Zeze Stewart

Full Name

Zeze Wyatt Stewart








Neutral Good


When a fight breaks out, Zeze brings a rusty pipe for smacking people around.


December 14th, so he's a Sagittarius


Zeze is intelligent and driven, two traits he takes pride in. He is also responsible, almost too much. And he is very outspoken and will speak up if something doesn't seem right or fair to him.

Sexual Preference

Zeze is straight and is content with it, even if he feels there's something missing

Voice Actor

English: Chris Niosi


Zeze's choice of outfit is a grey and black hoodie, which he usually keeps the hod down.  Grey shorts with pockets on both sides. Grey sneakers with black laces and white soles. His signature grey headphones and a pair of black gloves.

Hair Color: Red.

Hair Style: Short in the front and short bushy ponytail in the back.

Fur Color: Light brown.

Eye Color: Brown.


Weight:102 lbs.

He has a scar on his left hip from a fall when he was three. And he's also pretty tall in comparison to the people around him.

Zeze's Family

Ricky: Father. Zeze and his father are as close as they can be after the divorce. While Zeze does annoy his father from time to time, they are still very much a loving family.

Ruth: Aunt. Zeze's aunt and a fashion magazine editor. She's usually gone anywhere from a week to three months. But when she comes back, she gives Zeze the latest fashion and the biggest hug.


Friends; Stone, the two have been best friends kindergarten and the one that Zeze usually comes to for help even if he does get on Zeze's nerves sometimes, they both bonded over how both of their parents are divorced.  Gingka: While Gingka and Stone have a rivalry, Zeze and Gingka actually get along quite well.  Dina: She and Stone love pranking Zeze but he's always a good sport about it.   And, Minuet: The two met while Minuet was giving a concert and they bumped into each other, literally. Minuet comes over and plays his violin for Zeze sometimes.

Rival: Sasha. It's a one-sided rivalry as Sasha sees Zeze as a spoiled kid due to his aunt and how close his family is. 


Abilities: Zeze loves to knit things and is able to knit a variety of different material from blankets to hammocks. Thanks to influence by Stone, Zeze is also quite adept at dancing, he's nowhere as good as Stone, but he's still got his strengths.

Special Ability: Zeze is able to conduct electricity through his body and harness it whatever way he chooses.

Weaknesses: Elevators, he's downright terrified of them due to an incident at a mall when he was younger. Heights: You would think that being a hawk, Zeze wouldn't fear heights, but that's actually where his fear comes from due to yet another incident when he was younger.