Valik the Cat
"Imma mordern Scroogey






Cat (Russian Blue, because their awesome)




History, Horror films, reading, Cemmentaries, Death, Violence, Knifes, Thunder storms, Nightime,Peace and quiet, Winter


Summer, Flowers/Pollen (allergies), chaos, Heights, Fire(fear), People with egos, When Freya has emotional breakdowns


Ebeniezer "Scroogey", Tack, Freya, Chloe, Ivy


Policeman, Arlen

Love Interest

Freya (secret crush)


Holywood Undead - Paradise Lost (will make more sense when I write up his story)



Valik (Baлик -Var-leak) is a Russian blue cat living in Sector 5 of Laynopolis, living nearby Freya with his twin Aleksander. He, like Freya is a comedic sadist. He spends at lot of time with Freya and Tack, especially Freya.


Valik, especially around new people, is a pretty shy guy who attempts to be alone, or with people he trusts. Other than that, when he's alone he will attempt to hide away from society.

Despite this, he is a comedic sadist, and loves to pull violent pranks on his brother. Like Freya he can sometimes kill random people. He can sometimes be quite hysterical while killing people, or sometimes being silent and serious.

He is an insonmiac and spends the night either walking around cemmentaries or museums with Freya. If he's alone with Freya he can be a little bit childish, Freya doesn't know what to think of it. Valik is very interested in the history of world wars and Egyptianology and also loves gems/shiny stuff.

He isn't sociable and flat out fails at cheering people up or having a conversation with someone he doesn't know well, sometimes just responded with "yeah" or just shrugging. He usually keeps his distance from society. Also English wasn't his first language and he isn't that fluent (he sorta is =\) so it's hard for him to talk to people. When he can he will speak Russian.

Valik hates heights and won't go onto high structures unless Freya drags him to her free running sessions. He has a massive fear of fire and won't go anywhere near it. He suffers from severe anxiety and is always nervous that Freya's candles with start a fire.

He suffers from depression as well due to a slightly traumatic past - he hates where he is in life and wants to move back to his homecountry - Russia.


He has no powers or super forms, but is good at combat without using weapons, but usually uses things around him or sharp things. He usually carries a knife with him.