~Requests Closed~


Cheyanne Shine Request

What to Expect, quality wise

I have kind of updraded my style when it comes to how i shade and all that so when i do a request it will take me signifigantly longer to make than normal but i will promise you it will be my best work. I will tell you if i either do not wish to do the request for whatever reason it may be, or if we are full and you are in line.

Up to my skill level right now i will really only do lineart (not too good at anthro hngh)

I figured i'd do a limit like muffin did, lets keep it at six, i got overwhelmed last time (like six isnt overwhelming XD)

  • Flame, Rixon
  • Sean: Sean :0
  • Statics thing

Examples of my Work~

Cheyanne Shine Request
Red Request
Stone Dood
Asian Cowboy
Iron Portal

Thanks to Korey Komix for pic!

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