Uriah Gusarov

Full Name

Uriah Elijah Gusarov










When in a fight, Uriah uses a riding crop which has the ability to control energy


February 18th, so he's an Aquarius


Uriah is very strict due to his profession, but he's also stubborn to a fault along with being easily angered. But despite that, he's also very kindhearted to those who he is close to.

Sexual Preference

Uriah is straight and doesn't doubt it, but he does have an appreciation for men

Voice Actor

English: Kyle Hebert


Uriah wears a brown safari jacket with brown jeans. He also wears brown sneakers with white laces, a brown cowboy hat, and a cross necklace.

Hair Color: Orange.

Hair Style: Short in the front and long in the back.

Fur Color: Black and White.

Eye Color: Yellow.

Height:6" 11'

Weight:200 Lbs.

Uriah always makes sure to look his best and always carries a comb with him to make sure of that.

Uriah's Family

Tattypoo: Wife. The two met one day while Uriah was out hunting and they bumped into each other. They told stories around the campfire and began seeing each other. Eventually, Uriah asked her to marry him and they settled down, having two children together.

Zeke: Son. Uriah is teaching his son how to ride while also helping him overcome his illness. Uriah worries about him, but he knows that he'll be alright.

Florence: Daughter. Uriah and her are very close, but that doesn't mean they aren't at each other's throats every now and then. Even so, they always have a blast when they go camping.


Friends: Martin, the two met at a rodeo and quickly became best friends. Whenever Uriah has a show to do, Martin is right there beside him. Regina: Uriah's ex, even after the breakup, the two remain close even when it's most awkward. Dragonux, the two started off badly, but have since become friends. The two are always talking about cattle. And, Shin, He took interest in Uriah after seeing him win a rodeo. Every now and them, Shin will ask him for advice on horse care.

Rival: Necroth, Uriah's rival when it comes to rodeo's. Every time there is one, Necroth tries to do better than Uriah. But usually, he fails at every turn.

Enemy: Dues, The ex-boyfriend of Uriah's wife. He loves to stalk the family in an attempt to get revenge on Uriah for stealing his love.


Abilities: Uriah is very skilled in hunting and quite knowledgeable about traps. He's also a great cook knowing tons of recipes. He loves fishing and has a special lure that he brings along every time. Uriah is a natural horseback rider and has made a career out of it.

Special Ability: Uriah can use his riding crop to control energy and do a variety of different attacks from creating a force field to firing off waves to slice up an enemy.

Weaknesses: Uriah is terrified of thunder and lightning due to an incident when he was a child. And, he can't see very well in the dark. Plus, he has a problem with his back due to training with bulls, which can set him back.