Twyla the Hedghog

Twyla the Hedgehog (also known as Twylight) is owned and was created by ((Credit for the used base goes to

Twylight (or Twyla for short) is the daughter of Silvia Vora and Terrian Torres, and heir to the throne of her home planet Solaria along with her cousin and the rest of her family. But when a threat is stated upon her family, Twyla's parents were prone to keep their beloved daughter safe, and performed a ritual and sent her into the womb of the sun for several years, until a solar flare sent Twyla out of orbit and she ended up crashing in on the Colony ARK, where she met Professor Gerald Robotnik, Maria Robotnik and Shadow the Hedgehog.Gerald asked Twyla many questions, such as her powers and abilities and what not, and decided to make her a part of his research .

Soon, Twyla considered Maria and the Professor as her own family, and befriended Shadow the Hedgehog. After a few years of a peaceful life, G.U.N had invaded the ARK, causing Twyla and Shadow to lose Maria and be separated. Twyla's capsule crashed onto the earth, many miles away from where Shadow had crashed, and her capsule shattered open due to the force, and she remained unconscious, misplacing her memory about her friendship with Shadow. Soon, she was accompanied by G-L the Hedgehog, who decided to take care of Twyla like a sister, until she was well maintained, then they went their seperate ways. As Twyla continued to live her days in the forest, she soon united with Sonic the Hedgehog, who took her in and cared for her (like a sister) and she befriended him and developed a friendship almost as strong as she did with Shadow. Thanks to Sonic's knowledge about Shadow after the events of Sonic Adventure 2, Twyla was able to reunited with the ebony hedgehog after quite some time and got into a little bit of a relationship with him, discovering more and more information about her past, present, and possibly, her future.

                         === Additional Information ===

Main Theme Song:


Up Up and Away by Blush

Solarian/ Mobian/ Hedgehog


Sexuality: Straight
Age: Immortal (Physical Age, around 18 years old)
Height: 100cm (3ft 3in)
Birth Place: Solaria
Hair: Yellow with Blue Streaks
Skin: Peach/ tint of tan
Eyes: Cloud grey, Red lightning bolt birth mark over left eye
Alignment: Hero
Likes: Shadow the Hedgehog, Maria Robotnik, Gerald Robotnik, Sonic the Hedgehog, her

family, Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao, Amy Rose (to a degree), E-123 Omega, Hope Kintobor, keeping her promise to Maria, teasing and hanging around with Shadow

Romance Interests:

Shadow the Hedgehog (Crush/ Somewhat of her boyfriend)

Sonic the Hedgehog (At first, only when they met)


Anyone who is villianous against her or her friends, Doctor Eggman, Black Doom, Rouge the Bat (to a degree), Fiona Fox, Scourge, Black Arms, The G.U.N Commander , Arguments, Really bossy people, being catagelophobic (having the fear of being rediculed or confused), and being cholerophobic (the fear of being yelled at or punished)

Skills/Abilities: Creates new types of weather for her own benefit and the benefit of the world, 

Martial Arts