Bio and Personality Edit

Zold is a Gold/Dirty Yellow Zeti. He has the ability of using earth as armor and can create weapons from stone and dirt. He has somewhat of a kind personalitHe might be scrawny, but because of him constantly pushing his body to its limit and beyond he is able to doing amazing things. 

Abilties Edit

Terra Armor Edit

Zold is able to create up to 7 levels of armor around his body. With a special move with each..Each Armor "Form" will become more harder and harder to break the higher the level.

Transformation Edit

Armor Form Edit

  • Needle Knight
  • Spike Knight
  • Meteor Knight
  • Asteroid Knight

Super Forms Edit

  • Raygon Emeralds - Zerker Asteroid Armor
  • Chaos Emeralds - Aqua Needle Armor
  • Sol Emeralds - Magma Meteor Armor


Relations Edit

Friends Edit

Family Edit

Rivals Edit

Enemies Edit

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