Whytine the Hedgehog (Basic Line Art)

Whytnie is an Albino hedgehog who lives with her parents and 2 older brothers.

She has a fascination with spiders and collects them which bothers her oldest brother, Gris , who is an arachnophobic.

Personality and Appearance

Whytnie is an albino hedgehog with 5 spines from the back of her head and small uneven bangs on the front on her head.

She wears an aqua blue and gold jacket with matching boots and gloves.


  • Age: 14 years old.
  • Height: 110cm
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Speed: 30 out of 100
  • Strength: 20 out of 100
  • Flight: 5 out of 100
  • Agility: 30 out of 100
  • Stamina: 20 out of 100
  • Defense: 40 out of 100
  • Intelligence: 75 out of 100

Whytnie's personality can be described as a little alternative. She feels a strong need to show originality and tries to be unique in her style. She is quite a bubbly character and enjoys sharing her discoveries with people.


  • Research
  • Species Identification
  • Biological Documentation
  • Balance Skills
  • etc.

History and Relationships

Whytnie lived with her family in a normal environment for all of her life. Her two older brothers were usually quite close to her but could become frustrated with her because of her short attention span, this also made it difficult for her parents to teach her so after a long discussion she was sent to a small school at the age of 5 years.

At her school they gave her a variety of subjects to keep her interested and kept her focused with gentle discipline. Eventually she began to understand what was appropriate and that some times she need to wait for the right time and place to play around.

As her behavior improved the school rewarded her by allowing her to take part in school trips. The school took her to places such as Mazuri, Seaside Hill, the Emerald Coast, Chun-nan and Port Mobius. In some of these locations Whytine came across various species of small invertebrates which developed her interest in them, particularly arachnids. During these trips Whytnie also met Mal and the two became close friends


Whytnie with her friend, Mal.


Old picture of Whytnie.

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