Dis tail, is the first best tail I have drawn. end o story' ...... EXCEEEEPPPT it's a bit too high. :L

-He was once Human who came from the Lin Kuei Faction, he wishes to return home, however his attitude changed when he entered upon Mobius. All he seeks now is Conquest, by himself-

Known Names: 'Subby' (Not Sub-Zero in any way shape or form xD, I just like this name bro)

Age: 24

Species: How he turned into some sort of Hybrid is unknown (Orrr...I gave him a random long tail -.-), so he is only considered to be a long-tailed Ram.

Alignment: Evil

Allies: Arethas Frostbinder

Enemies: Roxanne 'Flare' Flametail the Fox (Scorpion vs Sub-Zero maybe? C:)

Mortal Kombat 9 Sub Zero's Theme

Mortal Kombat 9 Sub Zero's Theme

Le Theme Song lol.

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