Tyler the Chamaleon

Tyler the Hedgehog, is the Sonic-World counterpart of Tyler from WiiRikeToPray, and the Skill member of Team WRTP.


He is a 20 year old, green chameleon who carries ninja attiere around.


Often the calmest and least heard of his team, he is a quiet individual, only heard when spoken to, when fighting, or to make a periodical smart comment.


He is a skillful, magic ability type character who chooses skill and sneaky attacks over full out brawls.


Being accused of dreaming of gay things


WiiRikeToPray (WRTP) is a small group of friends who enjoy playing video games and, ultimately, want to share their fun experience with others. They have done "Let's Play" (LP) videos since 17th November 2009.

VERY Notable Quotes:

"Im Tyler" (2nd to introduce himself)

"SPENCER!!" (When Spence effs something up)

"I'm Tyler! And I DON'T dream of gay things!" (When being accused of dreaming of gay things)

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