This blog is made as a guide for admins and mods and even those who can use it on their own page.

But this example is based for editing the main page

ok its kinda long winded but here we go

  1. if u want to edit a template so far this is how I've been able to do it
  2. go to the front page
  3. click edit
  4. then click on the template u wanna edit
  5. it will tell u it doesn't have edit fields
  6. so click the arrow that tells u where its at
  7. it will open a new window with the templates page and name
  8. now when u edit it u will need to do it in source coding style
  9. and well am not gonna teach u that unless u wanna know something spefic
  10. lol so yeah u edit till ur happy
  11. now that the template edited
  12. now to update it on the main page
  13. as it will not update by itself
  14. u will need to go back to the main page
  15. then hit the source editor
  16. which is found in the 3 lines beside the cancel button
  17. delete the name of the template ur trying to update
  18. apply the changes
  19. then go back to normal editor
  20. click the mouse to where you wanna insert the template
  21. then go to insert
  22. then template
  23. and find your template by typing its name
  24. and when its uploaded publish your edit to finish

This so far is how I've manage to edit them but if someone knows a more simple way please share in the comments