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Vi, The infinite One
First appearance N/A
Appearances N/A
Biographical Overview
Name Vul
Nicknames The Absolute Terror, The Archgod, The Old One
Age Uncountable
Birthday N/A
Birthplace Center of Everything
Physical description
Species Manifestation of Energy (Elder God of Chaos)
Gender Genderless
Height Variable (13'4 at base)
Weight Variable
Fur/feather/scale colour
Eye colour White
Attire None
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Favourite food Favorite?
Likes Breaking rules, screwing with people's heads, scaring people, Pain
Dislikes Erasure
Relatives Vul (Past Self)
Friends None
Neutral All Life
Rivals Midnight Ender, Moros
Enemies Future Moros, The Divines, Gods of Nimagi, Gods of Mobius
Skills and powers Omnipotence, Possession, Corruption, Mind Invasion, Copy
Theme Ghirahim's Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Vi is character made by the user Ztarhaven, I don't care about permissions so use him in whatever you like, (though I guess saying you can use him counts as permission)


Vul was never stable, his innate immortality brought upon deterioration to his mind over the countless eons. Causing him to lose his morals and any inhibitions he had, turning him into a chaotic mess bent on spreading hell throughout the multiverse. Unfortunately for him the multiverse itself wasn't having it, it began collapsing around him and everyone inside. Despite his seemingly infinite power he could only hold the march of entropy to a fixed point, now only slightly bigger than earth.

All of his beautiful work gone left him distraught and truly afraid for his life for the first time, using what was left of his power he traveled back to the beginning of humanity. With all his power deleted he was left as a ghost, and convinced a young boy to be his follower, using the child as a vessel. Over the years of battle the child grew and grew, Vi gaining enough power to manipulate reality once again.

The now grown man left an impact on him, Vi remembered an old group he helped... The Swords of Humanity. He thought over it and decided to not abandoned the man, appointing him as the marshal of the army of chaos he would build and spread across reality! Currently besides causing chaos Vi is trying his hardest to halt the entropy of the multiverse for eternity, so his fun can never end.









"Marshal... Take care of them for me will you?"
—Too busy to kill someone personally
"There's no saving the future, it's all going to hell no matter what! Just enjoy yourself now!"
—Talking to those damn Time-Travels

Q & A

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