Zeru the Leopard
First appearance N/A
Appearances N/A
Biographical Overview
Name Zeru Xavier Orson
Nicknames Zuru
Age 17
Birthday 10/10/1998
Birthplace Somewhere in Empire City
Physical description
Species Panther
Gender Male
Height 3'5"
Weight 120 lbs
Fur/feather/scale colour Black
Eye colour Emerald Green
Attire A Shirt with a Dragon Pattern /w Blue Pants
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Neutral
Favourite food
Likes (What or who does your character like?)
Dislikes (What or who does your character not like?)
Relatives All family records were wiped after the clan was exterminated
Friends Fawn Kurohana (Lovelife)
Neutral (People your character knows, but doesn't really consider them friends or rivals.)
Rivals (Characters your character rivals.)
Enemies The Yeon Clan
Skills and powers Dual Wielding, Acrobatics, Electricity, Shadows.
Theme Bloody Stream/Beyond the Blue

Concept & Development

Design Wise,Zeru was though up by me, ApolloFlare, but was made in Create a Fursona (Male). This is the second Zeru that I have created, the first one was made for personal use with another user outside of the wiki, so both Zerus are no the same


Zeru is an orphan who lost his parents due to a small family feud. Being forced to live with a family who treated him with little respect, he learned to grow up and mature at a young age, though with the little friends he managed to make, he would show off a silly side, a more mobian/human side than just the emotionless robot he appears to be to his foster parents, more so to his father than mother. 

When he turned 13 he started to train himself with what little he could find from his previous family's history: Sword Fighting. For the next 4 years, he would secretly train in the woods about halway in the outskirts of  Station Square until he  mastered his family's style of dual-whielding swordplay.

Leaving his home at the age of 17, he became a Monster Hunter and had set up a home in Empire City where he could go out in night and hunt a bounty. He now travels with his girlfriend, Fawn Kurohana, on the greatest journey of their lives. Life.


Zeru is very quiet and to himself, due to how he was never truly able to connect to most people. However, for those who earn his trust, care or affection, he does open up and even smile for them. He is very nobel too, and also strives to complete a challange, whenever if its in a video game, or in real life.


[Kurohana and Lillith the Hedgehog|Fawn Kurohana] [LoveLife]


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  • This is the second Zeru ApolloFlare has made

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