be resolved by the participants themselves. If they make a call; go with it. If you feel the call is unjust or something just talk to them peacefully about it.
  • This is a tournament for Deific level characters and beyond, so things can get a bit OP. Which is to be expected since deific level characters are meant to be fucking powerful. That being said; don't get super fucking overboard with it, otherwise it's not fun.
  • Standard Roleplaying etiquette does apply; e.g; no autohitting, no metagaming, no controlling the opponent's character's actions. Not really sure about godmod because its a tournament for deity level characters and beyond so i'll say just don't go overboard.

Moderators - Three slots open; ask me first

  • CullenStantonRutherford
  • Josh the Hedgehog

Participants (enter in here)

  • Saren the Dark Lynx (The Goddamn Creator lol)
  • Tricktron
  • Josh the Hedgehog

Character Sign in 

Characters who are actually fighting

Characters who just wanna watch, or play commentary

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