General InformationEdit

Tynic is A red Hair Hedgehog who is a Secret Fighterand is Has The Age 22 . He can Do many abilites, and has Alot powers. Tynic Is Real Helpful when it comes to fighting. He Is On A group and A team. He is on Team Dark Shadic (possibly) and Team Europe(with his cousin Berlin) 


Tynic has Red fur with medium Blue eyes . He has a Blue jacket and Grey Shirt. His Shoes Has Anti Gravity and just blue.


Tynic has a awesome perosnality. He is A kind-hearted Hedgehog who Loves to help others out. He Help other in a time at need. He is Always ready for something.


When Tynic was only 7 He was joked for what type of hair he had, Until Tammy and Russet Came to help him out. Ever since that day happen he been family to them and had many things in common. At The Age 12 He Started to fight For Traing.By the end of his training he Became Stronger and stronger, Until he reaached his limit. By The Age 17 he Decided To Not listen to what other people say to Him. And Now He Has Learned how to use his Best Moves against people and just Train all day.

Media - AppearancesEdit


Chill sonic Fanon TournamentEdit

In The Chill sonic fanon tournament He Fights Maxiumam The Hedgehog, A orange sworduser who can fight anyone plus he's is somewhat a rival of tynic. In that round tynic wins by using his final move: Triforce Final slash.


Sonic Advanced fighting

Tv/Video ApperancesEdit

Sonic Chronicles DXEdit

tynic  is one of the main heroes in sonic chronicles DX

Sonic All*star fightingEdit

In The IntroEdit

tynic fights (train) with sonic and shadow so he can be ready for the tournament.

He Goes Super almost at the end


  • Apallo The Hedgehog
  • Hurrikai
  • Blazer ( Friend/rival)
  • Burning
  • Torch
  • Blaster
  • (More to Come soon)


  • Blazer



(more to come)


  • Tynic fight For His Friends and Family(Freedom)
  • Tynic Meet Tammy in 2006
  • Tynic fought his rivals because of what they did
  • Tynic Loved to fight
  • Tynic has Intensed speed
  • tynic Has A Flame motorcycle
  • Tynic has a size changing ability 
  • In sonic All-star Fighting ( he is a newcomer)
  • He raced someone in the world grand prix
  • Has a pet dragon


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