"Something just bit me...I might be dying."

Winter the Cat
First appearance n/a
Appearances n/a
Biographical Overview
Name Winter Juun Grant
Nicknames none
Age 9
Birthday November 27
Birthplace Tetsu Village
Physical description
Species Half (Aegis) Hedgehog and half cat
Gender Female
Height 2'4
Weight 40 lbs.
Fur/feather/scale colour Light orange
Eye colour Blue
Attire Large sweater, purple scarf, gray leggings, gray beret, and brown boots.
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good
Favourite food Snickerdoodles
Likes Snow, being by the chimney, painting, stargazing, reading, and randomly dabbing.
Dislikes Elevators, rock music, sudden loud noises, heatwaves, humidity, and soda.
Relatives Solis the Hedgehog(dad) and Hope the Cat(mom).
Friends n/a
Neutral n/a
Rivals none
Enemies none
Skills and powers TBD
Theme none

Concept and Creation

If I'm going to completely honest, Winter was just created to have another character, because I already had a random design laying around. Though I added a few touches to her to make her more of a "hedge-cat", but I really didn't want to use that for her name. The name Winter came from Sigma who told me that she wanted that to be her name, so I ended up using that for this character. Besides, I agree with her, it is a beautiful name. Her design was just something random I put together, but her scarf originally belonged to Truth the Cat, her grandfather.



This young cat can be seen as a bit of an oddball, especially if you're a stranger to her. Winter, to start off, doesn't talk all that much, even to her friends or parents. Not only doesn't she talk much, but she's also very shy when it comes to interacting with strangers. Whenever this happens, Winter has a habit of covering up her face with her scarf. To those who know her well, Winter always seems to have a neutral expression on her face and rarely shows emotions, though that's only on the outside. She is quite fond of passing the time by either painting forests, or reading books(her favorite are mysteries). Lastly, Winter tends to randomly dab whenever she's with family or friends though she won't say why she does it.


Winter is a light-orange girl with short golden blonde hair and bangs. The end of her tail is red, her muzzle is peach, and she has blue eyes similar to her mother, Hope. Her main attire consists of a big gray sweater with black with matching leggings and beret. She also wears brown boots with light-brown soles and Truth's purple scarf. While it doesn't need to be mentioned, Winter doesn't wear any gloves.

Powers and Abilities


  • She has a serious case of the monotone voice.
  • Her favorite food, snicker-doodles, was taken from one of the many nicknames I gave to SigmaAlphaThree.




"I don't have to explain myself."


"You're boring me."


"I will destroy you."

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