Basic Bio

Birthplace: Haisu, located on the planet Erasoli.

Full Name: Ponyboy 'Tristan' Palse

Age: 6

Personality: Carefree, Cheerful, Optimistic, Friendly.

Romantic Interest: The kids 6, he doesn't need a girlfriend.

Species: Holstein

Likes: Being outside, Rico the Chihuahua, coffee, tea, pretty much everything.

Dislikes: Nothing really.

Friends: Rico the Chihuahua, Sea the Cat, Wind the Cat, pretty much anyone.

Enemies: Lerion the Demonic Chameleon

Favorite Music Group: The Lonely island


Attire: Striped Blue/White t-shirt, Black sneakers, Gray goggles, Gray pants.

Eye Color: Purple

Fur Color: Black and White spotted

Hair Color: White

Muzzle Color: White

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