Zaruth 1st God nimagi

Zaruth 1 of the 12 gods of Nimagi. Hes is the 1st god they have and the strongest. He created the Island and the universe. He is the oldest and is considered the Father of the other 11 gods and goddess of Nimagi and all things.


reality warping

Time manipulation- reversing time, speeding up time, as well as being able to destroy entire timelines

Universal creation and destruction- Just as he created the universe he can also destroy it if he pleases, so far he never wanted to.

Mantra absorbtion


Zaruth is based of the personalities of both Zeus and Odin
Zaruth 1st God nimagi more tails

Zaruth with all his tails

He is the only echinda God in the Nimagi Mythology

He is pictured with many tails (didnt feel like added other tails)

The Brain Dance07:01

The Brain Dance

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