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Trish..she happy for once..

Name: Trisha

Full Name: Trisha Jessica Roberts

Age:  (Chronologically) 623 (Physically)16


Alias: Trish,Saiya(Sigh-Ya)

Species: Bunny/Vampire Hybrid

Race: Cocassion

Voice Actor:Sarah Lafleur(2006-Present)

Friends:Serena the cat, Red the hedgehog

About Trish:

Trisha was born with all the strengths of a vampire but none of the weaknesses.Her father and mother were mudered by a vampire hunter when she was 15. She vowed to find the killer and get her evenge but she doesn't really remember who the person was or what he/she looked. She has not yet learned to master her abilites which is why she take most of the afternoon. Sitting on a high building ledge wishing she was dead.

(still under construction)


Ever since her parents were murdered she has been angry and sad. She doesn't like socialising with people andymore and is quite shy.When people do tend to approach her she is cynical and very withholding often shooing them away or cursing them out. She has found something she can call a "coping skill" by smoking mechanical ciggarettes. When she is angry or when her vampire powers are displayed(only for a short amount of time) her  eyes turn a glowful gold/orange. Usually when her powers take control she is bloodthirtsy and her fangs shoot out, she is more aggressive than she normally is and cant control herself. Although she consumes enough will power to fight off the craving of blood.(sometimes).

She has infact even when her parents were alive, she bit her closests friends. Most of them boys who she had crushes on. That is the way she shows her affection for her love interests. Although she never imagined it would kill them if it was too deep, or ruin their lives.

Relationships with Other Characters:

Red the hedgehog: Meeting Red was one of the worse encounter for the bunny. She hated him for constantly trying to flirt with her, and teasing her with sickenling vampire sterotypes. It wasn't untill he looked her in the eyes and said;"I'll help you find this guy.... The one who made your life like this.. I promise.." he said. After that he sorta grew on her, she decided he wasn't that bad after all. He was just a plan teenage M.T.F agent who was looking for some fun and some adventure. Although she is still annoyed at his self-centered and reckless ways she put up with him.

Serena the cat: Trisha was actually the first primary target that she decided to assasinate, but little did she know Serena had the same thing in mind for her. Unfortuantly Trish was terrified and couldn't handle the pressure on killing so she gave it up on serena. Serena offered to help her with her vampire abilites and  "maybe" help track down her parents killer.

Themes Song(s):

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Clarity by Zedd ft Foxes

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