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Violet the Cat is a purple Maine Coon cat who uses a hoverboard to fly around! She also has dark purple stripes on her fur and hair. Her eyes are blue as well. She is awesome! Violet is a little tomboy-like, and she is relaxed and funny. She wears a short-sleeve dark pink coat on top of a white T-shirt, and has blue shorts, as well as teal shoes with purple on the bottom on the shoes. Her hoverboard is dark blue with an orange stripe going across the middle. Violet lives in the mountains, and has a neighbor by the name of Rocky the Cat. Violet has my personality. Don't mess with her, though! She also uses melee combat to fight her enemies. Her game appearances are Sonic Adventure 3 (not an actual game) and Sonic Heroes 2 (also not real). Please like and comment (I will add a picture!)!

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