Wisp is a blue hyper go on whose actually evil but tricks sonic and tails otherways.


Wisp was one of the hyper go ons and at the time he was a detective

"Who could have done this crime and killed this poore hyper-go-on" he said back when he was on planet wisp which was where he did his detectiving

It required powers noone could have forseen. He had to instigate who done it. "Alright out there, who done this?" No one answered so he had to go over to the detective office and launch an investigation

All of the detectives looks at the evidences and realise, the person who has the power to do this, is the hyper-go-on, WISP gaps but wisp said, "AH, but I an the best detective, you would not do good instigations without me, so what will you do"

There answer was to launch him to earth


Wisp was on earth and he was in the trop resort (the trops are the tops, the slogan went) Wisp scratched his chin thing but it was really juts the area under his eye

Sonic found him but little did they know he would find all of the planets nuclears so he could go him and defeat the detectives at home with his nuclears

"AH, hedge hog, do you no where I can find a nuclear thermodevice,"

"What's the goings" said Sonic with his eyes narrowed

"I intend to facultate them to fuse the molecules so i can... power this trop resort"

"Wow your in charge of the trop resort" rememebered Sonic, who remembered that some other guy said he was in charge in that commercial "Wow I guess that guy on TV was lieing" thought sonic

"Alright I tails can hook you up with some blasts that will nock your socks off"

"It would be appreced"

Needless to say he got his hands on the nuclears

The hyper-go-on detectives becomed his slaves, and now his next target for his empire, is Earth!